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Another catch up and some sad news.

Despite the fact that I blogged yesterday, there is still news to catch up on! Note to self: must try harder!

Yesterday two more dogs left the SCPA, and one left his foster family. This means that the day was even better than we thought!

First off, Enok. He was found in a nearby village and although he was extremely quiet upon his arrival, he soon perked up, proving himself to be a calm and well-behaved lad who is good with other dogs and cats. A lovely boy, he has been very popular on walks, mostly because he is so good on the lead. He has come out of his shell quite a bit in the last two months or so, and this progress should be even quicker now he has a home.


Next we had the adoption of Munchkin, who is almost the last puppy from the Wizard of Oz litter. These  are lovely dogs who are now five months old and more than ready for new homes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kansas too finds a family before too long.

Munchkin – ADOPTED

Finally Leuky. He was brought to the ScPA by his owner who had bought this pedigree Australian Shepherd from a breeder three years ago but never really had the time to look after him. What do we keep saying about making sure you get a dog who is suitable for your lifestyle? There is no point getting a dog who needs lots of exercise if you hate it yourself!

Due to this lack of movement, Leuky was obese upon his arrival. He weighed 50kg, which is twice his normal body weight. This is a form of animal abuse, to be frank, and so it is lucky that the dog was brought in for rehoming. Luckier still that employee Carole decided to take him home to foster, as had he remained at the ScPA, his walks would have been far fewer. And this boy needs to lose some of that excess blubber! His new family have promised to carry on with the good work started by Carole and we hope that he will soon be looking far healthier. Many thanks to Carole for looking after him and for finding him his new family.

Australian shepherd


Finally today, some very sad news which has hit us hard at DRC. And for a change it concerns a human, not a dog. This morning we heard that our friend Nicki Penaluna had passed away following a brave fight with cancer. Nicki had devoted much of her life to rescuing dogs in need, primarily dobermans and golden retrievers, two breeds she adored. Whenever we had a dog of either of these breeds for rehoming, Nicki was my go-to person and we have spent many hours chatting online and in person over the years. Her name appeared on the blog most recently when we thanked her for her help in rehoming doberman Red, but she had helped on many occasions in the past, not only dogs in Carcassonne or France, but all over Europe.

Red is just one of the many dogs helped by Nicki.

Nicki will be sorely missed by her family but also by her many friends in the dog rescue community and elsewhere. The many animals who have been rehomed with her help stand as a suitable legacy to a truly wonderful person. The association Doberman Sans Frontieres, of which she was a keen member, will continue her good work, as no doubt will the golden retriever association and others with whom she worked, but there will only ever be one Nicki. As all the dogs she has helped over the years leave this world, she will have more and more company on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

RIP lovely lady.

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