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Arrivals, adoptees, and little jack finds his home.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that quite often an open day is the best (or sometimes only) chance for a whole  family to visit the SPA and that sometimes a reservation takes place later. Well, such was the case, with a dog who caught a family’s eye being reserved today. Makes it all worthwhile, somehow.  Much as the volunteers enjoy spending our time with the SPA dogs and cats, we have our own lives (and animals) too. So even though just walking the dogs and giving them company is reward in itself, a reservation is even better!

Also when I blogged last night I had not heard from Rebecca and Jane, who were at Caunes Minervois (see Saturday’s blog). They raised a massive 175 euros, and considering that was just in donations plus the selling of a few books, it is an incredible amount. Many thanks to them both.

The British fundraising team is meeting tomorrow and no doubt there will be more exciting events coming up. We are full of ideas, so watch this space. And if you follow Anglo Info, it is worth keeping an eye out there, too, as Ron is going to help us publicise future events.

It is great to hear about happy adoptions, and we already have news and photos of two very recently adopted dogs, Bones and Beauty. And here is one of lovely Megan, adopted last summer and now looking very relaxed.

We had two arrivals today, a puppy who is in foster with Isabelle, one of our volunteers. For the time being I have no information at all, except that he (or she) is not identified, but that should surprise no one. The second arrival was that of a two year old dog who was adopted from us as a puppy and is now unmanageable. Let’s see if we can get Willy (ex Hutch) back on track and find him a better home!

And the little jack who was found yesterday was reunited with his owners today, so many thanks to the lovely couple who looked after him and avoided him coming to the refuge.

As Mondays go it was pretty quiet. I know that will change as the week progresses. Let’s just hope it is in a positive direction!

Bones at home. Possibly chewing a bone!
10255253_755728104478639_4963200462160750924_o (1)









Beauty- already off the lead












Megan with her toy












Yesterday’s visitor, finds his home.

2014-06-01 13.37.45







And hot off the press, the puppy who arrived today. It is a boy!


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