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And the last leaver before Christmas is….

Most of you probably know that December 24th is a big night in France. Most people meet with family for the evening and often this goes well into the early hours. So perhaps today is not the ideal day to adopt a dog.

In fact many refuges do not allow adoptions to take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. It is true that these periods can be quite hectic, and perhaps with all the comings and goings, it is not an ideal atmosphere in which to settle down a new dog or cat. Equally, animals should never be bought as Christmas presents, unless the recipient has been involved in the choice of animal and is committed to being a pet owner. However a refuge like the ScPA that has no control over the number of arrivals cannot possibly halt all adoptions for a 2 week period; the place would be overflowing. Instead, as ever, we try to be vigilant as to who adopts. The local pet stores will let animals leave with anyone who has the money and we do not want any of our animals to miss out on a good home, because of course many people who wish to adopt at this time of year are doing so after proper reflection.

Besides which, knowing that dogs are in loving homes for Christmas puts a huge smile on everyone’s face.

So did we have any last minute adoptions? Well yesterday we said goodbye to Ziggy, a fabulously affectionate little Pinscher who had been at the ScPA for about five weeks. Quite a long time for a dog this small and adorable. On Saturday there were a couple of families interested in him, and as is so often the case it seemed to be just his turn, because it was a third family who adopted him yesterday. Ziggy will put a smile on anyone’s face, he is as happy on a lap as he is racing round and he will be bags of fun.

small brown pinscher


And today we said goodbye to Grisou. He was one of two dogs who were brought in in June this year by someone who had trouble looking after their dogs. The ScPA stepped in and took Grisou and Annick. Annick left for a new life in the UK at the end of August, leaving Grisou behind. But finally, after 6 months, his turn has come too.

His new family visited the ScPA to meet a couple of other possible candidates, but it was Grisou who stole their hearts. So he is our last pre-Christmas adoptee. But hopefully not the last one of the year!

small speckly dog

Grisou – ADOPTED

We won’t be around tomorrow, (and the ScPA is shut, in any case, although of course the staff will be there to look after the animals in the morning). So can we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and see you on Boxing Day, assuming there are any adoptions, that is. The year is not yet over!

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