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Apolline| A112

Appoline female beagle crossFemale, Young, Medium


Apolline is as much whippet as she is beagle, she is fine boned and made for speed. However she too is one of the beagle bunch. Like Hermes Apolline was briefly adopted, however as the family did not have an enclosed garden, she was brought back. It was a mistake on the ScPA’s part to let her leave, as it seems pretty obvious that an 18 month old beagle cross will go exploring. However it must be emphasised that Apolline didn’t go far, just to the neighbour’s garden. So no Fort Knox style fencing required, just a “normal” fence should be enough. Apolline is a lovely girl, affectionate though a bit timid at first. Simply adorable.

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  • Affectionate, needs an enclosed garden
  • Fine with other dogs and children
  • Will be great pet for an active family

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