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Another day, another puppy adoption!

Today another puppy found a home. This time it was the turn of a lovely girl who was lucky enough to have been in foster with volunteer Daniel since her arrival on July 23rd. His name will be familiar to anyone who followed the progress of the spaniel litter, as it was he who adopted the last of the litter, Pomelo, whom he took home to foster, rather than leave alone at the refuge. See, that is what I meant about the last of the litter getting a fabulous home!

This puppy arrived alone, however, so is both the first and last of the litter to leave! And since her arrival, she has been enjoying life with Daniel and Pomelo. Not being at the refuge restricts the number of people who can see the puppy, and fosters tend to rely on their own network of friends and / or social media to rehome their charges. However in this case it was the people who found the puppy and brought her to the refuge who decided to offer her a home.

So she has gone straight from one loving home to another!

There are always pups looking for homes, sadly for them, but happily for their new owners, so please get in touch if you are after a youngster!

chocolate brown puppy with blue eyes


There was a reservation too, and we have a feeling that more good news is on the way!

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