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Adoption of puppy Potiron

Some pups have all the luck! No sooner had Potiron’s photo been put online than we had our first inquiry about him. One completed questionnaire later, a quick couple of follow up questions and he was off to his new home!

The key question was “Are you prepared for this dog to be bigger than a beagle”. Because although Potiron has a beagle’s markings, his paws are huge, and as he is only three months old, his new owner had to be prepared. Carole and Tony said that this would be no problem, and today they made the trek from Roujan to take home their new boy.

So after the minimum time possible at the refuge, Potiron’s new life begins. Exactly ten days ago today he was found lost and alone behind the railway station in Carcassonne. It is horrible to think of such a young puppy fending for himself like that, but all that is in the past. By now he will have met his new big brother and the family will be complete once again, after the sad loss of the family’s other dog recently.

Many thanks to Carole and Tony, and also to their friend Sally who has adopted from the ScPA and is encouraging all her friends to do likewise!

pup in the arms of couple

Potiron – ADOPTED


Sunday’s adoption of Lanky, and at last it is Whisky’s turn!

There was no blog over the weekend, but that was more for logistical (ie lazy) reasons than because nothing happened. In fact amongst the numerous new arrivals, we had an adoption!

German Shepherd Lanky arrived in mid October, and after a flurry of interest in him (he is stunning), everything went quiet. This is because this young lad appeared to be a bit agressive towards other dogs, and everyone who wanted him seemed to already have dogs. However as with many dogs, his apparent aggression is more due to fear than anything else; a lack of socialisation when they are young can often result in nervousness towards other dogs. We hope that at one year old Lanky is young enough to get over this quickly and f course being out of the refuge he will have a lot more attention.

German shepherd


Today things got even better with the departure of a very popular lad. After ten months at the refuge, Whisky’s turn finally came!

We have said it before, but there are some dogs that just do not get noticed at the ScPA. Despite being fine with everyone, including cats, Whisky had seen kennel-mates come and go, without ever being picked. This lovely boy has been an urgent appeal on DRC,  but even this failed to attract a family. However as is so often the case, it was worth the wait. Marion, of Le Flair Canin fame was looking for a dog to act as moderator with some of the dogs she trains. Her own dog is a bit reactive, and she wanted a calm, steady dog to act as a reassuring presence.

She had a chat with Carole, who is a big fan of Whisky (no, not the drink!) and the deal was done. Just a few more days wait, and at last Whisky was on his way.


Whisky – ADOPTED (after ten months)

There should be more good news tomorrow, so let’s hope this is a bumper week. For adoptions, that is, not for arrivals!

Four on Friday

We had four great adoptions today.

First to leave was Lancelot, a fabulous small dog of indeterminate breed. I would love to do a DNA test on him, and I would guess some collie (he is blue merle in colour), but probably some teckel (he is long in the body). But who knows. And more importantly, who cares? What matters most is a dog’s character, and Lancelot is a gem. He is good with other dogs, good with cats and very affectionate. We are all surprised that it has taken him this long to find a home.

His new mum took some time for reflection and came to meet and walk Lancelot several times, and we applaud her for this. Adopting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. However she could not resist this boy’s charms, and today, after exactly ten weeks at the refuge, Lancelot has a new home.

small hairy blue merle dog

Lancelot – ADOPTED

The nxt to leave was Mitch. Do you remember when Bang was adopted last month, and we mentioned that one of this group of five dogs (escapees from a filthy abandoned warehouse) was still waiting for a home. Well today Mitch too found his home!

Incredibly it has taken since the end of February for this handsome young shepherd cross to find a new family. I suppose it is because there is just so much competition at the refuge; we have some fabulous dogs. But in any case, Mitch has been far happier at the ScPA than he was before. He has had lots of love, regular walks, regluar food and vet care.

And today life got even better for him.

shepherd cross with big ears

Mitch – ADOPTED (after 10 months)

Next to leave was Augustin, a small to medium sized dog who arrived just before the end of October. We are pretty sure his owner phoned the refuge to see if his dog was with us, he described Augustin perfectly. However he never showed up. Shows how much he loved his dog, I guess. Once the ten days pound time was up, it was time for Augustin to trade up and find a better home!

He is a lovely lad, some kind of jack russell cross (no, not a Dalmatian!) and really adorable. We are pleased that he found a new home so quickly.

small white dog with black speckles

Augustin – ADOPTED

The fourth adoption doesn’t really affect the refuge, as in fact the dog, poodle Pompom (now renamed Bailey) left a couple of months ago. He, you may remember, had come back from an unsuccesful adoption, and was looking for a new home. We had the perfect family for him, but the timing was not right. However Bailey’s new mum was determined to make it work, so she found a foster family willing to look after Bailey until everything was in order.

This is not something we would recommend for all our dogs, but Bailey needed to break his attachment with the refuge and the change of scene seems to have done him the world of good. He is now in his new home, the adoption is official, and everyone is happy, especially Bailey! Many thanks to Bertha for her determination and Sheila for looking after him so well. It is great that she and Bailey’s new family will stay in touch, too.

Pompom (now Bailey) – ADOPTED

The weekend starts here; but what will it bring?

Adoption of Pirouette

Today we “only” had one adoption, but we had lots of other good news, which will mean adoptions to come. Plus if you include yesterday, five dogs were reclaimed. So despite some new arrivals, things could certainly be worse.

Today’s adoption was of Piroutte. She is a young shepherd cross who arrived with her mum, Noisette towards the end of September. At the time both dogs had mange, so had to be kept away from the others, but at least they had each other for company.

It is not surprising that the puppy was adopted first, and we are delighted for Pirouette. She is going to be a big girl, bigger than her mum, probably. And she has two big dogs to play with in her new home, so it looks like she has a lovely life ahead of her.

A short mut sweet blog tonight, but there will be more good news tomorrow, so see you then.

big brown puppy

Pirouette – ADOPTED

Adoption of Amstaff Drago

Today Drago, a fabulous American Staffordshire left for his new home. He arrived identified but the ScPA was unable to reach his owners. This may or may not be a good thing. Perhaps despite being category 2, he was not “en regle”, or perhaps his owner simply did not want him anymore. In either case, Drago was looking for a new home.

Jenna and her husband were looking for a second dog, to help their deaf dog, Logan. So the new dog had to be okay with other dogs, as well as cats and children. Intially came to the refuge sepecifically to meet a different dog. One who was not categorised as being dangerous. However when they met Drago they knew he was the one. Provided he met the criteria, that is.

The meeting with Logan went well, as did meeting the children. But how would Drago do in the cat house? Well, let’s just say that this tough looking lad got biffed around the face and didn’t react at all, so that was more than okay! So Jenna and Cedric set about getting the required permits . This can be easy, but it can also be difficult. Completing the obligatory training course was the easy bit in this case, but getting insurance and the permit from the mairie took a bit longer. However all in all it was not too bad, and 8 weeks after his arrival at the ScPA, Drago has a new home.

We hope he will be as happy as he deserves to be. As EVERY dog deserves to be, in fact.

man cuddling staffordshire


Many thanks to Jenna and her family. We look forward to news and photos, of course.

Adoption of Oseille

Today saw the adoption of Oseille, a sweet little dog who has been with us since towards the end of October. She is officially a beagle cross, but looks quite like a tiny and delicate pointer. She made it her business to make friends with everyone, and it wasn’t long before she was offered a home. So in theory Oseille could have gone straight from the Pound to a new home (via the vet, of course, it is obvious that she has already had her fair share of puppies).

However her new family wanted Oseille to live outside at night, and although this kind of life can suit some dogs, Oseille is not one of them. She seems to be much more of a warm rug kind of dog. So she had to wait a bit longer for the right family to come along.

It is nice to have the luxury to choose the right home for our dogs, and not just let them leave with the first person who wants to adopt them. I am sure most of us believe that there is a dog for everyone (barring people who mistreat animals, of course), and in the intersts of both dog and owner, it is worth waiting a bit longer for the right match.

Many thanks to Oseille’s new family and we look forward to news and pictures of her once she has settled in.

small beagle type dog

Oseille – ADOPTED

There were a couple of reservations too, so more good news awaits!

Remembrance Day adoption of Craig

Today, as is the case every Sunday, the refuge was open for walks, cuddles and of course adoptions. And we did have one lucky leaver, border collie Craig. This lad arrived in the aftermath of the floods, and initially we wondered if this gorgeous boy had come from further upstream, as it were, and that he would be reclaimed. However the ten days’ pound time came and went and the only option was to find a new home for Craig.

Craig is a great lad. At five years old he has got over the phase when dogs, particularly border collies, seem to never tire. Moreover he is good with other dogs, and with his classic black and white colouring, is a very handsome boy indeed.

We wish him all the best in his new home and look forward to news and photos.

black and white border collie


As you all know, today is 100 years since the end of the First World War. We are sure that everyone reading this is aware of the enormous sacrifice made by the many animals who were involved in the conflict. They, too, should never be forgotten.

Never forget the sacrifice made my animals in war

Adoption of Triffon, the T’riffic Griffon!

Today saw the adoption of Triffon, a fabulous griffon nivernais who has been at the refuge since the end of September. He really is a fabulous looking lad (a terrific griffon, in fact) who according to the vet’s estimate is about four and a half years old. We have no idea where he had spent his time before being brought to the ScPA as an unidentified stray, but he now has a home of his own, and better still, he has a new canine pal.

Dogs are generally social creatures and if the ScPA employees are able to mix them, they usually make far quicker progress, as well as having much happier lives. Triffon was just starting to enjoy his play time in the park with other dogs, so having another dog in the family will be a big help for him as he settles into his new life.

griffon nivernais

Triffon – ADOPTED

Please don’t forget that the refuge is open tomorrow afternoon, and like today, the forecast is due to be great, so why not come along and meet some of our wonderful dogs!

One yesterday and three today, that makes four adoptions!

We have four lovely adoptions to tell you about today, one took place yesterday and the others are hot off the press!

Sphinx, who left with his new family yesterday, is a fabulous shepherd cross pup who arrived at the ScPA some six weeks ago. Initially very timid, he regained lots of confidence once he was out of the pound and sharing with another dog. Last Saturday he and his kennel mate Prosper spent the day at Maxizoo where both dogs behaved impeccably, and whether or not it was thanks to that, Sphinx was reserved shortly after. He was delighted to leave the refuge yesterday and we hope that he is very happy in his new home.

shepherd puppy

Sphinx – ADOPTED

Now to today. First of the lucky leavers was Marco, a border collie cross who, at just over a year old, is another young dog who is pleased to have a new home. He has been at the ScPA for four months, which is quite a long time for a dog this young, but Marco seems to be very calm, and, all being well, he will adapt quickly and easily to his new home.

We also said goodbye to a little puppy who has only recently arrived and who hadn’t even been given a name on Facebook. So for the blog’s sake, we will call her Rusti. She has been living in the cat house and is simply adorable. She was given lots of cuddles before heading off for her new life today.


We then said goodbye to beautiful Edge. He is a stunning griffon cross, and it is wonderful that he has found a home after just three weeks at the ScPA. In fact the refuge Facebook page has already received the first photos of him playing with his canine companions in his new home, and it looks like a great life is ahead of him. And as he has only just turned one year old, like today’s other dogs, his time at the refuge will soon be forgotten.

pale brown griffon with pale eyes


We had a couple of reservations too, and don’t forget the week is far from over; there are two more days to go!

Three Adoptions

Today we had three adoptions, so the week is finally starting to pick up.

First to leave was Kalia. the sister of Shiva, who left us a couple of weeks ago. Unusually, this time it was the black puppy who left first, but Kalia did not have long to wait, as it turned out. In fact she has been adopted by a young veterinary student from Toulouse, and it looks like she is going to have a wonderful life, as well as the best possible care, of course!


Next we said goodbye to Chupito. This young dog has been with us since March, when he was brought back after an unsuccessful adoption. Like many of our long-ish termers, he has shared his kennel with a number of different dogs, and so we are delighted that his turn has finally come. His time at the ScPA has been long but as he is quite a small lad, he has been out on a LOT of walks, none of which seemed to wear him out in the slightest, so we are sure he will love the chance to get a bit more exercise now he has a home.

small beagle type cross

Chupito – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to malinois Aelis. She arrived in early September, and is a gorgeous affectionate girl. With humans that is. So far she has been very difficult to mix, apart from with Vincent’s dogs. Were to she remain at the ScPA longer, this is undoubtedly something that would improve. Luckily for her, Aelis’s new family are determined to continue the good work that has been started. They are experienced dog owners and already adore Aelis after several weeks of regular walks with her, so all should go well.



Two dogs Maya and Narco, were reclaimed, too, so it has been a pretty good day. More like this, please!