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And our second Hallowe’en leaver is….Pica!

Today almost  black dog Pica left for her new home, and we were as delighted for her as we were for Kalou yesterday. No, her life had not been anywhere as difficult; but her arrival at the SPA was equally tragic. Pica was one of several dogs who is at the SPA following the death of their owner. Pica has “only” been with for 2 months, but at eight years old at the time of her arrival, we were not sure how long she would have to wait. Luckily not everyone wants a puppy or even a younger dog. There are definite benefits to adopting a calmer, older dog, as Pica’s new family will doubtless find out.

She is a great girl, and as she was one of our recent stars of Hallowe’en, it seems fitting that she should leave today. Yes, we know she is not really black, but as with so many things, flexibility is the key, and Pica was on the list of Hallowe’en dogs and cats.

Pica getting into the Hallowe’en spirit

In not such good news Connor returned to the SPA today. However as he was clearly not happy in his new home and has lost weight since leaving us, perhaps it is for the best. He didn’t seem too upset to find himself back at the SPA, so for the moment that is where he will stay.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, so the SPA will be closed apart from a few sneaky dog – walkers. Enjoy your time off everyone, and there will be more adootion news on Thursday! Oh, and a couple of people have asked about the Hallowe’en outfits that they have seen on Facebook (one of which is modelled here by Pica)  Yes, they are for sale in exchange for a small donation and can be seen at the SPA.

A selection of Hallowe’en costumes at the SPA


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