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Cappucino | T082

CappucinoMale, Young, Small 

I wish I had discovered Cappucino sooner. He arrived at the SPA in early February but it took a month for me to realise what a fabulous little lad he is. Born in January 2014, this spaniel cross is a ball of love and energy. He is enthusiastic on walks, but happy to stop for a pat or a cuddle and he is fine with other dogs. Cappucino is on the small size, weighing about 15kg, and seems to be a very happy boy, full of joy and fun. Cappucino would make a great family pet, he loves long walks and although he will probably need an enclosed garden, he loves people so will probably stay close. He would love a canine friend, but would be happy as an only dog too, providing he has lots of attention.
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  • Good with most dogs and cats
  • Full of joy and love
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Cliona | R380

ClionaFemale, Mature, Medium 

I can’t believe that Cliona is back. That was a sad day at the SPA believe me, and seeing staff crying is not nice. Many of you will remember this dog, who was brought into the SPA last summer after weeks of straying. She was covered in ugly tumours and a fundraising campaign was launched to pay for her operations. She emerged as a sleek and beautiful black lab cross, and we were delighted when she was homed to people who had been walking her regularly during her recuperation. Five months later and she was brought back with the explanation that she had bitten the father. We know that Cliona is nervous of many people (especially men), which is hardly surprising when you bear in mind her history. But it turns out that she was approached in the dark while she was sleeping and that is when she bit. That is no excuse, of course, but it makes her reaction a bit easier to understand. I think her ideal home would be with softly spoken people, preferably female, and away from small children. Cliona is fine with most other dogs and 100% fine with cats.

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  • Good with most dogs and cats
  • Enclosed garden needed
  • Needs calm and quiet family

Tornade | T133

Tornade young female jagged terrierFemale, Young, Small 

Tornade was adopted from the SPA when she was a puppy, then brought back by her owners who were moving house. Her next adoption followed very quickly (after all, Tornade is small and female, a winning combination for adoptions), but it failed too, for completely different reasons. And this time we know far more about Torande. Far from being the cute little girl she appears, this two-year old jagd terrier is a feisty girl. She has boundless energy and is a escape artist par excellence. She is fine with most other dogs, but has a tendency to dominate, and she is not at all good with cats. She does have lots of positive points, though, don’t worry! She is highly intelligent and, given clear boundaries, is a great companion. And once she is tired she loves a cuddle. Tornade is looking for an active, training-minded family with an enclosed garden. She will be a very rewarding friend for the right home.
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  • Good with most dogs but not cats
  • Enclosed garden needed
  • Needs an active family

Murray and Clyde | T123

Murray and ClydeMale, Mature, Medium (Foster Home Sort)

Murray and Clyde are two very elderly dogs who have spent all their lives together and who now find themselves at the refuge due to no fault of their own. Their owner, who is British, is ill and has gone into hospital, but hopes to take his dogs back to the UK in 3 months time, so we are looking for a medium term foster home. The two dogs are not very demanding; they would love a small garden and an occasional walk, and this will be far better for them than waiting at the SPA for their return to the UK.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Enclosed garden prefered
  • 3 months foster only

Urgent Appeal: Murray and Clyde

After the huge and immediate success of our last urgent appeal (Pit was adopted a few days after the appeal went live) we thought we might try another pull at the heartstrings.

This week we are looking for a 3-month long foster home for Murray and Clyde. They are both 15 years old, and this is not their first stint at the SPA. Last year their British owner spent a long time in hospital, and we were not sure if he would ever reclaim his dogs. Well he did, but sadly this was short lived, as he has had to return to hospital. When he comes out in 3 months, he plans to return to the UK with his dogs.

Murray and Clyde are not to blame for any of this, and on the basis that their owner was British, we feel a certain involvement, and would love to help them.

Does anyone have a small place in their home for these two old boys until their owner is ready to take them back? They are both beagle-sized crosses and they don’t ask much from life. They like to potter a bit, and a short walk is great. We have managed to squeeze them into the indoor infirmary, but it would be lovely for them to have more space. And of course as foster dogs they will be officially part of the SPA structure and all food and vets bills will be paid.

If you think you can help, please get in touch.

Neymar | T100

Neymar young male malinois crossMale, Young, Medium

Neymar arrived with an injured leg, probably due to a road accident, and he underwent his operation at the same time that the star footballer from Paris Saint Germain was injured, hence the name. Neymar is a lovely lad, a malinois or malinois cross who is at that lovely age, when puppies really start to explore the world and cause mischief. Of course his plastercast will keep him out of too much trouble, but as an adult Neymar will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If you think he is the boy for you, then please get in touch. And for non-PSG supporters, yes, of course you can change his name!
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Lively and mischivious
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Whisky | T101

WhiskyMale, Young, Large

Whisky is a fairly large dog who has been found straying and unidentified. The family who brought him in had kept him for a few days and had done their best to find his owners, but without any luck. Inevitably that makes it unlikely that he will be reclaimed, so Whisky is looking for a new home. He is a lovely calm looking lad who appears to be well looked after. As soon as the pound time is up we will be able to walk this lad and tell you more about him, so for now he is one to watch. Whisky was born in February 2014.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Very calm dog
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Lana | T099

Lana young female labrador crossFemale, Young, Medium

Lana has been at the SPA before, she was found as a stray last year and brought in, although she was recognised on Facebook but never collected. Her first home did not work out, as the owner lived in an apartment and worked long hours; in fact it is hard to see why he thought having a dog was a good idea. So it is not really Lana’s fault that she is back; she is just a typical young dog; eager to please, eager to learn and with some basic education. Lana looks like a small and slightly built labrador, she was born in December 2016 and is great on the lead, as well as being fine with other dogs and children.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Eager to learn has some basic training
  • Would make a lovely family pet

Urgent Appeal: Pit

Poor Pit is one of those dogs who just hasn’t had much luck. He arrived at the SPA when he was already 8 years old, and it took him two years to find a home. Everyone expected him to see out his days with his owner, a kind, elderly gentleman. But sadly the stars were not aligned. Very sadly, Pit’s owner passed away in February, leaving Pit, now over 13 years old, homeless once again. This is a tragic turn of events, and we really would like to find a home for Pit. The SPA employees have managed to find him a space inside, but it is not as big as he would like, and although volunteers try to give him a daily walk, it is a huge change from the lovely life he has known for the past 4 years.

Pit is a calm older dog who is still in great health. He loves a walk and is happy to trot alongside you. He can walk with other dogs no problem and can probably live with them. He wants a quiet life, that is all.

Can you open up your home for this handsome beauceron cross? Of course finding an adopter would be ideal, but we would welcome a long term foster close to Carcassonne, so that the SPA can continue to pay for veterinary care for this old boy, although as I say, for now he has no ongoing treatment.

Please help us find a home for Pit. We really don’t want him to spend the rest of his life at the SPA.

Urgent Appeal: Roxy

This week’s urgent appeal is for Roxy. This lovely griffon cross has been at the SPA for way too long, since April 2016, in fact. The reason for his arrival at the refuge are the same as for many dogs the world over. Roxy was given as a gift to an elderly couple by their well-meaning children. As Roxy turned out to be far bigger than expected, the couple were unable to walk him, and he was dumped at the SPA when he was almost three years old.

Yes, Roxy is strong on the lead. However an education harness is all that is needed to stop this from being a problem. And apart from his dislike of cats, it is hard to find fault with this lovely griffon cross.

Roxy has good basic training, he is fine with other dogs, both male and female, and he is hugely loyal and affectionate. He looks black, but has brown highlights in his moustache, and is famous for his range of facial expressions.

We love griffons. We love their hairiness, we love their loyalty, we love their gentleness. Roxy deserves a home where someone can appreciate all he has to offer.

Roxy was born in January 2013, and has been at the SPA for just short of two years. He is castrated, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He would be happy to travel to a new home, and we can organise this for you, using a licensed transporter and following obligatory European rules.

Please get in touch if you would like to offer a home to Roxy.