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Urgent Appeal: Indy

Indy - Urgent AppealWe are delighted at the adoption of our last urgent appeal, Ezio, and are hoping that our next boy might have the same luck. As the year draws to a close, we often reflect on the dogs who have been with us the longest, and wonder if this year will bring them the happiness they deserve.

Indy has been at the SPA for almost 2 years, having arrived in February 2015. He is a very handsome boy, and it is surprising that no one has chosen him. Officially he is a labrador/border collie cross, but in reality he is just a medium sized white dog with thick fur, and a joyful personality. Taking him out for a walk always brings smiles. Indy loves to skip along, overjoyed at being out of his kennel and is just full of fun.

Indy was born in September 2012, so is still a relatively young dog, but without the craziness of some of our real youngsters. As for the reason he was brought to the SPA? Apparently Indy had attacked some chickens. Having seen how thin he was when he arrived, I am not surprised! We know that Indy chases cats, and although he would prefer to be an only dog, he can walk with other dogs quite happily.

Who can offer a home to this lovely boy?

Urgent Appeal: Ezio

Ezio male german shepherdThis week’s urgent appeal is for Ezio. He is shortly to celebrate his second birthday, although celebrate is hardly the right word, as this boy has already been in the SPA for over a year. He is such a great dog, too. Why does no one give him a chance? He is a big fine boned german shepherd cross who was born in January 2015. Not surprisingly he hates being behind bars, and is quite often seen standing up in his cage scrabbling at the door with his front paws. He wants to be out,hardly surprisingly.

Ezio adores human company, and loves his walks. Unfortunately he pulls quite a lot, because he has so much energy. The staff have recently started letting him run loose in the SPA grounds when the refuge is shut, and he is proving to be far more obedient than anyone suspected. Likewise once the initial excitement has worn off, he is a great walking companion. I have to confess that on one occasion I let the lead go, but Ezio followed behind me showing no desire at all to run away. He is going to be a wonderful companion for some lucky person.

He has shared his kennel with other dogs, usually female, but he is quite clumsy and often accidentally biffs dogs (and sometimes people) on the head. Just a big, overgrown puppy, really. We often say that he just need to get a bit older and calmer, after which he will be far easier to control. But no, why should he have to wait for another year or two before finding a home?

Ezio is a great natured dog, there is no malice in him at all. Please help find him a home!


Urgent Appeal: Tag

TagTag has been at the SPA longer than any of us expected. He arrived at the end of August 2015; a lovely medium haired German shepherd with a greying muzzle, despite his relatively young age. Tag arrived when he was just four years old. That was over a year ago, and incredibly Tag is still waiting.

Although he can walk along close to other dogs, he prefers to live alone, at the SPA at least. Perhaps out of the refuge he would be able to share his life with a female. One thing we are sure of is that he is not good with cats. Were this not the case he would probably already have found a new home.

Tag is a favourite with many volunteers, as apart from a few seconds when he first gets out of his kennel, he is a dream to take on walks. Moreover he is very affectionate and has that instant link with anyone walking him that is lacking in many dogs who can become institutionalised with time.

Tag is a fabulous dog. He is a dog you can be proud to be seen with; gorgeous, handsome, intelligent…everything a dog should be. He hates the SPA and we really do not want him to spend another winter there.

Tag has just turned five, he is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped and his adoption fee is €170. Please consider offering this beautiful and deserving dog a new home.



Urgent Appeal: Poupette

PoupetteThe recent adoption of Kipnak, another senior dog, has given us hope that there may be someone out there willing to offer a home to Poupette. She was recently abandoned at the SPA shortly before her 12th birthday. We were all upset by this, but there is nothing we can do; if someone refuses to keep a dog then the best we can do is take it in and hope.

Poupette was adopted from us two years ago and at the time she was far thinner than she is now. She is being walked regularly in an attempt to get rid of her excess pounds, but she needs far more exercise than she can get at the SPA, despite our best efforts. Poupette is incredibly fit for her age, happy to run if given the chance. She is wonderful on the lead, although she pulls slightly when she sees other dogs. This was the reason she was abandoned, incidentally. A halti would have solved the issue, although to be honest her pulling is so minor that were Poupette mine, I would not bother. Her former owner was old and infirm, however, and clearly unwilling to make any compromise.

Poor Poupette is now just lying looking miserable in her kennel. She does not bother to get up to meet visitors as she is just too sad. However when you approach with a lead she is so happy that it just melts your heart. And despite her eagerness to get out, she remembers her manners and sits nicely for you to put her on the lead.

On Poupette’s notes it says she is not good with other dogs. However she can live with other dogs providing they leave her alone. She is an old lady and does not want to be bothered by youngsters. She has lived with cats and there were no issues.

As an elder dog (one of the very oldest at the SPA), Poupette’s adoption fee is just €80, for which she is vaccinated, sterilised and microchipped.

We really do not want her to spend a winter at the SPA. She deserves so much better, as do all our dogs, of course, but Poupette has less time to find a home than the rest.


Urgent Appeal: Cooper

cooperWell, incredibly last week’s urgent appeal, Hyde, was adopted this week! And no, it was not as a result of the appeal at all. But as I discussed with Carole, this is often the case. A dog can wait for months, years even, with nothing and then all of a sudden they are the flavour of the month!

Let’s hope this new urgent appeal has as much luck.

Please meet Cooper. He was the dog who has been sharing his box with Hyde since her arrival, and the two dogs were very close. In fact Cooper is largely to thank for Hyde’s adoption, as being far more confident than her, he gave her courage to approach people despite the noise of the SPA.

Cooper is a yellow lab/shepherd cross who was born in November 2011. He has been a the SPA since December 2014 and it is a mystery as to why. He is such a great chap. A bit chunkier than when he arrived, but that is due to lack of walks. He is fine on the lead and loves to play. A bit reactive around dogs he does not know, Cooper soon settles down. He is great with people of all ages and would make a great family dog.

Please do not think that refuge dogs are by definition damaged. Often they have just been unlucky and have been let down by their previous owners. Cooper is such a dog! Please give him a second chance.

Urgent Appeal: Bouriget


bouriquetBouriquet was found tied up to some bins in a nearby village. At the time he was in need of veterinary care for a nasty cut, which of course was done immediately and paid for by the SPA. Is this unwillingness to pay for a vet’s bill the reason why this dog was abandoned, perhaps? He seems to be perfect in every other way.

Bouriquet is a cocker spaniel cross who was born in January 2006. As such he is a senior dog, so his adoption fee (and he is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated) is just €80. He would make a perfect pet for someone who wants a calm, loving companion and not necessarily too much exercise. Not that Bouriquet is in poor health; he would happily accompany his owner anywhere. But equally he would be happy just lounging around.

He is fine with other dogs and is gentle with everyone he meets. A couple of people have come to the SPA to adopt dogs and their age meant that they would be perfect owners for Bouriquet. All of them have refused to adopt a dog of his age (even though in dog years he is younger than many of them!). Surely someone out there does not write off a dog when he turns 10!

Please can someone offer a home to this lovely lad.

Urgent Appeal: Tag


Tag shepherd crossTag is one of our dogs who just seems to be left behind. He was nearly adopted a few months ago, when the family chose another dog in preference (although they were very torn) and again just last week, when another dog “won” instead. What usually clinches the deal is that Tag is not great with other dogs, although he is quite happy to walk alongside them, just not live with them. Although the video received by DRC recently showing Firmin playing with a male dog shows that outside the SPA a dog’s behaviour can be very different than when he is constrained.

One thing is for sure, Tag is starting to get a bit depressed, and it is for this reason that we would like to find him a home.

Tag will have been at the SPA for one year in August. This is a long time for any dog, but especially so for a dog who is this affectionate and who is living alone. Okay, he does get more walks than many of our inmates, as he is wonderful on the lead and everyone adores him, but he would like to be out full time.

Tag is a German shepherd cross who was born in September 2011. So he is just coming up to five years old, although is greying muzzle makes visitors write him off as being too old. Not at all, this lad is in the prime of life.

Tag is vaccinated, castrated and identified and would make a wonderful companion for anyone who has no other animals at home but who would like a loyal and affectionate dog.


Urgent Appeal: Phoebe P310


No sooner was Princess made the urgent appeal than she was reserved, so in double quick time we are swapping the appeal to try and find a home for Phoebe. As her SPA number indicates (a single rather than a double P at the front), Phoebe has been at the SPA since 2015. In fact rather shockingly she has been there for over a year. This is unbelievable when you consider that, like Princesse, she is absolutely perfect! Phoebe was born in March 2014 and is a shepherd cross who is predominantly tan in colour. She is fine-boned and has excellent body language, knowing just when to play, when to calm down and is great with any dog she meets. Any initial pulling on the lead soon stops and she trots along quite happily. She really is a gorgeous girl. We simply cannot understand why no one has picked her; perhaps because (as we have said before) there are so many other dogs that look similar to her. It is only when you see her in isolation and outside her kennel that you really appreciate her. Let’s find Phoebe a home and not leave her as one of the SPA’s invisible dogs.


Urgent Appeal: Princess


Why is Princess this week’s urgent appeal? Has she been at the SPA for a long time? No. Is she sad and old? No again. The reason is simple. Princess is just a lovely lovely dog who deserves a home. Yes, the same can be said of all the dogs at the SPA (or nearly!), but there is something about Princess that just touches our hearts.

She arrived identified and with an owner who said he would collect her the following day. Except he never came. Moreover the same owner had previously failed to collect another of his dogs (presumably Princess’s predecessor), so he appears to be someone who loses interest in dogs very quickly.

Being a big girl, Princess has trouble attracting a new owner. In general small dogs go far more quickly. However anyone taking the trouble to meet her would agree that Princess is far easier than many small dogs.

She does not pull on the lead, she knows basic commands and she is incredibly affectionate. Moreover she is good with other dogs and cats. Perfect.

Princess was born in May 2015 and so has her whole life ahead of her. She has already been at the SPA for four months. Let’s get her out of there and into the loving home before she wastes any more time behind bars.



Urgent Appeal: Flash and Poppy


Poppy border collie crossI am not suggesting that these two dogs be homed together, but as they are brother and sister, it was hard to choose which one should be highlighted in this urgent appeal.

Flash and Poppy were found when they were five months old, which is not an ideal age to arrive at the SPA. The cuteness of being a puppy has gone, and in the case of these two, their lack of socialisation at an early age means that they are quite timid and nervous.

At the moment taking them for a walk is quite a challenge, as although once they are in forward motion all is well, they both have a habit of going on strike and just refusing to budge. Lots of encouragement and biscuits are required to get them moving again. Having said that, they have only had a couple of walks, so it is early days.

And we must point out that neither of them shows any aggression at all; they wait passively as you lift them up and carry them a few paces.

We think that the dogs are border collie crosses, but Flash is quite a stocky boy, and Poppy has slightly wiry fur. They were born in mid-October 2015 and are vaccinated, sterilised and identified. Gentle, patient homes required, possibly with another resident dog.
Flash border collie cross