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Adoption of Maurice.

Only one adoption today, but it was a good one!

Maurice arrived with Léo, but unlike his bigger brother he was not identified on arrival. The owner of the two dogs came to the refuge and promised to come back and collect his dogs, but when he failed to get back in touch, the best thing for both dogs was to find them a new home.

It is wonderful that Maurice has not had too long to wait after the adoption of Léo (who left earlier this week), and we hope he is equally as happy.

small black and white dog

Maurice – ADOPTED

So a short blog from me tonight. But none the less important because it means that a dog has left for a wonderful new life. Plus we had a reservation, so it was yet another successful Sunday!

Three Saturday Adoptions

August at the refuge is a time when adoptions are usually few and far between, with lots of people still on holiday. However this year seems to be bucking the trend. There were three adoptions today, and although dogs continue to arrive, the steady stream of adoptions means that the SCPA is coping reasonably well with the summer influx of lost or unwanted canines.

Today’s lucky leavers were Prunelle, Alex and puppy Priska.

Prunelle is a fabulous tri-coloured spaniel cross, and is one of four recent arrivals who are doubtless related. All were found in the same village and are remarkably similar. We have no idea of their background, but they are lively affectionate dogs who are between 2 and 3 years old, according to the vet. In fact if you like spaniels, the ScPA is the place to be, as there is a huge choice at the moment.

tricoloured spaniel

Prunelle – ADOPTED

Alex has been with us since late May, and is a lovely long haired black dog who has been sharing his kennel happily with lovely border collie Poma. During his time at the refuge he, like many of our dogs, has enjoyed some fabulous walks and plays in the river. We hope that he, like Prunelle, will be very happy in his new home.

black dog


Last to leave was puppy Priska. She is a gorgeous little lass; little for the moment at least. This girl is going to be big, big BIG! She dwarfed puppy Bruno, with whom she was living until his recent adoption, and has a lot more growing to do, as she is only three months old. Her new family is used to big dogs, however. They already have a 50kg dogue Argentin, who was very gentle when meeting his new baby sister. It is lovely to see yet another puppy leave the refuge before growing up too much, so many thanks to Priska’s new family. And all today’s adopters, in fact.

brown and white puppy

Puppy Priska – ADOPTED

Recent arrival Randy (in real life Jack) was reclaimed, and is now identified, obviously. So that is four fewer dogs at the refuge tonight, and hopefully there will be even fewer there this time tomorrow.


Adoption of Diego (take 2) and of Kris

When Diego left last week we were all happy for him. One person however shed a tiny tear; glad that her favourite dog was happily homed, but sad that she was not his new owner. Jane had walked Diego many times and had a very strong bond with him, but for personal reasons was unable to adopt him.

A week later, and Diego was back, due to a sudden allergy from his new owner. Jane saw this as Fate, and as her unhappiness since “losing” Diego had not diminished, she resolved to adopt him.

I am sure that many people will have guessed that it was a family member who did not want a dog in the house. However no one likes their partner to be unhappy, hence the change of heart. There is no doubt that having a dog can restrict your life, but it can also enhance it. Jane has a great network of dog-loving friends, all of whom have offered to look after Diego if required, and the pleasure this little lad will bring to her life will easily make up for any minor inconveniences.

We wish the newly renamed Hugo and his new family a fabulous new life, and as Jane is a volunteer dog walker, we will have lots of news and updates.

pale brown dog

Diego (now Hugo) – reADOPTED

The second adoption is just as wonderful. For me at least. That is because today Kris found a home. Some of you may have seen the blog about Sofi, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. Her brother, Kris, was the other dog who was found by me and my walking team early one morning in May.

Being big and black, Kris could have been a hard dog to home. Except for the fact that his body language tells you what a wonderful friendly boy he is. At still under a year old, it is great that he, like his sister, has a new home. His namesake, a human Chris(tianne) is over the moon, as am I and everyone at the refuge who has got to know this fabulous young dog.

Kris young male labrador cross


So after a slow start, the week is picking up nicely. What else is on the cards, I wonder?

Two adoptions and RIP Filou

The week took a while to get going in terms of adoptions, but we have two to tell you about today.

Little puppy Bruno has had a tough start in life, arriving at the refuge with an injury to his leg. This meant a plaster cast and relative immobility for him, but little Bruno seemed to take everything in his stride, as it were. He is a fabulous lad and as his new family realised, a hunt dog is only a hunt dog if he is taken out to hunt. Otherwise he is just a dog with extra long ears and a powerful nose, but a wonderful family pet!

Have a lovely life, little lad, you deserve it.

Bruno de Jura puppy


Second to leave was Léo. This dog arrived at the end of June, and as he was identified there was every chance that the refuge would be able to contact his owner. And despite the fact that the phone was never answered, the owner did come to the refuge to confirm that Léo and the dog who arrived with him, Maurice, were his dogs. But then he left without them and there has been no news since.

This is bizarre in itself, but more so when you bear in mind that Léo is superbly well behaved. He is obedient and doesn’t pull on the lead. It is hardly surprising that he caught the eye of a new owner. She could hardly believe her luck and was on cloud nine as she left with her new pal today.

chunky brindle dog


We also have some sad news. Late on Monday evening, Papy Filou passed away. This very elderly spaniel cross arrived at the refuge in mid July in very poor condition. He had a number of health issues and has been living in the office area and taking short and gentle walks around the area. The only thing he would eat was minced beef and other fresh meat, and an appeal was made on Facebook. Needless to say our supporters came up trumps, and Filou did not go hungry. Thanks to everyone, as ever.

Sadly no amount of love and vet treatment was enough to turn things around for this lovely old boy. On Monday volunteer Marie offered to take him home so he could experience some home comforts before his time came. However he went quickly downhill and was taken to the vets later that night, where he was held in the arms of Marie and Philippine as he gently slipped away.

Many thanks to them and to everyone who loves and cares for all the animals at the refuge. It is sad that some of the dogs and cats do not find homes in time, but maybe they do….For some of them the ScPA is probably the best home they have ever had, and they definitely know that they are loved.

floppy-eared spaniel

RIP Papy Filou

Let’s hope tomorrow’s news is nothing but positive!

Four adoptions to end the week on a high!

Today we had four fabulous adoptions! What great news on which to end a steamy Sunday!

When Neigo was adopted ten days ago we wondered when it would be the turn of his erstwhile kennel-mate, Kara. These two dogs arrived together at the beginning of May, and for once it was the boy who left first. When they first arrived, Kara, a malinois cross, appeared to be the more nervous of the two, but in fact it was just a bit of initial wariness and she soon settled in.

The photo below looks like the sort of photo that would be added to the album “Life After the Refuge”. But no, this photo was taken on a walk whilst Kara was at the ScPA.

Yes, we (and the dogs) are lucky that we have some beautiful country around us, but we are also lucky to have such a great team of volunteers. Walks like this help dogs to adjust to life once they are adopted as well as keeping their morale as high as is possible whilst they are waiting.

Kara’s wait is now over, and walks like this will be far more frequent now, we are sure.

malinois cross in lake


The day’s second leaver was little chihuahua Océan. He arrived  just under 2 weeks ago, and it didn’t take long for one of our employees, Mika, to fall for his charms. So after a difficult start to life we know that this little lad will be adored from now on, and of course we will have plenty of news (and photos) to follow. We have none for now, this little boy has gone almost unremarked at the refuge, believe it or not.

tricoloured Chihuahua

Océan (now renamed Merlin) – ADOPTED

Third to leave was beautiful Louna. She was one of two dogs who were brought in following their owner’s dramatic and sudden change in circumstances. The other one was Ek Chuah, who you remember was an ex champion Groenendael who went back to his breeder in early June.

Louna is a big and powerful dog, but fabulous looking and gentle, despite her strength and enthusiasm when leaving her kennel. It is great that she now has a new home and lots more opportunity to bound around.

big black and tan dog

Next to leave was German Shepherd Nash. He has been with us a relatively short time, having been found and brought to the refuge four weeks ago. Although that is quite a long time for a dog, it is not very much time in which for the staff and employees to get to know a dog. So when a new potential owner came forward and asked what he was like with children, the best we could do was offer to help when introductions were made.

Luckily all went well and two year old Nash has gone off to a new life and we are over the moon for him, and for his new family, too, of course.

German shepherd


There was a great reservation too, and so another week ends on a positive note.

Another day, another puppy adoption!

Today another puppy found a home. This time it was the turn of a lovely girl who was lucky enough to have been in foster with volunteer Daniel since her arrival on July 23rd. His name will be familiar to anyone who followed the progress of the spaniel litter, as it was he who adopted the last of the litter, Pomelo, whom he took home to foster, rather than leave alone at the refuge. See, that is what I meant about the last of the litter getting a fabulous home!

This puppy arrived alone, however, so is both the first and last of the litter to leave! And since her arrival, she has been enjoying life with Daniel and Pomelo. Not being at the refuge restricts the number of people who can see the puppy, and fosters tend to rely on their own network of friends and / or social media to rehome their charges. However in this case it was the people who found the puppy and brought her to the refuge who decided to offer her a home.

So she has gone straight from one loving home to another!

There are always pups looking for homes, sadly for them, but happily for their new owners, so please get in touch if you are after a youngster!

chocolate brown puppy with blue eyes


There was a reservation too, and we have a feeling that more good news is on the way!

Adoption of Rimini

Delighted as we were for little Nova yesterday, of course we were all a bit sad for puppy Rimini, who was left alone. No, of course he did not spend the night alone, he was with another puppy, but she does not have her vaccinations yet, so playtime in the park looked as if it was going to be quite a lonely affair. Or not….

Early this afternoon Rimini left the refuge for his new home. There always has to be a last pup to be adopted in each litter, but we quite often remark that the last pup gets a fabulous family, and this appears to hold true for Rimini. He has gone off to live with a family in the countryside and he can go everywhere with them. A wonderful life awaits this great little chap.

Black lab puppy

Rimini – ADOPTED

Further to yesterday’s blog, here is the picture we couldn’t take. Nova, now renamed Coco, is all clean and is settling in nicely with her two westie friends. And her “other” family have found a pup to adopt and are just waiting for her to be ready to leave her foster home. So that is a lot of ends tied up neatly and is great news for a Friday.

3 dogs all together

Nova (now Coco) with her two new pals

Adoptions of Diego and Nova

Today we said goodbye to Diego and his younger sister, Nova

These two were brought in for rehoming in early July after a life of neglect. In fact there was a third dog too, puppy Nola, who found a home almost straight away. Adoptions are fairly slow right now, which might explain why the other pup was not snapped up as quickly. But it was only a matter of time before Nova too had her chance.

Then one of those horrid things happened; two amazing families wanted Nova at the same time. It is always hard in these situations. There is always one family who is disappointed, but the ScPA always tries to find another dog who may be of interest, so we hope Nova’s “other” family will soon be leaving with their own little bundle of joy.

As for Nova, she has gone off to live with a pair of adorable little Westies. We wanted to take a photo of the three of them together, but by the time Nova had finished saying goodbye to puppy Rimini, she was not at her most photogenic. So we will have to wait for a family snap till she has dried off and become fluffy again.

fluffy small puppy


As for Diego, he too has fallen on his feet. He is two years old now had never known love before arriving at the refuge. In fact his coat was in such a poor state that he had to be shaved. But his haircut suits him very well, and his handsome looks, as well as his size, helped attract his new owner. A quick walk was all it took for her to fall under his charm, and today he left for a wonderful new home.

pale brown dog


Apart from that it was a day of bright sunshine but not too hot, and there were plenty of lovely walks, so it was a good day for many dogs, but for two of them, especially so.

Adoption of Roddy

When a male/female pair of dogs arrives at the refuge, I think that 9 times out of 10 the female is adopted first. We have seen this over and over again, most recently perhaps with Sofi and Kris, but it has been the same many times in the past.

Today that trend was reversed, with the adoption of Roddy. When he and his “sister” Gabby were brought back to the refuge for rehoming in the middle of June, it looked as if Gabby might be the first to leave. Until she proved to be reactive to cats, that is. So today it is lucky Roddy who left for a new life.

chocolate lab cross


These dogs initially arrived at the refuge together and were lucky enough to be homed together the first time. However all good things come to an end, and it was extremely unlikely that they would be able to remain together once more. However we are sure that both dogs will adjust soon enough. Roddy has a new home with lots of new adventures ahead of him, and Gabby will soon have a new kennel mate, and hopefully a home of her own before too long.

border collie cross

This is 6 year old Gabby, who is still waiting for a new home

Also tonight we have a new dog, who we are hoping will tug at someone’s heartstrings. Filou is a cocker spaniel who was born in 2006 and who has arrived at the refuge in very poor condition. He is a lovely old gentleman who keeps very much to himself. He is on the small side and is fine with other dogs and cats and really just needs a quiet home where he can rest his poor old bones. Just look at those eyes! Could you offer a home to this lad?

12 year old Filou is looking for a home


Many of you know about Victoire, the dog who had been living semi wild in the village in which the ScPA is located and providing the refuge with a regular supply of pups. In fact some of you may have adopted her pups. When Victoire and her remaining pup, Vita, were brought to the refuge last month, thanks largely to volunteer Patricia, it was a day of much celebration. More so when Vita was adopted shortly afterwards. But the chapter would only be closed once mum, Victoire, was adopted too.

Today this happened. Victoire left the refuge for a new home. Her new family came to the refuge to ask about puppies, and as luck would have it, Victoire was on her way out for a walk (with her saviour, Patricia, rather appropriately) . Apparently the attraction was instant; all talk of puppies was forgotten as the family fell under Victoire’s spell.

This girl is now four years old and before her arrival at the ScPA had never known love. She was not at all snappy, but was understandably very wary of humans. The staff and volunteers have worked wonders with her, and the fact that she is ready to leave today is testament to that. Yes, she is a bit nervous still, but so are many of the dogs in the ScPA’s care. And with love and patience anything is possible!

Although we have loved every single one of Victoire’s babies, and hope that they are all happy, it is far better to stop the cycle. Of course Victoire is now sterilised, and her finding a happy home brings to a close a very long and frustrating chapter. We wish her all the happiness in the world and thank her new family for giving her a home.

brown spaniel type dog with green eyes

Victoire – ADOPTED

What fabulous news on which to end a busy and largely positive week.