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One and Two makes Three

We promised you a blog yesterday but did not deliver, I am sorry to say. But that does not mean that there was no adoption, it just happened too late for the blog. And there were two adoptions today, so you get two blogs for the price of one!

Friponne arrived at the refuge in early July and has proved to be a very easy guest. She is small and well socialised and has been for numerous walks during her relatively short stay at the refuge. And when, a couple of days before she was due to leave, we decided to give her a wash and brush up, she proved yet again what a wonderfully calm dog she is. In fact it was my niece and her friend, visiting from Vienna, who took on the task (under the supervision of volunteer Corrine), and they loved it. I had to tell them afterwards that washing dogs is not always this easy!

two young girls with newly washed dog

Hazel and Léa with the newly washed Friponne – ADOPTED

When dogs leave out of usual refuge hours, it is usually because they are being transported with TRACES, and that either Moira or myself has been up in the wee small hours to meet the vehicle. This time it was a bit different, as Friponne, was going in the opposite direction. This lovely elderly fauve de Bretagne has been adopted by a family in Portugal, so the lovely people from Purrfect Pet Transporters came to collect her on their return journey from the UK, where they had been delivering lucky dogs and collecting donations for their association.

Then today, there were two further adoptions. First to leave was little Coco. She is a shih-tzu cross who was brought in for rehoming yesterday at the age of under four months. Her family had adopted both Coco and her sister, and this might be a lesson to anyone thinking of adopting two dogs from the same litter….quite often it does not work. I can feel a blog on this subject coming on…..The best thing for Coco was to find a new home, and before the refuge had even opened, she had been reserved by one of the many volunteers who gives up their free time to beautify the refuge.

Great news for both Coco and her new owner. Less than 24 hours at the refuge isn’t bad, is it?

black shih-tzu cross


Last of the day’s adoptions was that of Gaby. She was brought in for rehoming with her “brother” Roddy, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. A fabulous border collie cross of some 6 years old, Gaby would have been adopted a couple of weeks ago had her relationship with cats not been quite as ambiguous. Today’s family have no cats, but they do have another dog, and we are hopeful that Gaby’s gentle nature helps the family’s other gain in confidence a bit.

border collie cross


So it was a good day all round and hopefully more adoptions to come before the week is out.

Celebration Time, Come On!

What a wonderful day it was today. There were three adoptions, and one of them might just be the adoption of the year. Read on!

First to leave was Sisco, sometimes called Scar, and soon to be renamed again. But that is fine, this boy hasn’t been at the ScPA for very long at all, and will soon adapt. He has gone to live with Lisa and her family, and will spend his time between France and the Netherlands. Lisa herself is in dog rescue, and is a superb handler. She was looking for a companion for her tiny scared female who recently lost his pal, and the family wanted a dog who was okay with cats and who could accompany his new dad on long walks.

Sisco had already caught the family’s eye, and once he had passed the cat test, the family plus dog took him for a walk. He was just what they were looking for, and they were delighted to be able to take him home straightaway.

border collie cross

Sisco / Scar – ADOPTED

Although he was third to leave, I will talk next of the adoption of Scooby. He is a lovely small-ish fluffy dog who was brought in for rehoming in May at the age of just one year. He was extremely timid at the time, but thanks to both staff and volunteers he has made huge progress at the refuge. Sadly the one thing they were not able to cure him of was his poor attitude to cats, as otherwise he would doubtless have been adopted long-since.

However not everyone has cats, and Scooby now has a wonderful new family and a long and happy life ahead of him, we are sure.

woman with small white dog

Scooby – ADOPTED

Now to today’s big news. The adoption of none other than Tyson. This magnificent white shepherd has been at the refuge for most of his life. He is now eight years old, and has been with us for two and a half years. And before that he had spent about the same amount of time at the shelter before an unsuccessful adoption.

A young woman came to the refuge today having seen photos of a quite different dog online. She took the other dog for a walk, but he was a bit too lively and not quite what she was looking for. So after another tour of the refuge she came across Tyson. As well as being devastatingly handsome, he is a real gentleman on the lead, and all of a sudden things were looking up for one of our long termers.

big white dog

Tyson – ADOPTED at last

Next came the introductions to her other dog, a small male, and that went wonderfully well. Everyone held their breath…..YES, Tyson’s turn was finally here!

Carole phoned Marie, Tyson’s sponsor, who rushed to the refuge. Maire loves Tyson, and were he fine with cats he would definitely be at her home. But she loves her cat even more than she loves Tyson. A few tears were shed (okay, a LOT of tears were shed) and Marie and Tyson’s new mum exchanged phone numbers so they could keep in touch.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house as Tyson finally left the refuge. And it was noticeable how relaxed he was while getting into the car; he has Marie and the other volunteers to thank for this. The dogs go on regular outings, meaning that car trips are nothing new. Little does Tyson know that this time he has not just gone for a walk.


Tyson says goodbye to Marie and leaves with his new mum

All in all it was a fabulous day, and we know there is at least one lucky dog leaving tomorrow, so see you then!

Adoption of Jasmine

There was a good start to the week with the adoption of spaniel cross Jasmine. She was one of four presumed siblings who all arrived towards the beginning of July. Prunelle has already left, and Ben and Jerry are still waiting, but two out of four isn’t bad. It is not surprising that it is the girls who have found new homes first. For some reason the refuge always seems to have fewer females than males. But we hope that Ben and Jerry will soon have the same good fortune as their sisters, not to mention all the other dogs who are waiting of course.

black and white speckled spaniel

Jasmine – ADOPTED

There was also a super reservation, and two further dogs who arrived today were reclaimed. Kaiser is now identified, and Cabu, who was already microchipped, was happy to leave the refuge too.

Kaiser- RECLAIMED (and now identified)

black lab cross


So a quick blog from me tonight, but with the prospect of more adoptions to come.

Two Sunday adoptions and a quick catch up

Another superb day at the refuge with two adoptions, but first some news to catch up on from yesterday.

Although not an adoption per se, Saturday saw the departure into foster of a dog who has caused quite a stir since her arrival at the refuge. Petite Rose, or to give her her real name, Lou, has attracted a lot of attention. A tiny breton spaniel who could pass for a puppy, this dog is in fact one of the oldest at the refuge, at 13 years old. She arrived in a horrible state thanks to the cruelty inspectors and in need of urgent vet treatment for breast cancer, and we set about looking for a foster family for her.

When dogs need ongoing vet treatment, foster families are an ideal solution. The dog can continue to visit the ScPA vet, thus giving them continuity of care, but the dog can live in a home environment. Rose still has one operation to undergo, but we will follow her progress and hopefully she will have many years ahead of her.

mini spaniel

Petite Rose – Long term foster 

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in her. Several families contacted DRC offering her a home, and it is wonderful to see that older dogs can have such a bright future.

Now to today’s adoptions. And these too are cause for celebration. Nino, the setter cross whom DRC tried desperately to home before his arrival at the ScPA has a new family. And not only that, he will continue to live with Favela, who has been his kennel mate at the refuge.

setter cross


It is quite unusual for kennel-mates to be adopted together, but their new family know that the dogs get on well. They are here on holiday and just fell in love with the dogs. And as the family has three children and are almost always at home, it sounds like the perfect life for these dogs who love human company as well as canine.


Favela – ADOPTED

Fabulous news on which to end the week, and hopefully we have more adoptions in the pipeline!

Flea goes from Fleabag to Flea-less!

Ten days ago a little puppy was found at the refuge gates and was taken straight to the vet for a first visit, plus her first vaccination. Upon her return she was given loads of cuddles and was given the name Fleabag. The vet said he had never seen a puppy with so many fleas. Hardly surprising that she enjoyed having her tummy scratched!

This meant that instead of going to live inside the cathouse with the other puppies, Fleabag had to stay in one of the outside kennels. Of course the vet treated her against fleas, but the ScPA could not risk spreading them all round the refuge as they all jumped off.

Is it possible that her flea infestation was the reason she was abandoned? Did her former family think that they were allergic to dogs, whereas in fact the problem could be easily resolved by a quick trop to a vet? We will never know.

Luckily  and in super quick time, Fleabag had caught the eye of a couple who have been wanting a dog for a long time, but who are only now in a position to take one on. Fleabag has had her name shortened to Flea, and has a wonderful life ahead of her. Dad works from home and Mum is present a great deal, so Flea’s loneliness will soon be forgotten.

We look forward to receiving news and photos as this little girl grows into a big girl. Many thanks to her new family for offering her a home.

tricoloured beauceron puppy

Fleabag (now Flea) – ADOPTED

Will there be more good news tomorrow, we wonder?

Fabulous Friday

Well, we were hoping for good news today, but we were not expecting this! Three very deserving dogs left the ScPA today, including a couple of long-termers, which makes it doubly good news.

First to leave was Milo. We knew what breed he was, unlikely though it may seem. This great looking chap is a border collie / French bulldog cross who was brought in at the beginning of June for rehomingat the age of 18 months or so. He is extremely sociable with other dogs and is great on the lead as well as very affectionate towards people of all ages. His new family have picked a true gem.

black dog


Next to leave was Pia. Her story is very different. Arriving at the ScPA following sever neglect, this girl had many fears to overcome before being ready for her new home. Understandably bearing in mind her past, her main fear was of men. She was adopted in early June but sadly too much was expected of her too soon by her new family, and she was brought back soon thereafter. So she had to wait again. Today her long wait was finally over and she left the refuge for what we hope will be the last time. She has come a long long way since her initial arrival, and that of course is thanks to the staff and volunteers. We hope that Pia will know nothing but love and happiness from now on.

brown and white staffie looking dog


The BIG news of the day was the adoption of Strike. This lovely boy is now some eight years old, and is very much one of the refuge’s hidden gems. A quiet unassuming lad, Strike was actually adopted before, so when he arrived at the refuge in November last year having been found wandering and alone, we assumed his family would come and collect him. However they never showed up and we have no idea why!

A family came to visit him yesterday, and it took a while for them to click with him. He didn’t seem to bond with them on a walk. However what people sometimes fail to realise is that the dogs at the ScPA are very used to being walked. They love going out but fully expect to end up back in their kennel afterwards. If only we could explain to them that this is their big chance!

Luckily Carole, who adores Strike, was there to talk a bit about him, and pretty soon they, too, had fallen under his spell. They intended to come again on Sunday, but were so excited that they left work early to come and collect him. Strike will go everywhere with them, and we hope they all have many years of happiness together. It has been a long wait, but as usual, it looks like it was worth it.

shepherd cross

Strike – ADOPTED

So today was a great day and more good news is expected this weekend.

Two Assumption Day Adoptions

Today is Assumption Day and hence a bank holiday in France as in many other countries, but the ScPA was open for business as usual. There were plenty of volunteers on hand walking the dogs and cuddling the cats, and there were two adoptions, meaning that opening was definitely worthwhile.

First to leave was Gretel. She arrived with big handsome black lab Hansel towards the end of July. She is a pretty, dainty little girl and it didn’t take long for her to catch the eye of a family. She left today looking very pleased with herself, although a little bit sad to leave Hansel behind, of course. But dogs, even those who have been together all their lives, adapt very quickly and Gretel will be no exception, we are sure.

russetty brown long haired dog

Gretel – ADOPTED

Next up was Poma. This fabulous border collie has been with us for quite a bit longer. She was brought in almost eight months ago with two other dogs, all of whom were rescued from an apartment after their owner moved house without them. Her two pals were adopted some time ago, and why Poma has waited so long is a mystery to many of us. Surely the fact that she doesn’t like cats can’t be the reason!

Poma is a delight; she is very devoted to humans and the fact that her new owner plans to take her everywhere with him as he works in his vineyards sounds ideal. As you can see from the picture below, taken on one of the magnificent walks offered by the volunteers, she adores the outdoor life.


There are three more days of the week to go and we are hoping for lots more good news.

Adoption of Néron

Tonight we are very happy to announce the adoption of Néron, a beautiful young Weimeraner. He has not been at the refuge for very long, but his rehoming is cause for celebration nonetheless.

Néron is one of the many dogs who is extremely lucky to have made it to the safety of the ScPA. He arrived identified, but his regisgtered owner did not come to collect him. It turns out that Néron had already been given away,  someone who already had a dog and did not really want another one. So poor Néron was tied up all the time and was constantly being attacked by the other dog.

He managed to escape this living hell, and when he was safe at the refuge we saw that he held no malice at all. He adores dogs of all shapes and sizes and adores humans even more, if that were possible. So it seems only right that he has gone to a new home with lots of other dogs. Néron is going to be dog number 9, believe it or not. But don’t worry about how he will be treated in his new home; we know the family well and several of their other dogs were also adopted from the ScPA. So Néron now has new friends;  Justin, Doudou, Lutine Mamie Gerthrude and Ozia (ex Chouquette) plus others to play with, and we look forward eagerly to see photos of the whole pack…preferably together, although anyone with multiple dogs knows this is no easy task!

Many thanks to his new family for offering a home to this lovely lad.



There was also a wonderful reservation, so more good news is on the way.

Adoption of Buster

Today there was just one adoption, but as Mondays are hard in so many ways, any adoption is great.

Buster arrived at the refuge in early July, supposedly found by a young couple who brought him in to the pound as an unidentified stray. I say “supposedly”, because when you see a dog jump out of a car when requested without the use of a lead and happily follow two “strangers” into a building, you have to wonder. Especially when the holidays are just beginning. However maybe all these years of volunteering have just made me a bit cynical and this was a genuine case of them having found the dog, in which case it has to be the best behaved dog ever.

That might be the case, as Buster (as the employees christened him) proved to be fine with other dogs and is calm, gentle and playful. No reason why he should not find a home in super quick time. Apart from the fact that there are so many lovely dogs at the refuge right now. Visitors really are spoilt for choice.

Today’s family thought that Buster just had that little extra magic, and were delighted to offer him a new home. And despite the fact that he is a great dog, the ScPA was happy to see him leave!

brown shepherd boxer cross

Buster – ADOPTED

So it was a good start to the week, especially for Buster!

Adoption of Maurice.

Only one adoption today, but it was a good one!

Maurice arrived with Léo, but unlike his bigger brother he was not identified on arrival. The owner of the two dogs came to the refuge and promised to come back and collect his dogs, but when he failed to get back in touch, the best thing for both dogs was to find them a new home.

It is wonderful that Maurice has not had too long to wait after the adoption of Léo (who left earlier this week), and we hope he is equally as happy.

small black and white dog

Maurice – ADOPTED

So a short blog from me tonight. But none the less important because it means that a dog has left for a wonderful new life. Plus we had a reservation, so it was yet another successful Sunday!