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And they are off ( again ) !!!

This morning Jane and I had another very early trip to the refuge to hand over 6 lucky dogs who are travelling all the way to Cambridgeshire.

The lucky 6 are Biker, Bogart, Brownie, Dali, Gun and Sacripan who seemed to know that they were off to pastures new and lept into the transporters van with gusto!  We will of course be watching their journey on the sat nav tracker and they will be arriving at their destination about 7pm this evening. We will hear about their adventures in the UK soon.

They will be staying in a super refuge, who I have visited and know well, where they will be health checked, assessed and matched to suitable adopters. Whilst they wait they will have large heated kennels, daily walks, play times and training sessions. After adoption their progress will be monitored and advice offered as part of the post adoption checks. This really is the chance of a lifetime for these dogs and they knew it!

We are often asked why refuges would take dogs from other European countries and there is no simple answer. For some it’s a chance to see and to offer prospective adopters different breeds of dog, others have a commitment to help out less fortunate refuges such as ourselves. Some have a particular soft sport for eg hunt type dogs who have really seen nothing more than the inside of a kennel or have been used to breed. Whatever the reason, we are so very grateful fot their help!

All rescues are there to help animals move on to their forever families and these families may not be in the dogs local area. Finding a forever family doesn’t need to be constrained by borders…..and long may that continue!

If any of our UK followers are reading this blog and are interested in any of the six then just contact us and you can go and visit them and offer them a home from there,

So here they are..the lucky 6!

Biker , 20 months old…an active boy who loves water!


Bogart a handsome 5 year old..


Brownie..an energetic 4 year old!


Sacripan..a medium sized 3 year old!


Dali – an affectionate five year old!


Gun…a handsome 4 year old!


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