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Urgent Appeal: Nino – UPDATE


Both the previous two urgent appeals have left in double quick time, and we are hoping the same is true for this boy, who needs a new home desperately. And for the first time our home to home appeal is for a dog who is not at the refuge.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nino. He is a fabulous setter who is five years old and is currently living with his owner. She adopted him from the ScPA but is unable to cope with a young dog and loves him too much to bring him back for rehoming. So DRC has promised to help.

Nino is a great boy. He is fine with other dogs, fabulous with children, and although he will chase cats on the move, he has never shown any aggression to them. He is affectionate, housetrained and lively. And therein lies the problem; his current owner is unable to walk him, and although he has access to a large garden, he needs walks and a lot more fun with other dogs than he has at present.

Nino is living close to Carcassonne but can travel to his new home. Obviously there are no adoption fees, and Nino is vaccinated, identified by microchip and castrated.

Who has a place in their home and heart for a beautiful setter?


Urgent Appeal: Kaiser

After the huge success in rehoming Dyson, we have an urgent appeal for another young lad. This time we are looking for a home for Kaiser. He is just nine months old and has been at the refuge since the beginning of April. And although it is perhaps not the first thing you notice about him, he is missing an eye.

We know how this happened. The refuge is Kaiser’s third home, and the loss of his eye was a deliberate act of mistreatment by his first owner. His second owner rescued him and paid for the eye to be removed correctly at the vets, but was unable to keep Kaiser long term. Hence the ScPA.

Despite the cruelty and upheaval, Kaiser is a completely carefree lad. He is full of fun and has fabulous body language. He is not much more than a wriggly pup inside quite a tough looking body. Luckily for him, Kaiser is not a categorised breed, meaning that no special permits are required for his owner.

Kaiser is fine with other dogs, although his relationship with cats is a bit ambiguous, to put it mildly. He is quite a chunky boy and is brusque without meaning to be so. He loves children but could easily knock a child over unintentionally. Yes, you are right, he could do with a bit of guidance. But so could all dogs of this age; remember he is still very much a youngster.

If you like the staffie types but are not keen on jumping through France’s bureaucratic hoops, or if you just want to offer a home to a lovely dog in need, then please think about offering a home to Kaiser.

Urgent Appeal: Dyson

Our urgent appeal this time is for Dyson, who is a young healthy dog who has no particular urgency about him, apart from the fact that no dog like this should be behind bars. This dog is a perfect family dog, ready for any home.

Dyson was brought in for rehoming when his family lost their home. Had he been smaller, perhaps he could have gone with them, but had he been smaller he would doubtless have been adopted already.

Dyson was born in November 2014. He is a magnificent stripey colour, and is a Cursinu cross. If you look this up on the internet, you will see that the breeds characteristics make it a perfect companion. And that is what Dyson has always been and would like to be again.

Dyson is fine with other dogs, fine with cats and fine with children. He walks on a slack lead and several of the volunteers let him run free on walks. He loves to swim. He is house trained and does not destroy. He really is a remarkable dog. Our dog behaviourist, Vincent, is constantly singing his praises; he agrees, Dyson is perfect.

However since his arrival at the refuge in March, not a single person has asked about adopting him. Despite his handsome looks, Dyson has become one of the refuge’s invisibles.

Please come and meet him. You will not be disappointed.

Urgent Appeal: Hermione

Our last urgent appeal was for a small old male dog, so this time we have a small young female who we hope will have the same luck at finding a home as did Kiki.

Hermione is a small jack russell cross who is not enjoying refuge life at all, and we really would like to find her a home soon. She arrived in mid February and at the time appeared to be quite calm, cowering in people’s arms. Since then, however, the reality of refuge life has hit her hard. For young, lively dogs, it is no place to be. Walks are too infrequent, and even when sharing a kennel, life behind bars can be boring.

Hermione is so desperate for entertainment that she flings herself at the hose when staff are cleaning out the kennels, and she scrabbles madly at the bars. Her feet are almost always wet, and she is giving herself blisters. She is quite a pitiful sight, and there is not much that can be done to help her. Changing the kennel won’t help, and keeping her inside would just make her frustration worse. She is miserable and is losing weight so what this little girl needs is a home!

She is fine with other dogs, not so much with cats. She loves children and despite being extremely active (she is a jack russell!), she is also extremely affectionate and not at all snappy.

Hermione is looking for a family with lots of energy, as despite her small size, she enjoys her walks, and a small trot around the block will not do it. An enclosed garden would be great, where she can run and play and lounge around in the sun. Once she has regular exercise this lovely little girl will be able to relax at last.

If you think you might be able to offer a home to Hermione, please get in touch.

Urgent Appeal: Kiki

Kiki was brought to the ScPA in early February when his owner was taken to hospital, and there was every expectation that he would leave us. However it was not to be. His owner is no longer with us, and Kiki needs a new home.

He is living in the reception area, and although there was some interest in him when he first arrived, since he has become available for adoption, no one has asked about him. Either they assume he is still waiting for his owner, or they assume he belongs to one of the employees. Kiki was born in June 2009.

He is fine with everyone and everything. Cats, children, dogs….He doesn’t like being left alone for too long, so he needs a home with a stay at home owner. Although he has company during the day, he is left alone from the time the ScPA closes until the next morning, which must be really hard on him.

Kiki is house trained and in great health, apart from a tiny heart murmur. For this he takes half a Benakor 5 tablet per day.

Kiki is a papillon cross who is starting to go a bit grey, but who still has many years ahead of him. He has been adored his whole life and would love to find another loving home. He is a senior dog, so his adoption fee is just €80 for which he is castrated, identified and vaccinated.

Please get in touch if you would like to offer Kiki a home. He is a really sweet little chap who deserves to be in a loving home.


Urgent Appeal: Griff

We at DRC simply cannot understand why Griff has not been adopted. He has been at the refuge since October 2017, which is just incomprehensible, both to us and to the staff and volunteers.

He and his two brothers were kept in garage until the age of two, when their owner finally agreed to bring them to the refuge and let them have a normal life. Initially he was very timid, but 18 months of love and walks and company have made a huge difference to this lad. Griff has been sharing his kennel the entire time, although he has seen a lot of his kennel-mates leave.

He is a stunning boy, who was born in October 2015. He is fine on the lead, fine with other dogs, he has wiry fur, like a terrier but obviously he is bigger. Griff really deserves a home and will return a thousand-fold the love of whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.

Urgent Appeal: Paco

Some of you may have seen Paco’s departure and almost immediate return at the very beginning of the year. Well this quick about turn, so soon after having already been abandoned, did not do poor Paco any good at all and all he does now is cry.

I don’t blame him, I would probably feel the same way.

Adopted some 5 years ago, Paco was brought in for rehoming when his family divorced. He had just settled down to refuge life again (after quite a rough beginning) when he was adopted again, but this time his new home lasted just three days. The woman had been badly advised and took a dog who was far from suitable. It really is better to wait for the right dog than to take any dog because you want a dog NOW! Unless you don’t care anything for an animal’s feelings, that is. And if this is the case, then it is best to not have an animal at all!

So Paco is now an urgent appeal. He would love to have a new home again. A real home, that is. Paco looks like a sharpei with a dachshund’s legs. Although low to the ground, he is a chunky boy, and although he is now coming up to seven years old (he was born in May 2012), he pulls a bit.

He is perfectly housetrained and is fine with other dogs and people of all ages. I am almost certain that he is fine with cats too, and I will find out for sure if you like.

Please help us find Paco a home.

Urgent Appeal:

I remember well the day of Pica’s arrival. This tall, leggy shepherd cross was terrified of everyone and everything, and is yet another dog who for whom the refuge has been the best thing to happen. Seven months on, and Pica, who is now some two and a half years old, is a happy and confident dog, who is a joy to be with.

She is fine with other dogs, fine with cats (yes!) and affectionate with people of all ages. What’s more she is good on the lead.

Pica is officially a shepherd cross. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? Well how about if I say that she is a lurcher cross? Although in this part of the world that should maybe say “Galgo”. Pica is tall and rangey, definitely built for speed not comfort, and she loves racing round the parks when it is playtime.

Pica is a dog who will brighten your day. She is sociable and engaged with whomever she is with, and she will make a lovely companion for just about anyone.


Urgent Appeal: Karadoc

Our urgent appeal this time is for Karadoc. We have chosen him for no other reason than that no one seems to notice him, yet the person who does will be very lucky indeed. There is no reason at all why a dog like this should be at the ScPA. Karadoc is an absolute gem.

He is mid size, mid brown, and looks just average. Is that why no one has chosen him? Big mistake. This boy is anything but average. Karadoc was born in August 2014 and is a dark sand coloured crossbreed. He is fabulous on the lead, you hardly know he is there. He responds to his name (and bear in mind he arrived unidentified, he has only had this name for a couple of months). He is affectionate, he is fine with other dogs, he is playful and young. The list goes on.

In fact, perhaps we should rename this section “hidden gems”. Because that is what Karadoc is, a hidden gem. Don’t make him waste all his life at the refuge; he has already been there for four months, which is four months during which someone could have been showering him with all the love he deserves and which he is so eager to return.

Please share for lovely Karadoc.


Urgent Appeal: Loubi

Many of you will probably think that Loubi has been rehomed, because that was the title of one of last week’s blogs. However it did not work out and 24 hours later Loubi was back at the refuge. I did not mention this in the blog because it was absolutely nothing to do with the dog, and the reasons for his return are extremely painful for the family involved. There is no need to add to their woes. They were even more upset because Loubi was absolutely perfect during the brief time he spent with them. He appeared to be housetrained, and despite our warnings about his interaction with their cats, apparently he was absolutely fine with their two felines.

So Loubi is looking for a new home. And as he waited so long to find his first home, we really want this to be soon.

Loubi was born in May 2018, so he is really still a puppy. He is fine with other dogs, and cats (we now know) and children. He is a lab/griffon cross who has everything going for him, apart from his colouring…yes, you guessed it, Loubi is black. But lots of us like black dogs, of course, so let’s get Loubi out of the refuge and into a home.

Loubi is all ready to go, castrated, identified and fully vaccinated. He is waiting for his family at the SPA Carcassonne. He is a pup still, and although he is sharing his kennel with another young dog, he would love a home of his own.