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Astra adopted after less than 3 weeks..

Today we have mixed news from the refuge and good news for our dogs who travel to the UK..

Astra our lovely brindle coloured labrador cross who was reserved at Sundays open day was adopted after less than 3 weeks at the refuge. Small to medium sized females are always popular especially when they are as cute and sweet natured as Astra.  Its lovely when a dog has a short wait for a new home, they move on and generally settle into home life really quickly!

Then an old border collie who was found in Cuxac Cabardes arrived hurt. He is at the vets, having the very best of care so we will see how he is doing tomorrow!

From the amount of adopters who ask us to get a pet passport for them I know that lots of you travel to and from the UK and that lots of you prefer Eurotunnel to the ferry as it’s only a 35 minute trip and you can keep you pets with you in the car.

A week ago I traveled from Carcassonne to Scotland and was really delighted to use Eurotunnel’s new pet check in area. I dreaded using the old one, there was only one door into a tiny office area. Once the dogs were in they had no personal space and had to be up close and personal with other dogs whether they liked it or not. Whoever designed it certainly was not a doggy person!

However, well done to DEFRA who have opened a new pet passport check in with dedicated in and out doors and plenty of space inside. This new area is also air-conditioned, has additional parking and a new and larger pet exercise area where your dogs can have a run around before going through the tunnel.

But the icing on the cake is a drive through pet check in area!!  It wasn’t open when I traveled but is now and sounds like a super idea for those of us who have timid / aggressive dogs who are best staying in the comfort of their own car!

Don’t forget if you do adopt from us we can have your doggy passported for you for only 30 euros!

Astra adopted!


Thank you DEFRA….




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