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Three adoptions to end a slow week

Yes, you are right; it has been a very quiet week. The last blog was on Monday, when we were hoping for lots of adoptions. There has been movement at the ScPA, though, dogs being reclaimed and (sadly) several new arrivals. However we have had to wait until today for more adoptions. But as we had three, it has cheered us up a bit.

First to leave was Chuppa. She is one of two Breton spaniel pups who arrived just over three weeks ago, and it is surprising there has not been more interest in them, to be honest. However Carol spotted her on our website and despite not living particularly close, was happy to travel for the right dog. So little Chuppa has a home, and hopefully her sister, Chups, will not have long to wait either.

spaniel in woman's arms

Chuppa – ADOPTED

And this is her sister, Chups, who is still waiting

Next to leave was Chipie. This lovely young girl was found very thin and straying in mid May. Like so many of our new arrivals, she was unidentified, and as has no particuarly distinguishing marks, we were worried that she would have a long wait. However she too caught the eye of someone who fell in love, despite also having some distance to travel. Chipie left today with her new family and new canine companion, and we are delighted for her.

shepherd cross

Chipie – ADOPTED

And last but by no means least was little Nougat. As we have said before, we love it when volunteers adopt. Firstly we know the dogs will be in wonderful homes, and secondly we know that we will have news. Because of course we all get attached to the animals in our care. Especially the lucky ones who live in the reception area, of whom today’s lucky lad was one.

Nougat arrived two weeks ago today with no identification. He is tiny, he is fine with other dogs and cats and is a real cuddle-bunny. Why on earth has no one come looking for him? It was obvious to all of us that he wouldn’t have long to wait, and sure enough, today he went home with volunteers Ingrid and Marjorie. He will have a lovely life with their other three dogs, two of whom are also from the ScPA and the third from another refuge. Talk about winning the jackpot. And his extended ScPA family have been promised visits and cuddles too, so we are all winners!

small brown dog

Nougat – ADOPTED

We also wanted to remind you about the upcoming function next Sunday, the 17th. Our Yard Sale is a great fundraising event, with books and DVDs for sale, along with some high quality clothes, bric-a-brac and a tombola. Plus of course Mister Saucisse’s fabulous British style bangers. We hope to see many of you there at Chateau Miaou.

Adoption of Louba, and four dogs are reclaimed.

Some dogs spend far longer at the ScPA than we expect. One such dog is Louba, who arrived at the end of January with (presumably) her son, Bouba. He was identified, Louba was not, but in any case no one came to collect either dog. So once the ten days pound time was over, it was time to find a new home for both dogs. We expected them to leave quite soon; Louba is young, pretty and small, and Bouba is young, cute and small. I am not sure the word handsome applies, but each to his own.

In any case, it has taken until today for Louba to find a home, and Bouba still waits. We are not sure how he will cope without his mum; so far when they have been separated even for visits to the vets he has cried non-stop. So he will be getting extra cuddles for a while, and hopefully it will not be too long before he too finds a a home. As for Louba she has a home with a family who has two children and she will go to work with the husband so will never be alone.

breton spaniel


small speckly dog

Bouba, her son, is still waiting for a home

In other news, two malinois who arrived (identified but lost) yesterday were reclaimed, as was a little girl, TrĂ©sor, who arrived today. The lovely golden retriever, Geronimo, who arrived (identified) on Saturday left as well, so if you look at it one way, five dogs lef the refuge today 😀

And so begins another week.

Running for a good cause!

Before the main news of the day, we have some news to catch up on from yesterday. One adoption took place yestereday morning before the refuge was open, hence it not making the blog last night.

Many of you will be aware that there is a team of elves who come in when the refuge is (mostly) closed, and beautify the area as well as make practical improvements to the kennels and cattery. Well one of this team has had his eye on a certain dog, and yesterday was THE DAY!

Yes, lovely Praia has a new home. She arrived at the end of January, identified but with no sign of any owners looking for her. We have no idea why, as she is a fabulous girl, young, sociable and stunning to look at. Jean Michel is one of many who fell under her charm and says that she is just perfect.

black and white dog

Praia – ADOPTED 

Now to the day’s main event, as it were. This morning at 9am, the Carcassonne half marathon got underway. Amongst the many runners was Tony, who was raising funds for the ScPA. Tony and his partner Marcus adopted Chester (ex George) earlier this year, and both are now keen supporters of the refuge, so for Tony this was one more way to help.

Tony finished his run in 2 hours and 6 minutes, which is an excellent time and well on target. And of course Marcus and Chester were there to cheer him on. We all send massive congratulations. Sponsorship of this kind is not common in France for some resason. French children do not plague their families, friends and neighbours for money for sponsored swims, walks or silences. However as Tony has proved, there is definitely scope for it to take off here, too. Perhaps this could become an annual event or perhaps in future years we can have a team of runners all raising money for the refuge! Wouldn’t that be great?

There is still time to donate so if you would like to do so, here is the link to Tony’s Just Giving page.

man holding medal

Tony after his half marathon this morning. And looking surprisingly well!

In other news, as usual on the first Sunday of the month, the ScPA was open to the public, and although there were no adoptions, there were plenty of volunteers out and about walking the dogs in the sunshine. So if you are not up for a half-marathon, maybe joining our team of walkers is more up your street! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!




Adoption of Harley

We had a small adoption today, a 5 kilo one, to be precise!

Yorkie cross Harley arrived in mid May having spent most of his life on a balcony, when he wasn’t being used to make puppies, that is. He was then given away, but his new owner did not want him, so at six years old, Harley found himself at the ScPA.

Harley has now gone to live with Chris, who came along today with one of his dogs to make sure they were compatible, as this is the dog with whom Harley will spend all his time. The last companion was a St Bernard, who has sadly passed away, so it is a bit of a change of size of paymate. Harley will have lots of other new friends too; dogs, cats, sheep, horses and even some koi carp. Yes, Harley is going to live on a farm, and will have freedom like never before. What a lucky lad!

yorkie cross

Harley – ADOPTED

Apart from that one dog was reclaimed by her owner, and there were some dogs out on walks. And hopefully there will  be more of the same tomorrow when the ScPA opens its doors for the first Sunday of the month.

There will be a blog tomorrow night, regardless of whether or not we have any adoptions, by the way. Something is afoot. Or perhaps ON foot is more appropriate. Read all about it tomorrow evening!

Adoption of Gloubi and an important name change.

Today the ScPA said a fond and happy goodbye to Gloubi. No, don’t be worried, neither by that sentence nor by the photo; Gloubi is fine. It is just that she is most often seen in this position; relaxing in the office while life goes on around her. Gloubi was reserved several weeks ago, and should have already left the ScPA, however her new family had some logistical problems. Anyone who has moved house in France will understand that these things happen, and her new family have been walking her regularly, along with a dog they rescued in Dubai. A wonderful life awaits our old lady labrador. She will be part of the welcoming committee for anyone staying at her owners’ gite; and who could fail to feel instantly at home with such a pefect dog in residence!

yellow lab

Gloubi – ADOPTED

Who will be the next lucky dog to take the “golden spot” in the office, I wonder?

So only one adoption to tell you about today. The week is far from over, though. The ScPA will be open tomorrow and again on Sunday, as it is the first Sunday of the month. This means there is time to make up for what has been a quiet week adoption-wise.

You may have noticed that we are using the term ScPA and not SPA. The additional “C” stands for “Carcassonnaise” This is because the SPA Paris took court action to prevent the Lyon based group (the Confederation Nationale of 260 independent refuges) from using the letters SPA. It would be nice to think that, as we are all in the same business, no one would mind. Ho hum. We have until June 15th to make any changes to our logos and to stop using the forbidden letters. If we at DRC make an error, we will turn ourselves in to the police and wait for you all to rescue us from prison! If not, send chocolate!

Adoption of Border Collie Bob.

Adoptions are few and far between at the moment, as you have probably noticed. We have no idea why this is; May, with its numerous bank holidays, might may seem like a good time to welcome a new family member; or perhaps people are chosing not to adopt when they have already made plans. In either case, staff and volunteers have been remarking on how quiet things are at the SPA.

Today however we have a lovely adoption to tell you about. Bob, a fabulous looking border collie arrived with Meg, presumably his mum, in early April. Both dogs were thin and were initially very nervous of people. Once the dogs had left the pound (ten days after their arrival), the SPA separated them so that each was sharing with another dog. This may seem cruel, but it is usually for the best. Very few people adopt dogs who arrive together, and separating them early enables dogs to create new relationships with other dogs and humans, and not just stay in their existing roles.

Bob has remained quite timid and aloof with people, however. He is fine with other dogs, but even on walks has tended to keep his head down and avoid eye contact. However as you can see from the photo taken as he left today, all that has changed! Bob has hit the jackpot big time, and he seems to know it! His new family lives in Germany and as soon as possible, Bob will move there. But he has family here in France too, and lucky Bob will have canine friends in both countries. Not only that, his new young mistress is very training minded. The family know that it will take a long time for Bob to come properly out of his shell, and are prepared to be patient. And judging from the smile on Bob’s face, a huge hurdle has already been overcome.

So we say goodbye and good luck to lovely Bob and look forward to hearing news of him as he starts his new life.

border collie with other dog

Bob (on the right) with one of his new friends and already looking much happier than when he arrived!

Adoption of Ficelle

Today was yet another bank holiday here in France, so the SPA was closed. However as is becoming more and more common, several volunteers came to keep  the dogs and cats company, which is wonderful. The animals love spending time with humans, even if they have to share the love a bit more than if they had a home of their own.

And as promised in yesterday’s blog, we had an adoption. Lovely Ficelle arrived some three weeks ago, supposedly having been found with her sister, FlĂ»te. Both dogs are delightful; sociable with dogs and cats, and extremely affectionate, as well as being great on the lead. Apart from being a bit thin on arrival they were in great health; but they were not identified, so the SPA could not track down their owner.

Dogs like this tend not to have too long to wait, and sure enough Ficelle caught the eye of a couple last week. They are none other than Imogen and Kate, the owners of Le Jardin Chùmpetre They were looking for a dog to spend long lazy days with in their nursery, and take long active walks with in the surrounding countryside. The dog had to be good with other dogs and people of all ages, as she will be with her owners when they visit clients. A fabulous life awaited the lucky dog.

Last week several dogs were put through their paces, but it was Ficelle who ticked all the right boxes. A busy weekend was forecast at the nursery, however, so it was decided that Ficelle would leave today to allow her to settle in calmly.

brown poiner cross

Ficelle (now renamed Jenka) – ADOPTED

We look forward to news and photos. And if anyone likes the sound of Ficelle, then why not come and see her sister, Flûte, who is every bit as wonderful!

dark brown lab cross

Lovely Flûte is still looking for a home

The SPA will be back to business as usual tomorrow, of course.

Save the Date for Summer Fun!

As many of you have remarked, it has been a quiet week at the SPA and that of course means a quiet week on the blog. But don’t worry, we have not been idle! We are already busy planning the next fundraising event, which is due to take place next month; on June 17th to be exact.

This will be third annual Yard Sale and Barbecue to have been hosted at Chateau Miaou, and this year it will be even bigger and better. As well as books, DVDs and a tombola we will once again have a barbecue courtesy of our hosts Willie and Sharon, who together with Mr Saussice, will be serving up wonderful British-style bangers. There are also rumours of some bacon butties! This year vegetarians will not be left out, either, thanks to Kim’s astounding home-made marmalade.

There will also be an opportunity for those who couldn’t make it to Fanjeaux to buy any of the amazing clothes and accessories. This year we will have a bric-a-brac stall, and  plenty of fun to be had for all.

Everyone is welcome; parking is available and there are just no excuses for not joining us. Come and say hi, grab yourselves a bargain and help Dog Rescue Carcassonne support the animals at the SPA Carcassonne.

Come and join us and bring your friends!

The refuge will be closed tomorrow for Pentecost, but we know that one lucky dog will be leaving. We do try to be flexible, especially when it means a dog being in his new home as soon as possible. So see you tomorrow night when you can read about the week’s first adoption!

Adios Elios!

I think everyone felt very sorry for Elios when he was brought into the SPA for rehoming just over three weeks ago. A purebred braque francais, he arrived due to his owner’s illness. And whereas we see plenty of people leave the refuge dry-eyed, that was not the case here. Elios’s owner really loved him, but was going into long-term care and had no one to look after his dog.

This should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who just assumes that their family will take over should old age take its toll, by the way. And is one of the reasons that the SPA is rightly cautious when elderly people wish to home puppies.

Elios did not have long to wait, however, despite being over eight years old. Yesterday a family came to test him with their dog, and all went well. The cat test went fine as well, and today Elios was off to his new home.

Many thanks to his new family for offering Elios a home. He is a very affectionate boy, and we are sure he will reward your kindness a hundred-fold

braque francais


Fingers crossed for more adoptions this week.

Adoption of Zelda

On our blog of May 4th we told you about the adoption, amongst others, of Sultan. Today was the turn of his sister, Zelda. In fact Moira and I had just returned from a walk with this fabulous beauceron cross and her kennel mate and were remarking on what a calm dog she was, when she caught the eye of a a family who were looking to adopt.

Sometimes you meet a dog and just know that she will be easy to home, as long as you can get people to look at him or her. Zelda walked beautifully on the lead and is fine with other dogs; she has made enormous progress since arriving thin and nervous last month. Little did we know that she is also fine with cats, and this is what clinched the deal for her today.

We hope that Zelda has a wonderful new life and we look forward to news and photos of her in her new home.

Let’s hope that this is the first adoption of many this week. A couple of other people were at the SPA looking for a new companion, so fingers crossed!

beauceron cross