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Levis young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Levis is such a lovely dog, we are hoping he finds a home very soon. He is a black shepherd cross who was born in August 2016, so he is little more than a puppy. He is very affectionate and playful and good with other dogs, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t find a new family. Yes, he is black, but as he has a white bib, perhaps he will be spared the curse of the black dog. Please give this young lad a chance.

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  • Attractive and playful
  • Still a puppy
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Urgent Appeal:Billy



Billy male border collieBilly is a border collie who was born in January 2011, making him just over 6 years old at the time of this urgent appeal. He was abandoned at the SPA as his owners were moving house and did not want to keep Billy in a less spacious environment than before. Ironic that he is now housed in a tiny pen!

Billy is fine with cats and children, but is not keen on other dogs. He is a great companion, he walks well on the lead and is very attentive to whoever is walking him. He sits happily by your side if you take a break, and loves affection. Several families with small children walk him regularly, and although they are not in a position to adopt him, they are very fond of him.

Why the urgent appeal? Not only because Billy deserves a new home (he is a very good and easy dog), but also at the SPA his bright white fur is starting to discolour. This is only a question of aesthetics, but it is always sad to see a dog become less attractive as a result of live at the SPA.

Please help find a home for Billy. He is fully vaccinated, castrated and microchipped. His adoption fee is €170.




Odin young male malinoisMale, Young, Large

It has been a couple of months since we have had a dog of this breed at the SPA, although they are a regular feature. The malinois is more or less the French equivalent of the border collie; a dog who is at its root a working dog and who needs exercise and stimulation to be really happy, but in the right environment can be the perfect companion. Odin was born in July 2016, so is not yet a year old. We do not know his past, but it could well be a case of the owners just selecting the wrong breed for their lifestyle. The malinois is not for everyone; however lovers of this breed will find an intelligent active lad who will be eager to please.

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  • Stunning looking
  • Still a young dog
  • Needs an active family


Jet young male labradorMale, Young, Large

Jet looks to be a golden labrador, although perhaps his ears are ever so slightly too long to be a pure bred. He arrived towards the end of March, and we have no idea where he came from , nor why his owners have not come to collect him. It almost goes without saying that he arrived unidentified. The vet estimates his date of birth as being July 2016, so maybe he has outgrown the family’s expectations of size. Jet is just a normal size for a labrador, however! He is a stunning lad who will leave the SPA castrated, identified and vaccinated for just €170. Why not come along and meet him?
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  • Stunning labrador
  • Still young
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Iktus young male douge argentineMale, Young, Large

Part of me wants Iktus to find a home, and part of me doesn’t. He has been brought to the SPA as his owner had gone away (no, not prison) for two years, and he has not been able to find anyone to look after his dog. Obviously paying kennelling fees for that length of time is not an option, and so he had no option other than to bring Iktus to the SPA. If Iktus has not been homed when he returns, then he will most definitely reclaim his dog. And there were many tears shed. Do we deliberately keep a dog for two years, or do we try and rehome him? In any case, Iktus would like more exercise than he gets at the SPA, and we have to think of the well-being of the dog. Iktus is a Dogue Argentin cross who is very big and very solid. He was born in October 2013 and is used to walking without a lead for up to three hours a day. At the SPA we will have to get him used to walking on a lead without pulling, and will do everything we can to make his stay easier, either until he finds a home or his owner returns. Iktus needs a home without other animals.

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  • Needs home with no other pets
  • Big solid breed
  • Needs lots and lots of exercise


Oural mature male shepherd crossMale, Mature, Medium

Oural is the SPA’s old man. He was found as a stray over ten years ago, and the man who found him never had him checked for a microchip. When he brought Oural to the SPA to abandon him (grrr), they contacted the legal owner, who not surprisingly, had given up searching years ago, and more surprisingly, no longer wanted the dog. So Oural, at the grand old age of 12, has no home. He is a medium sized caramel coloured shepherd who is a bit deaf and who requires lots of love and attention. If he is left alone outside he will bark. If he is inside with his owners he lies down and sleeps contentedly! He would be the perfect dog for someone who spends lots of time lounging around in the sun, and of course we will continue to pay vet’s bills, although at present Oural has no health issues. He is fine with dogs and cats, too! A perfect cuddle companion!
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  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • No health problems
  • Loves to sleep a lot


BullitMale, Mature, Large

After leaving the refuge for what we hoped would be his forever home, poor Bullit is back. For one glorious moment, it was thought that he would be able to live with another dog, and his new owner made every effort, however it was not to be. We are looking for a fan of the German Shepherd to offer Bullit a home. He is a pedigree and is simply magnificent. However at ten years old, it won’t be easy for him to find a home. As yet Bullit has no health problems, and is an active dog who adores his walks. He would love an owner with no other animals and who can give him the love he deserves. We really do not want him to spend summer in the heat of the refuge.
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  • A home with no other animals needed
  • No health problems
  • Active and adores a walk

Urgent Appeal:Dart



Dart is a beautiful dalmatian, who like so many of the SPA dogs has arrived due to a change in his owner’s circumstances. Life for his homeless owner improved when he was able to move into a flat, however the hours of being locked up alone did not suit Dart, who was used to much more time outside and with company.

Dart was born in September 2008, which means he will be nine this year. However he is in great shape. And what a gentleman! He is wonderful on the lead, very affectionate and he is good with female dogs, cats and children. There is no reason at all why this dog should be hard to home!

Who has a space in their heart for this stunning lad? The only requirement is lots of love and presence. Surely that is not too much to ask?

Please get in touch if you can offer a home to Dart. His adoption fee is just €170, including identification, vaccination and castration.



Urgent Appeal:Mami



MamiIn this appeal we are looking for a very special family, one that is prepared to take on a dog who has ongoing medical issues. Mami arrived at the SPA at the end of October and she was in a terrible state. Bald and painfully thin, she just wanted to curl up and be left alone. As you know, this recuperation of poorly dogs is something the SPA and their vets are extremely good at, and so investigations and treatment began. Mami has leichmaniasis, which is an illness transmitted by the sand fly. You can read all about it here http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/infectious-parasitic/c_dg_leishmaniasis and there are plenty of other source materials, plus plenty of groups of people who have dogs with this disease, and they are best placed to tell you not to panic. It took us some time to stabilise Mami’s condition, but now all is well, she is fat as butter and has a great coat, and takes just one tablet a day to keep her in this fabulous condition. However she will need to wear a scalibor collar or be treated with a spot-on to prevent her from being being bitten by the sand fly again and potentially passing the illness on.

So no, other animals are not at risk. Nor are people.

Mami is tiny, she weighs about 8kg and is simply adorable. She loves everyone and everything, and has been living in the cat house with other dogs and cats. She was born in January 2005, so is not the youngest dog at the SPA, but providing she keeps on her meds, she could be around for years! Don’t let her end her life at the SPA, please.

Her ideal family would be close to Carcassonne if they wish the SPA can continue to pay for veterinary treatment. This however is not costly, so homes further afield would be considered.

Many thanks.




Bobby male young smallMale, Mature, Small

It was so sad to see Bobby back at the SPA. He was adopted just before Christmas but his new owner was not really right for him. She wanted a dog who would spend his life on her lap when she was at home and who would wait patiently for her return. Although he is fine with the lap part of this arrangement, Bobby did not like being left alone. Moreover he wanted more than a quick ten minutes walk, as despite his age (he was born in March 2009), Bobby is still very active.To him an open door is a suggestion to go for a walk alone, and his owner was not happy with this aspect of his character. So a more active home is required, one with an enclosed garden and other animals, preferably. Bobby is fine with both dogs and cats and adores children. He is a very small dog, under 10kg and should be easy to rehome.

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  • A good lap dog
  • Would prefer animal companions
  • Will need an active household