Artigo…Bleu de Gascogne

Three years after our last dog, a Grand Blue de Gascogne from France, passed away, we decided we wanted to take a dog again.Since me and my wife believe that it’s better to give a dog from a rescue a chance, rather than taking a puppy I started my online search for a new Blue de Gascogne.

Pretty quickly I came across a very friendly looking chap called Artigo. One problem, he was located in Carcassonne, 1250km’s away from our home in Utrecht, the Netherlands! So I emailed the Dog Rescue Carcassonne in my best French to see what the possibilities were. To my surprise, I quickly received an answer in perfect English.
It turned out that adopting Artigo was an easy and very affordable process. Within a few weeks, Artigo was delivered to our house in Utrecht by a special animal delivery van driven by a  friendly French couple.

Adopting a dog without meeting it beforehand is of course always a bit of a risk, however, because of the specific questions the staff at the Dog Rescue asked us and the footage of Artigo they provided we were confident that things would turn out to be OK.

Things turned out to be more than OK, Artigo arrived in perfect health and adapted superfast to our family life. He is now the most loyal and loveable companion we could ever ask for.My kids love him, he is perfect to take along for a jog and is an all-round heartthrob.He is the neighborhood’s favorite pet, we have a surplus of pet sitters and even at my daughter school, he steals the show.

A real family dog!…

All in all, we are very fortunate that the Dog Rescue Carcassonne entrusted us with Artigo.  We would highly recommend them and taking a rescue dog.


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