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Another puppy adopted…

Sometimes a litter arrives and we know that they wont have a long stay. Yesterday the second pup Morrison was adopted which just leaves puppy Jopin still looking for a home.

Morrison – adopted.

Jack Russel lovers will really appreciate this young chap..he is definitely more terrier looking than his siblings and a very lively, happy pup!

jack russel puppy

Jopin needs a home..

So what can you expect when adopting a pup? Well, lots of fun and also lots of work.  When you get puppy home house-training, crate training and walking on a lead all have to be learnt.  Puppy training classes are a great idea and for anyone in the Azille area we can highly recommend Centre d’Education Canine Azillois. These classes are in both English and French so no need to worry about language!

Tomorrow being Saturday will be busy at the refuge. lets keep our fingers crossed for lots of adoptions.






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