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Another great ‘home to home’ and an adoption..

It seems that there are no end of dogs needing new homes but the rehoming that I enjoy the most are the ‘home to homes’ where the dog stays with its owner until we find the perfect home for them. This means that the dog never has to come into refuge which is far less stressful for the dog and both of the families involved.

Leo is our latest home to home. Pippa contacted us to say that she had rescued Leo from her elderly neighbour who had been given him as a pup as a present! This elderly lady could not look after him and poor Leo was stuck inside day in day out with lots of cats. Pippa asked the elderly lady if she could walk him daily and then eventually if they could help her by rehoming him.

Life with Pipp was great for Leo but Pippa knew that the best she could offer Leo was a temporary home as she was going back to Australia.

She asked DRC to help find a home for Leo and we were happy to help.

The power of social media is immense! Pointer lovers ,Carole and her hubby who live in the UK saw our post about Leo and contacted us to say that they would drive over with their two pointers and if all dogs got on they would adopt him!

So last week Carole and family arrived in France, met Leo, introductions went very well and Leo left with them for a great life in the UK.

Many thanks to Pippa for saving Leo, organising his passport and getting him ready to travel, to Carole for bringing her dogs all the way from the UK and to everyone who shared Leos story.

This just proves that there are super families out there who will really go the extra mile to help a dog!

Today’s adoption was that of puppy Nita. As soon as her details went online she was reserved and no wonder….what a pretty girl she is.

Lucky Leo….now with his forever family!



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