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Au Revoir France…Hello Scotland!

Yesterday you heard the news from Darcey that Malaga, Garfield and Eclat have left the refuge. They have at last left France and tomorrow morning will be arriving in Hull. Once again we have transported three dogs a long way so that they have a chance of the life that they deserve, it really is a long way but a couple of days travelling is nothing if it secures their future happiness.

Yesterday afternoon, my car full of crates as well as collars, leads and harnesses I set off to collect the dogs from the refuge. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and all three had been playing together in the park so were tired enough that it wasn’t too much of a struggle to wrestle them into their harnesses! When we are transporting dogs we take great care of them and take no chances, they have properly fitted collars, harnesses,we use double ended leads and they are in cages so are always nice and secure.They seemed to know that this was their chance of freedom and settled quickly in their cages.

Next stop was my house where the three were staying overnight before a very early morning start. I was expecting chaos and was pleasantly surprised at how well they all behaved. A evening stroll and then roast chicken and rice for dinner went down a treat and they scoffed this like they had never seen food before! They were the tucked up in bed by nine o’clock and we never heard a peep out of  them all night.

When Malaga arrived at the refuge she was taken straight to the vets as she had been viciously attacked by another dog. It took time to build up her confidence but eventually she was able to share a kennel with Piper, a lovely braque cross. Who knows what life she had before arriving at the SPA but tomorrow she will meet her forever family who live near Edinburgh. With two doggie friends and  a large enclosed garden, I am sure that she will come on leaps and bounds, what a lucky girl!

Garfield was adopted from the SPA as a puppy and brought back 2 years later as being “completely unmanageable”, which roughly translates as “we haven’t trained him, so we are dumping him! Hes a lively boy who needs some training but that shouldn’t be a problem as he is very intelligent. Regular walks on the North East of Scotland’s lovely beaches will soon tire him out and I bet he will be a fantastic family dog!

Lovely Eclat is going to live with Garfields owners mum who has had spaniels and was looking for a companion for her retirement. He will love this role, he loved being out of kennels last night and couldn’t believe his luck getting chicken for dinner.He then found a place on the sofa, put his head down and gave a big sigh…he definitely knew he was on his way to a special place!

It was dark at 5am when they left with my hubby, Roy.  It was a long 10 hours drive for both Roy and the dogs but as you read this they are crossing the North Sea on the Zeebrugge – Hull Ferry. They have all behaved impeccably and have had several walks enroute! When they arrive at Hull they will be met by Malaga’s mum Elinor who will take the three of them up to Edinburgh. There Garfield and Eclat will meet their new families.

So three more doggies, all French breeds, have the chance of a lifetime in Scotland and the good thing is that when I am home in November I will be able to visit them all!

Today’s not so good news is the arrival of another eight pups! This is devastating news so moral at the refuge is very low today. Once again I ask, please, please sterilize your dogs!

Garfield looking very pleased with himself..He was only on the sofa so I could practice the off command of course!






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