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Artigo Emigrates.

Today our beautiful bleu de Gascogne, Artigo, left for his new life in the Netherlands. This is the first time one of our dogs has gone to live there for quite some time, or at least without going to an association first. Artigo was spotted on the DRC website by a hound lover who has experience with this breed, a large enclosed garden and children. Artigo is going to be in heaven. He has been at the SPA for just over three months, and although he has been out on many a walk, it was never enough for this lively and sociable young lad. As with all our dogs, Artigo travelled under the European TRACES system, essential in preventing the spread of disease and ensuring safe and comfortable travel via a licensed transporter.

We look forward to news and photos as he settles in and many thanks to Jochem and his family for offering a hound a home!

More good news came in the form of the departure of Rocky and Jaina. You may not have met these two. They arrived courtesy of the police on Monday, Rocky at nearly 13 years old and his pal Jana totally blind. They were identified to two different owners, and it was the breakdown of this relationship that caused the owners to abandon their dogs.  How can a refuge possibly help dogs like this? Of course we would have tried, but really, dogs deserve so, so much better!

Luckily purebred collie Jana had been bought from what appears to be a rare beast, a responsible breeder. When contacted and informed of the plight of Jana, she said immediately that she would find a foster family. And when Carole explained that the two dogs were totally reliant on each other, this changed to a foster family for both dogs! Wonderful.

Tuesday’s late arrival, Ness, was reclaimed by her owner. Ness was outside her house when the police scooped her up. Please don’t let your dogs wander, or at least put a collar on them with a name and address. That could save so much worry for owners and stress for dogs!

Artigo – ADOPTED
bleu de gascogne







Rocky and Jana- Thanks to Jana’s breeder, they are together in a foster family, not at the SPA.

tricoloured border collie
















And 14 year old Ness (aka Croquette) – RECLAIMED

very old dog


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