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Two beautiful new girls who need us!

Not such a great day today, with two new dogs arriving. However once you see how thin these two beautiful girls are, perhaps you agree with me, that their arrival is in fact good news. Now they are at the SPA, Sylphide and Sveltesse will be given regular high quality food, veterinary treatment and lots of love. I spent some time in their kennel with them this afternoon, and I was rewarded with several little delicate licks, as they learned that no harm would befall them, and that they are safe and loved. 
As I have seen the numerous hunt dogs that are rejected at the end of each season, I have found myself drawn ever more towards this type of dog. They make wonderful family pets and they have a special something that just touches my heart. However long these two spend at the refuge, I am sure it is the best life they will have ever known. So welcome to both of them! 

And the Good News just keeps on Coming!

Not only have we had wonderful news, photos and even video of the 5 dogs, who are now safely and happily installed in Animal Trust, we have also had a couple of adoptions today.
Little Sadie, another invisible dog, left for her new home. She had no education at all, as several volunteers know all too well. But that didn’t stop her from catching someone’s eye and she is going to be a very happy dog, as we know some very good friends of Sadie’s new owners. They came along to collect her today and left with a new dog of their own; Bianca! This was just the icing on the cake  for me. 
The only entry today was an eight month old chihuahua, who weighs 2 kg and is presumably just lost (tho strangely he is not identified). So today was officially a GOOD DAY! 

Long may it last. 

Here are photos of Sadie and Bianca, and I hope you can follow the link to three of our dogs playing at Animal Trust.



And a video to warm the cockles of your heart!

Happy Doggies!

I am happy to report that all the dogs have arrived safely at their new home in Belgium. They were met by Animal Trust’s volunteers, who sound as committed as the Carcassonne crew. They ADORED the new arrivals; everyone was stunned to see Pepere, they have never seen any dog quite like him before! Venusio and Jojo stole hearts straight away, and Carbon has become a typical black lab, running round the fields like a lunatic. As for Murphy; he is still pulling like a tractor, but he will calm down soon, when a daily run becomes the norm!
Once again a huge THANK YOU to Eline at Animal Trust for this incredible lifeline, and to Sarah and Ruben for driving the dogs to safety and their new life.
In other news, we have photos of yesterday’s two other lucky dogs. You would have assumed that both of these dogs would take ages to find homes, but thanks to the generosity of the human spirit (well, some  humans), both these needy dogs were out in double quick time.

Here is Ray, now renamed Castro (after Giovanni Castro, the big hairy rugby player) who is looking beautiful and is enjoying watching TV while he can still see. Soon he will only be able to listen to Formula One!

And here is 15 year old Doudou, who left her lovely (and tearful) foster mum yesterday and now has a permanent home.


Le Grand Depart

Well, the day that we have been waiting for finally arrived. The big exodus! Five of our lucky dogs are on their way to Belgium, to a wonderful private refuge called Animal Trust. In fact if you are reading this after about midday on Sunday they will be there!
Before they left the wonderful team of volunteers made sure that every dog had been walked, so that they would sleep at least some of the way. When they arrive, Sarah who is delivering them, will let them out for a run in one of the huge parks, at Animal Trust, and I am looking forward to the pictures!
You can follow their progress on the Animal Trust site http://animaltrust.be/
There were several other events today, Ray, our lovely blind boy, left for a new home, as did little Doudou. Both of them will be very happy, I am sure. Funny how the two dogs who appear to be the most hopeless cases are so quick to be adopted. Thank you to their lovely new families. 
Today I learnt a thing or two about human nature, and in some ways it is encouraging that even when you think you have seen it all, people can still surprise you. I wish that these people lost as much sleep as I do, but sadly the less you care, the better you sleep.  Animal lovers aside, it is no wonder I prefer dogs to people. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

I am trying not to think about the fact that nine new dogs arrived at the SPA today. This is way above the average (which is 2 per day), and is just so shocking that I think I am in some kind of denial. I know I should be panicking, but on the basis that this won’t help, I am trying to keep calm and carry on.
So instead, here is some good news: Today beautiful Balto left for a new life complete with a new name. He is now called Albi and he has gone to live in Toulouse (no logic there, I know, but I like the name anyway). He is one of 4 border collies that we have on the refuge, and by far the most handsome, in my view. And no doubt in that of his proud new owners, who I am sure will have many years of happiness with him. Balto/Albi had only been with us for 6 weeks or so, and that is quite enough for a border collie; they are way too intelligent to cope with the boredom of life behind bars. Let’s hope the other borders, Blaise, Jordi and Falco, find homes soon as well. They have been there much longer, in Falco’s case since October, and they would love to find the same happiness as lucky Albi!
You can see all of them on my website http://www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/ or on the SPA Facebook page www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE


Walks and Parks.

Thursdays tend to be good days at the refuge. That is the day when we seem to have the largest number of volunteers and the refuge is always buzzy, with lots of dogs being walked. In addition, the two newly castrated males were both mixed with females. And how happy they were…the hormones haven’t worn off yet, the poor things don’t know the horrible truth! 
Lots of other dogs got playtime in the parks, and one of them was lucky enough to catch the eye of an adopter. But you will have to wait to find out who is leaving; just one clue, thought, she is black and would soon have become one of the forgotten ones. 
Although it is not an adoption, one little girl left the refuge today. Portia arrived at the same time as Guinness, who has since been adopted. Our strict hygiene rules mean that we don’t allow puppies of different litters to mix until a week after their second vaccination, so Portia has been very lonely. Luckily a wonderful new volunteer has taken her home, which will be great for her socialisation and stop her crying all the time. The dog that is! Portia is a lovely little girl and we are hoping that being in a foster family will boost her chances of adoption, as we will be much better informed about her character.
Here she is on the day she arrived; more photos should arrive soon; keep an eye on her album on our Facebook page


Bits and Bobs (and no bits!)

Today was a quiet day. Two dogs came in but both were identified and left with their relieved owners during the afternoon. Phew! As usual on a Wednesday there were several volunteers walking dogs in the beautiful sunshine. Yesterday I washed a dog who is due to leave the refuge on Friday, and I think now the weather is getting better, we will start bathing all the dogs. If this sounds like the sort of thing you might enjoy, feel free to come along and lend a hand. Or alternatively why not donate some shampoo; we get through it an an incredible rate!
Some books (for the Spring Fayre on May 5th) and dog-related items arrived from a couple of our supporters in Toulouse, so thanks to them and to our good friends who did the collection and delivery service. 
Apart from that two of our dogs went to the vet and returned a bit lighter. Both boys, Disco and Falco, have trouble sharing their space with other males, so there is one simple solution!  Mix them with girls!  Falco has already chosen his kennel mate Tina, who looks like his twin, so as of tomorrow the two of them can share a box without any undesirable consequences. 
As for Disco, he is just waiting for Murphy to leave (on Saturday) before we mix him with Olympique, a lovely girl who is a bit fussy about who she shares with. Disco is just like Murphy but in blond rather than black, so we are hopeful they will be happy together and thus 2 more kennels will be free for new arrivals.

Falco Image


It’s Ray-ning in my heart :(

A mixture of news today; good and bad. Firstly yesterday’s “little dog lost” is now “little dog found”. Surprised it took so long, but at least she is back with her owner.
Two wonderful adoptions took place today, that of little Lucy (subject of an earlier post; a puppy who was lucky enough to go into care with a newly recruited foster family). She has now left for her permanent home. The second adoption was that of Zira, now Tara, who was found 10 days ago cowering in a ditch and being used as target practice for some of the less desirable elements of society. Her X-rays show a number of pellets which luckily did not hit anything major and are best left alone. 
Anyway, today she left with a lovely couple who are well known to many of us. In fact they came to our last open day “just to have a look around” (famous last words) and to show us their HUGE dog (ex of Poorpaws, where he was once Stig and is now Tigger). Anyway, Tigger needed a playmate and so Zara just had to wait for her “pound time” to be up before she left, all sterilised and beautiful! 
But back to bad news: Ray, our lovely bleu de gascogne went for his check-up, and sadly nothing can be done for his eyesight. Ray is only 6 years old, but is destined to go permanently blind fairly soon. We were hoping it would be a question of an operation, but sadly it is not cataracts. Ray needs to find a caring home soon, while he still has enough sight to familiarise himself with his new (and permanent) surroundings before the darkness finally takes over.

Here is Tara, leaving with her new mum and dad. A wonderful life is guaranteed!
Things for Ray are less certain, sadly

Little dog lost

I mentioned that 2 new dogs had arrived on Saturday, and to be honest I was almost certain that this little girl would have been reclaimed today. However no one has contacted us about her, and although this could still happen, would you wait 3 days before looking for your dog, let alone one this sweet? 
Dia must have had an owner until recently. She is very well groomed and is not thin, nor is she shy or nervous of people. In 8 days time she will be up for adoption. Dia is a tiny girl, the kind that is snapped up very quickly. She probably weighs 6kg or so. We are trying to find her owners, but if they aren’t looking, then maybe they don’t deserve this lovely little lass. During her obligatory time in “the Pound”, Dia cannot be adopted, but she can be reserved. So if you, or anyone you know is after a tiny female, this could be a perfect chance!


Bit of resting on laurels today

Unlike last Sunday when the refuge had its monthly Sunday opening, today we were shut. Just as well for me, as I needed a bit of a break after all the recent excitement! Just wanted to post a photo or two of Munro, who seems to have taken to his new home like a duck to water.These arrived this morning and got my Sunday off to a great start!
As you can see, the look in his eyes has completely changed; here is a dog who is happy and settled and it is less than 2 days since he arrived in his new home. Refuge dogs are the BEST!!!!

Munro with his “sister”, Minnie, and his new mum.


Handsome chap!