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And the Good News just keeps on Coming!

Not only have we had wonderful news, photos and even video of the 5 dogs, who are now safely and happily installed in Animal Trust, we have also had a couple of adoptions today.
Little Sadie, another invisible dog, left for her new home. She had no education at all, as several volunteers know all too well. But that didn’t stop her from catching someone’s eye and she is going to be a very happy dog, as we know some very good friends of Sadie’s new owners. They came along to collect her today and left with a new dog of their own; Bianca! This was just the icing on the cake  for me. 
The only entry today was an eight month old chihuahua, who weighs 2 kg and is presumably just lost (tho strangely he is not identified). So today was officially a GOOD DAY! 

Long may it last. 

Here are photos of Sadie and Bianca, and I hope you can follow the link to three of our dogs playing at Animal Trust.



And a video to warm the cockles of your heart!

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  1. So happy that Sadie & Bianca have been adopted & the dogs at the Animal Trust are obviously having a great time chasing about together. Fingers crossed that they all find good homes soon.

  2. The video is pure joy to watch the happiness – even Venusio is being good as I thought he could be a bit iffy with other males……. good boy!

  3. Oh, the wonders of castration!!!

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