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Three more pups leave, and Annick sets off for the UK.

Yours truly was up well before the larks this morning, as we had a dog leaving for a new life in the UK. At 3 am a DEFRA registered transporter arrived at the refuge to take Annick to her new home. It is quite a long journey for her, but it will be well worth it. Her new home sounds perfect, and moreover Annick will have a pal to play with too. DRC has friends in common with Annick’s new owner, and we know that she will be very happy. Naturally we will pass on news and photos of this pretty young girl as once she has her paws under the table in her new home.

cocker spaniel cross

Annick – ADOPTED

We had more good news during opening hours too, with three puppies leaving for new homes.

First off was Ganache, the last female of the long-eared litter. She, like the rest of these pups, is an absolute treasure, and we are sure that it won’t be long before her brother, little Macaron is off, too. But don’t worry about him; although he is the last of the litter to leave, he is happily playing with  other puppies who are also waiting to be chosen.

Ganache – ADOPTED

Two more did leave, though, both from the same litter. Neither had names when they left, as up till now they did not have albums. However the “pupparazzi” was at the refuge today, and so there will be more photos of the remaining pups on line soon.

This little pup was adopted today

As was his brother

We wish happy new lives to all of today’s leavers, and are happy to see that the adoptions are picking up a bit now that the holiday season is coming to an end. And of course it is wonderful to see so many volunteers, old and new, walking the dogs and making their lives a bit happier before they find their forever homes.

Three littlies leave

First tonight we need to tell you about an adoption that took place yesterday, that of little Gnocchi. This cheeky chap arrived ten days ago, and went straight from the pound to his new home. And despite the fact that he arrived unidentified, we do know something of his history, thanks to the man who has now adopted him. Gnocchi belonged to people in the village where the ScPA is situated, but was left to roam all day. His owners knew he was at the refuge, but didn’t want to reclaim him, so their postman, who has seen and played with the dog for the last year or so, decided to adopt him as a pal for his ex-ScPA dog Monkey (ex- Soprano, for those of you who remember him).

The two dogs met yesterday and got along fine, and wriggly little Gnocchi went off to a new home. So it looks like being nice to postman might be good advice for dogs after all!

Gnocchi (on the right, with new pal Monkey) – ADOPTED

And we had an adoption today, too. Dolly, a ten year old bichon left for her new home after being brought to the refuge by our cruelty insepctors. Dolly had not been mistreated per se,  but had been badly neglected and was a matted mess when she arrived. She is looking much better already and we wish her lots of love in her new home.



Today another little dog was reclaimed thanks to Facebook, where his owners had seen his photo. Igor was identified when he arrived, but for some reason the phone number was notified as being no longer valid, whereas infact it is still very much a working number. Luckily the owners and dog were reunited, and it is proof that it is worth checking the internet or local refuge for your lost dog, even if he is chipped and your details are up to date. Technolgy is never perfect.

yorkie cross


So another largely positive day at the refuge, although it goes without saying that there are still far too many dogs and cats looking for homes.

Two lovely girls leave

Reently it has all been about puppies, but today two of our lovely adult females left for new homes.

First to leave was Sissi. This little griffon cross had been found and brought to the refuge just over four weeks ago, and remembering how she was on that first day, it is incredible that she was ready to leave so quickly. She went from being absolutely terrified and very skittish on the lead to being a sweet, affectionate and calm girl just in the space of a week or so. This perhaps says more about where she was before than anything else, and shows yet again that the ScPA is often the best thing that can happen to a dog.

Sissi left today for a lovely new home with an active couple who will shower her with love.


The second adoption was that of probably my favourite dog at the ScPA. Admittedly I have lots of favourites, but Mattie was just a little bit special. Left in a garden along with about 8 other dogs when her owner moved house, Mattie is blind in one eye, has had numerous litters (we suspect many of the eight dogs are her offspring), but completely trusting in humans.

Sally is a great friend of the refuge, and when her friend Angela decided to adopt another dog, Sally got in touch with us to see if we could help out. Mattie was one of two dogs who caught Angela’s eye, so initially she was torn, but Mattie just had that extra something, as well as being a bit older and calmer.

I am sure we will have regular news from Angela, but I just might have to go and visit Mattie for myself just for a cuddle.

Mattie – ADOPTED and busy winning over her new mum!

So the week is going quite well so far! Long may it continue.

Revision…Adoption of Oreo and TWO Puppies

Three adoptions started the week of very positively!

The first to leave was Chantilly, who is one of a litter of long-eared dogs who arrived in early July. They have done quite a bit of growing up and the refuge, and everyone has come to adore them. They are all really gentle and we are pleased that we are not the only ones to fall under their charm!

small pup with big ears

Chantilly – ADOPTED

Next to leave was one of the little shepherd crosses, whose sibling Orphée left on Friday. Today’s little boy was already reserved at that point, so although technically he was the second to leave, he was first to be chosen. His family was not able to take him home until today due to other commitments, but he was as thrilled to leave as they were to finally have the puppy of their dreams.


Third to leave was Oreo, our beautiful dalmatian. To be honest I think everyone expected this handsome young boy to leave sooner than this. He has been with us for almost two months, which is a long time for a dog this beautiful and of a discernable breed! However dalmatian lovers will know that these dogs can be quite nervy, and Oreo has not had an easy life before coming to the SCPA, perhaps making him a bit trickier than other dogs to home.

Today a family who had seen him on line, and who are colleagues of one of our volunteers, came along to meet Oreo to see how he got on with their dog. All went well with the dogs, and they are a loving and patient family who will allow Oreo the time to evolve at his own pace. So this lovely boy has left for his new home. Everyone is really happy for him and we look forward to news and photos, as we do of all animals who leave the ScPA’s care.



Let’s hope for many more adoptions as the week progresses.

Puppy Day

Well for three puppies, Saturday brought the news they were waiting for….a new home!

First to leave was Bounty. This lovely setter puppy arrived at the end of July and although several people offered him a home, it wasn’t until today that he found what appears to be the right family. Puppies take a lot of looking after, and an active lad like this will need a lot of attention, as well as plenty of cuddles. He will have both in his new home, and seeing him leave was a great start to the afternoon.

setter pup

Bounty – ADOPTED

Next to leave was one of the border puppies. This breed needs lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation, so it is extremely important to select a family who is prepared for this type of lifestyle. Today’s home looks wonderful and the little boy left, leaving just one female border to find a home. But don’t worry, she is not alone, she was happily playing with the pups from another litter, one of whom also found a new home today.

Male border pup – ADOPTED

Sandra and her family have recently moved to the area from Germany, and her 10-year old daughter was promised that she could chose a dog as playmate for the family’s nine year old border collie cross. I think they were expecting to fall for one of the border puppies, but sometimes the heart decides otherwise.

A play in the park with the puppies was all it took, and the decision was made. Who could resist such a gentle little puppy? Yes, the breed caracteristics are very different from those of a border collie, but with a huge garden of three hectares and a mum who works from home, the newly named Keks could not be happier.

puppy with family


We wish long and happy lives to all three of today’s puppies and hope that the pups still at the refuge do not have too long to wait.

A Five Dog Friday (kind of!)

It has been a while since we had a Five Dog Friday, and although we have cheated a bit, five dogs did leave the ScPA today.

First to leave was one of the relatively new puppies, so new in fact that we haven’t yet created their individual albums. However of course visitors to the ScPA have been able to see them playing in the parks, and it was thus that yesterday’s family met their new friend; a small and feisty female, now named Orphée, who decided that she was going to be the first of her litter to leave. Yes, it was definitely the dog who decided this time; but who could blame the family for falling in love? There are seven more pups in this litter, by the way. Just sayin’!

Puppy Orphée – ADOPTED

Not one but two of the border collie pups left, as well. Two little girls left for lovely new (separate) homes, and we are over the moon for them. They leave behind several siblings, though, so you really do have plenty of choice if it is a pup you are after.

This baby border girl has been ADOPTED

As has her sister!

We had the adoption of an adult today too!  Teddy, a lovely fluffy dog was brought to the SPA as an unidentified stray at the end of June. It is clear that he must have had an owner, but as ever, if the owner doesn’t come to collect his or her dog, we have no way of reaching them, particularly if they don’t want to be found!

Our volunteer Karen had some working guests staying from Germany, and they were very keen to come and do some dog walking at the refuge. When Lenny and Franzi met Teddy there was an instant connection, and they decided to do everything possible so that he could join them on their European adventure. They have been to walk him every day since to get to know him a bit better, and have introduced him to their camping car, which will be his new home for the time being.

Today was the big day, Teddy now renamed Terry left on the first leg of his adventure. He will have his own blog so we will be able to follow his journey. He is a very lucky dog, although I know that Lenny and Franzi think that they are luckier still.

Teddy (now Terry) with his new family – ADOPTED

While we are on the subject of the identification of dogs (which, is obligatory, not that you would know it from the number of unidentified animals who arrive at the refuge)….. On Sunday the employees found a lovely female at the gates. She had a collar with her name on it, (Milcka) , but no phone number or microchip (or tattoo). So no way to track down her owners.

However the dog was very much loved and missed, and had last been seen in Mazamet. Who on earth finds a dog in Mazamet and brings it to a refuge 50 km away? Moreover a refuge that is in a different department? No comment. Luckily Carole was on the case, and last night she found an announcement from a family who was desperate to find their dog, and who cried with joy and relief when they found out that Milcka was safe and well. Had the dog already been identified (she now is, of course), this could have all been avoided, of course, but all is well that ends well. A happy reunion ensued and Milcka is back at home.


We are hoping for yet more good news tomorrow, but in the meantime we wish all the best to today’s five leavers (four adoptions plus a reunion!)


Adoptions of Fly and Gus.

We promised you good news, and today we have two adoptions to tell you about.

First fabulous Fly left for his new home. This lovely pitch black braque cross arrived just short of four weeks ago having been found in a local village. He was not identified, and when Fly visited the vet we found out he was just 7 months old. Could this be yet another puppy who was given away for free on the internet and who just outgrew what his family was expecting?

Luckily Fly caught the eye of a braque-lover. She had two female braques and although Fly was not at all what she was looking for (she wanted a female of a non-hunt type!), when she saw his photos, her heart just melted. Earlier this week she came to see how the three dogs got on, and today she came in to take lucky Fly home.

She has promised photos of the three dogs together, and we look forward to that, because they did look truly magnificent. And surprisingly similar, in form if not in colour.

black lab cross


Next we said goodbye to Gus. This breton spaniel was abandoned in May by his elderly owner who was no longer able to exercise his active dog. His family are great animal lovers, with quite a menagerie at home. In fact they came in with another dog in mind, but thanks to the questionnaire, the employees, who know the dogs best, were able to suggest a dog who was the same breed as the one they wanted, but whose character was better suited to their lifestyle. They were happy to take the ScPA’s advice, and we are sure that everyone will be very happy. Gus and his new pal Bilou both had big smiles on their faces as they left, in any case.

Gus (with his new pal Bilou) – ADOPTED

We have more leavers tomorrow, so the week is certainly finishing better than it started.

At last, Dog Show News!

Today was a Bank Holiday in France (Assumption Day), and although the refuge was shut, there were quite a few people there walking dogs and cuddling cats. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time today to make the animals’ lives a bit better.

And yes, we know what you are thinking. Things HAVE been very quiet on the adoption front this week. However we are expecting good news tomorrow and more on Friday. In the meantime, though, we have news of an upcoming event.

Back by popular demand we proudly present the next DRC Dog Show! YIPPEE!

The first dog show event took place in June last year, and was a huge success. This year rather than being merely one attraction at someone else’s event, the lovely women at La Petite Pepiniere have saved the whole afternoon just for us. So we will be able to spread out a bit, and have even more fun!

As you can see, we will have other stalls for people to peruse while waiting for their dogs’ events. There will be a small agililty course, and our ace photographer Marketa will be there to take pictures of you and your hounds. Refreshements will be available (to benefit Longuedoc Solidarity with Refugees), and Le Jardin Champetre will be open next door so you can stock up on plants and shrubs too. They recently adopted Jenka (who was called Ficelle at the ScPA) and so if you are lucky she might make a guest appearance. But in any case, there will be plenty of ex-refuge dogs around the place, as well as other stalls and some surprises.

Again there will be prizes for the winning dogs in the various categories. As was the case last year, the whole day will be more for fun than anything. We don’t really pretend to be Crufts. Rather it is am enjoyable way to get together and see each others’ dogs in a beautiful setting, and hopefully to raise lots of funds for the dogs at the refuge.

There will be more details available in due course, but in the meantime, please keep the afternoon of Sunday 16th September free so you can come and join us.

Adoption of Wolfie

When Wolfie arrived last week everyone guessed that he would not have very long to wait. However few of us could have known that he would not even make it as far as the refuge, instead he was adopted immediately from the pound, ie after the minimum amount of time at the ScPA. How wonderful.

Wolfie was found as a stray, but he must have had a home before becoming lost. He was neither thin nor nervous, he loves people and does not pull on a lead. At under a year old, this dog seemed to have just about every quality that people look for in a dog.Why was he not identified? And why was no one looking for him? We will never know.

Luckily for him a family came to the refuge looking for a new pal. In fact they had come specifically for Texas, whom they had seen online. However he had been rehomed, so they did a tour of the refuge and their eyes fell on Wolfie. There followed a nervous wait, in case his owners showed up, but today Wolfie was officially up for adoption, and he left as soon as he returned from the vet.

His new family have six children and are very sporty. Wolfie, now renamed Marley, will never be alone and we are sure that a wonderful life awaits him.

As the weather was a bit cooler there were lots of walks, so thanks to everyone who came along to brighten up the lives of the dogs.

big fluffy dog with his new family

Wolfie (now Marley) – ADOPTED