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Adoption of Fidgy and Gimby

Today saw two more lucky dogs leave the refuge. By coincidence both of them had been brought in by their families for rehoming, so in both cases the ScPA knew quite a lot about the dogs. In addition neither dog had been at the refuge for very long, making these dogs doubly lucky.

First to leave was Gimby. He is a three year old pedigree golden retriever who was brought in exactly one week ago. His family was moving house, and although they found a home for their other dog, a German shepherd, Gimby was not as lucky. Today his luck changed. Or rather yesterday, which was when his new family, came to meet him, complete with their two golden retrievers! Introductions were made, and everything went well; Gimby should be very happy indeed with his new life. His new family are already well known to Audrey, recent adopter of Griff, and we will doubtless have news and photos of the ever expanding dog-walking group!

Gimby (left) with his new family

Next to leave was Fidgy, who is the eldest of the five dogs who were brought in for rehoming and whose “friends” Myrtille and Naya were adopted yesterday. Leaving Figdy really broke the couple’s hearts, and I can see why. A nine year old beagle cross, she is a bit round of girth, very gentle and smiley and just a fabulous elderly lady.

Well today she found an elderly gentleman (of the human variety) with whom to start the next phase of her life. He had recently lost his long term companion and came to the ScPA to look for a new elderly dog to shower with love. And who can blame him for falling for the charms of Fidgy. Certainly not me, or anyone else who has met her since her arrival two weeks ago. It is a rare thing for a dog of this age to leave so quickly, but Fidgy is truly special, in the way that only a beagle (or an almost-beagle) can be!

beagle cross


So two wonderful adoptions on this Friday afternoon. Now bring on the weekend, the dogs are ready and waiting!

Adoption of Myrtille and Naya

We have had a couple of days without any adoptions, but today, to make up for this, we have news of two leavers to tell you about.

The lucky leavers were two of our teckel crosses, Myrtille and Naya, who are actually mother and daughter! And they have gone to a new home together, which must be a great comfort to their former family, who were sadly unable to keep their five dogs due to having lost their home. The other three are still waiting, and they are all fabulous, so we hope none of them has too long to wait, either.

Many thanks to their new family, who came looking for one dog but who ended up going home with two. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our adopters did the same!

black teckel with brown teckel

Naya and Myrtille – ADOPTED together.

Three dogs were reclaimed by their owners today and it was bright and sunny so plenty of dogs were out walking and playing in the parks. So even if adoptions have slowed down a bit (school holidays, perhaps?), the dogs are making the best of it.

We are hoping for more good news, of course, but two dogs happily homed together is pretty good news, I am sure you agree.

An Easter Miracle for Griff

At long last, Griff has a home! This is the amazing news that we hinted at yesterday, and sure enough, there was not long to wait before finding out who the lucky dog would be. DRC has been trying to help Griff find a home for some time, and his photo and his story has been shared far and wide, but for some inexplicable reason, no one has been interested in him. This handsome dogs has been at the ScPA since October 2017!

To recap; Griff and his siblings were locked in a garage for their first two years, until their owner finally relented and brought them to the refuge. Naturally all were unused to human contact, and socialising them was very much a labour of love, carried out by employees and volunteers.  Griff made slower progress, but he too has become a different dog since making it to safety. Why no one wanted to adopt him remained a mystery, however.

But then came the miracle he had been waiting for. Audrey, a member of the ScPA board decided to open her home and her heart to another needy soul. For those of you remember, she adopted Phoenix, a griffon / border collie cross whom she had seen being abused by his owner on almost this very day in 2014. Now it was time to expand the family. And wanting to adopt a dog who needed her, Audrey and her partner chose Griff.

brown and white griffon cross


So yes, this boy has had a long wait, but Griff’s problems are well and truly over. His ScPA “champion”, Phil shed more than a few tears as he left, whilst at the same time knowing that Griff could not possibly be any happier, and of course that we will get regular photos and news.

Just look at his face, as he leaves the refuge!

So it was a fabulous Easter Day for one dog, and as the refuge is open tomorrow too, maybe the Easter miracles are not over.

Four Adoptions on a Super Sunny Saturday.

After a fairly quiet week in terms of adoptions, today was a bumper day, with four adoptions and two reservations!

First to leave was Minus, one of two brothers who arrived together at the end of January.  Both are stunning, though, and although a bit nervous when they arrived, are now doing really well. Minus’s new family came to meet the dogs last week, and although Minus was the lucky one, it could easily have been his brother, Cortex. Hopefully he won’t have too long to wait, either.

fluffy shite dog with black eye patch


Next we said farewell to Dionysos. He is one of our Greek Gods, the 6 dogs who arrived together in early February. And what a fabulous looking lad he is. There are quite a few beagle lovers at the ScPA at the moment, and today’s family are yet more fans of this breed. We wish Dionysos a long and happy life and as with Minus, we hope that Dionysos’s remaining family members find new homes soon.

Dionysos – ADOPTED

Asterisque was next to leave, and to be honest everyone was surprised that it took this little girl so long to find a new home. Statistically the dogs who are most often requested by potential adopters are small young females, and Asterisque, a 14 month old yorkie cross, ticked all three boxes. The fact that she is fine with cats made her perfect in every way for the family who rushed along to adopt her today! Fare well , little girl.

Asterisque – ADOPTED

And last but by no means least, today saw the adoption of Coca. Although he was brought in as a stray, this young dog was identified. However his owners did not come to collect him, despite being informed that he was at the refuge. So, as ever, the best thing is to find another home, and under 4 weeks later, this is what Coca has! We wish him and today’s other leavers long and happy lives.


All in all it was a great Saturday. And the weekend is not over; the ScPA is open both tomorrow and on Monday. Plus all being well we will have some great news for you soon. I did mention the two reservations, didn’t I? Well, watch this space!

Have a wonderful Easter Day, and remember, no sharing your chocolate. Well, not with your dogs, that is!

A foster home for Boule

Well, today didn’t bring about a huge rush of adoptions, but there was a reservation, and one little dog left for a lovely retirement, which is very good news indeed!

Boule arrived last month; a tiny cairn terrier who is still identified in the name of the pet store from which she was bought when she was a puppy almost 13 years ago. It is strange that the ownership documents have not been changed, and perhaps even stranger that no one was looking for this lovely little girl. Okay, she does have a couple of medical issues, she is blind in one eye meaning she turns in small circles from time to time, but she loves a walk and a cuddle, and although a bit scruffy, she is in pretty good shape.

Sad though it is, like the majority of dogs who arrive, we will probably never know what brought Boule to the refuge. However after a certain amount of time (legally 10 days, but Boule has been there longer,), the best thing to do is to find a new home. Boule has been living in the infirmary, naturally, but that is not as good as a home of her own. And as of today, that is what Boule has!

Cyndy used to volunteer dog walk at the refuge, but lives a bit too far away for this to be a regular thing. However she continues to follow DRC, and has always said that she would like to foster an old dog. Today she came along with her boy, Bailey, to make sure he and Boule would get along. Cyndy often dog sits for friends, so she knew Bailey would be fine, and Boule was her usual happy self, trotting along gently.

Far from regarding Boule as being with her for end of life care, Cyndy sees no reason why Boule should not join them in Spain next winter, and has plans to make sure she has as full a life as possible from now on! So she will be another of the regions very active retirees, just of the canine variety!

Many thanks to Cyndy and we will pass on news and photos in due course.

cairn terrier

Boule – gone to a long term FOSTER

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK, but not so in France, and the ScPA will be open as usual. Perhaps there will be more good news then.

Adoption of Toons

After a couple of days without any adoptions, today saw the departure of Toons. This young and very lively beauceron cross arrived just before Christmas last year as an unidentified stray. Toons is fine with other dogs, but he needs far more exercise than he could get at the refuge and was quite frustrated a lot of the time.

It can be difficult for any dog to settle into life behind bars, even when there are regular walks and playtime in the parks. As with the majority of dogs who arrive at the ScPA, we have no idea what sort of life Toons lived beforehand, but the chances are he was used to a lot more exercise than he has been able to have at the refuge. And the problem is always the same, the fewer walks a dog gets, the more excited he is to be out, so the more he pulls and the less inclined volunteers are to take him out again. It is a real vicious circle. I don’t know how many times we have told people that dogs do not pull on the lead, only to watch them be towed down the road! Luckily most of the dogs remember their manners with more regular outings, and this is yet another reason why the volunteers are so precious!

Today it looks like all that frustration is over for Toons, as he now has a new home. His new family have been to visit him a few times before deciding to adopt him, they wanted to make sure he would be okay with their children. They are experienced owners, and are confident that they can channel Toons’s energy, and we all hope he will be a very happy boy!

beauceron cross


Adoption of Rusty

It has been a couple of days since we last had an adoption, but today that all changed, and so we will tell you about that, plus catch up on some other news that we have been itching to share.

First off, the adoption:

Fauve de Bretagne cross Rusty arrived at the ScPA as an unidentified stray in late February, and proved to be a wonderful lad, fine with other dogs and cats, and not at all nervous of people. He really is a gentle young lad, and we were all wondering when someone (other than employees and volunteers) would spot him.

On Tuesday a gentleman came to the ScPA to meet Rusty, whom he had seen on line. He loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, and had only recently lost a dog to old age. So Rusty already had a fan today when the man’s partner came along to meet him too. She is the one who will be spending more time with the dog, so it is only fair that she got a say in things, even though she, too, loves anything canine. Of course Rusty was as charming as ever, and has left for a home with plenty of walks and plenty of company. Many thanks to his new family and we hope he will be very happy.

fauve de Bretagne


In other news, Nesquick has been adopted from the ScPA in Montpelier. Of all the dogs who left for there or Belgium, he was the one who had been waiting the longest; some two and a half years, in fact. So this is fabulous news.

Also on Thursday it was the first anniversary of the adoption of Pepper (ex Denver) so we thought you would like to see this before and after photo of him. What a difference a bit of hair can make!

Adoption of Ambre

Today brought joy to little beagle Ambre, who left for her new home.

She was one of the 6 hunt type dogs who arrived together at the beginning of March. Like her brothers and sisters she is a fabulous young dog, and at less then 18 months old (estimated), had every chance at finding a new home. Of course there are lots of fabulous dogs at the refuge right now. But as we always say, it is just a question of the right people coming at the right time. And it certainly looks like Ambre has fallen on her feet big time!

Her new owner is training to be a canine osteopath and will be able to take Ambre to her college with her. Not only that, Ambre will have a German Shepherd as a pal, so she won’t miss her ScPA kennel mates too much, if at all.



A dog who was brought in yesterday and who attracted a lot of attention on Facebook was reclaimed. She had been named by the ScPA and much to our amusement her real name was Lady. So they were in the right subject area, they just promoted her in rank a little bit!

Lady’s owner was very relieved to find her safe and well, and this shows yet again the importance of identification, and crucially, keeping your details up to date on the database.

cocker spaniel

Lady (aka Queen) – RECLAIMED

Adoption of Pomy

Today was a great day for Pomy; after nearly three months at the ScPA she left for a new home. She is yet another dog who was very lucky to have made it there. She and two other dogs were left alone in an apartment when their owner moved house, and had they not been rescued who knows what would have happened.

The puppy of the trio, Popy, was adopted soon after the three dogs were legally allowed to be rehomed, and some two weeks later it was the turn of Pomy. Despite the neglect they suffered before their arrival at the ScPA, all three dogs are beautiful and well socialised, and we hope that border collie Poma doesn’t have too long to wait either.

As for Pomy, however pretty she looks in this photo, she is far more beautiful in real life, and her new owners, who have walked her many times, are totally smitten. And who would have guessed that she would be so good with cats? Certainly not me!

We wish Pomy a wonderful new life and look forward to news and photos.

staffy looking cross


Also this afternoon a newly arrived (and already identified) dog was reclaimed, and further afield, we have news of the adoption of Chippeur from the SPA Montpelier and of Douce in Belgium. So it was a good Tuesday all round.

Catch up on two Sunday adoptions

There were no adoptions today, but we have news to catch up on from yesterday. It was a wonderful Sunday, as two dogs left for new homes.

First off was puppy Kookai. No, you are right, you have not heard of this dog, nor seen him on Facebook. This is because this lad arrived with parvovirus and was under transfusion at the vets for several days before being well enough to come back to the ScPA. This disease is a nasty one, and is particularly dangerous to puppies and weaker dogs, and its arrival at any refuge is cause of much dread.

Luckily Kookai made it through, and even more luckily, he has a new home before having spent a single night outdoors.

brown puppy with white chest

Kookai – ADOPTED

Next to leave was Lee Roy. He arrived just a couple of days after amstaff Connord left for his foster home, and many people commented on the irony. Like Connord Lee Roy is category 2, like Connord, LeeRoy was identified but there was no sign of his owners. However unlike Connord, Lee Roy has left the ScPA in double quick time.

Huge thanks to his new family. They have had categorised dogs in the past, so although the final piece of the permitting process took a long time, it was quicker than it could have been, and lovely LeeRoy has a great new home.


Amstaff Lee Roy – ADOPTED

Now let’s see what the new week brings! Let’s hope for lots of adoptions.