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Minus | A046

minus pyrenean mountain crossMale, Young, Large

Minus arrived with his brother Cortex, both dogs having been found straying in a local village. They were born in April 2018, so it is probable that these pups just got too big and were dumped. They are great lads, both of them. Stunning cross breeds, probably Pyrenean mountain crosses, they are at their full height now, but with some more filling out to do. They have lots of learning to do, but are good natured and handsome dogs who will be great family members.

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  • Good natured handsome dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Urgent Appeal: Paco

Some of you may have seen Paco’s departure and almost immediate return at the very beginning of the year. Well this quick about turn, so soon after having already been abandoned, did not do poor Paco any good at all and all he does now is cry.

I don’t blame him, I would probably feel the same way.

Adopted some 5 years ago, Paco was brought in for rehoming when his family divorced. He had just settled down to refuge life again (after quite a rough beginning) when he was adopted again, but this time his new home lasted just three days. The woman had been badly advised and took a dog who was far from suitable. It really is better to wait for the right dog than to take any dog because you want a dog NOW! Unless you don’t care anything for an animal’s feelings, that is. And if this is the case, then it is best to not have an animal at all!

So Paco is now an urgent appeal. He would love to have a new home again. A real home, that is. Paco looks like a sharpei with a dachshund’s legs. Although low to the ground, he is a chunky boy, and although he is now coming up to seven years old (he was born in May 2012), he pulls a bit.

He is perfectly housetrained and is fine with other dogs and people of all ages. I am almost certain that he is fine with cats too, and I will find out for sure if you like.

Please help us find Paco a home.

Black | A021

Black male labrador crossMale, Young, Large

Black was brought to the ScPA for rehoming due to the death of his owner. He is a big lad, and no one in the family was able or willing to take him in. This is incredibly sad for the dog, of course, as he has lost his master and with it his home. He is having to do his grieving from behind bars. Black is officially a labrador cross, but he looks like a big all black rottweiler. Extremely gentle, luckily, as he looks quite imposing at first. Black was born in May 2015, so is in the prime of life. We would love to find him a new home, he has been a loyal companion thus far and his arrival at the ScPA is just bad luck.


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  • A gentle giant
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a loyal companion

Jaffa | A012

jaffa shepherd cross maleMale, Young, Medium

Jaffa is an amazing dog who has just had bad luck. He was adopted from the SPA when he was a puppy, and brought back when his owners bought a pedigree dog. Incredible, isn’t it? But yes, some people are that shallow. While back at the refuge Jaffa showed just how perfect he was, and he was soon adopted. Unfortunately his new owner brought him back as she says he pulls too much on the lead. What a shame she did not realise this before offering him a home. Jaffa is fine with other dogs, he just wants to say hello to everyone he meets. He is a shepherd cross who was born in September 2014. He is fine with other dogs, is fine with children and can be left alone with no difficulties. So a perfect dog.  I think we have another hidden gem here, guys!


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  • A little gem
  • Fine with other dogs and children
  • Will make great family pet

Urgent Appeal:

I remember well the day of Pica’s arrival. This tall, leggy shepherd cross was terrified of everyone and everything, and is yet another dog who for whom the refuge has been the best thing to happen. Seven months on, and Pica, who is now some two and a half years old, is a happy and confident dog, who is a joy to be with.

She is fine with other dogs, fine with cats (yes!) and affectionate with people of all ages. What’s more she is good on the lead.

Pica is officially a shepherd cross. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? Well how about if I say that she is a lurcher cross? Although in this part of the world that should maybe say “Galgo”. Pica is tall and rangey, definitely built for speed not comfort, and she loves racing round the parks when it is playtime.

Pica is a dog who will brighten your day. She is sociable and engaged with whomever she is with, and she will make a lovely companion for just about anyone.


Meline | T667

Melie female young shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

It looks like Meline arrived at the refuge immediately after having had puppies, and she was in an extremely emaciated condition. Whoever dumped her at the SPA gates needs a good talking to, as they clearly have no idea about animal welfare. Or more likely they just don’t care. Meline is fabulous though, and although she is a bit baggy of breast at the moment, she is young and they will soon bounce back!

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  • Needs some TLC
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Gaspard | T647

Gaspard male German shepherdMale, Mature, Medium

Gaspard was brought to the refuge by the cruelty inspectors, who found this dog chained up and starving. Who would do that to a fabulous German shepherd? Gaspard is still in recovery inside the infirmary, although he goes outside for short walks most days. He is still very thin, so wolfs his food down a bit, and this is one reason why he is not mixable for the moment. We hope that he soon realises that food will be plentiful from now on, and that other dogs are not competition. Gaspard was born in February 2011 and would love a new home where he will be loved properly

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  • Needs some TLC
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Banksie | T677

Banksie maleborder collie crossMale, Young, Medium

Six year old Banksie arrived at the refuge on Boxing day morning and we hope that doesn’t mean what we think it might mean. Perhaps he genuinely is lost, although we realise that the chances of him being reclaimed are slim. He is a lovely chap, we are pretty sure he is a border collie cross, and although clearly frustrated at being locked up, he is friendly and smiley. As soon as he comes out of the pound we will have him mixed with other dogs, as he seems to be extremely sociable, and will let you know what he is like on the lead. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this lovely boy, feel free to ask.

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  • Happy and Friendly dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Oups | T652

Oups young male malinois crossMale, Young, Medium

Oups is a very chunky young lad. He was brought to the refuge by a woman who had been trying to do good, but as is so often the case, had become overwhelmed by the number of dogs she wanted to save, none of whom was adoptable due to the fact that they lived as a pack, with no walks or socialisation. Luckily Oups is young enough to have his life turned around, which is what the ScPA is now attempting to do. At present Oups pulls on the lead and we are not able to get him to share his kennel, but both of these are just a matter of time. And when you see how handsome Oups is, you realise why we are posting him! A boxer malinois cross, Oups is a stunning mix. He was born in July 2017 and is castrated, vaccinated and identified.

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  • Needs some basic training he is still young
  • Wary at first with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Urgent Appeal: Karadoc

Our urgent appeal this time is for Karadoc. We have chosen him for no other reason than that no one seems to notice him, yet the person who does will be very lucky indeed. There is no reason at all why a dog like this should be at the ScPA. Karadoc is an absolute gem.

He is mid size, mid brown, and looks just average. Is that why no one has chosen him? Big mistake. This boy is anything but average. Karadoc was born in August 2014 and is a dark sand coloured crossbreed. He is fabulous on the lead, you hardly know he is there. He responds to his name (and bear in mind he arrived unidentified, he has only had this name for a couple of months). He is affectionate, he is fine with other dogs, he is playful and young. The list goes on.

In fact, perhaps we should rename this section “hidden gems”. Because that is what Karadoc is, a hidden gem. Don’t make him waste all his life at the refuge; he has already been there for four months, which is four months during which someone could have been showering him with all the love he deserves and which he is so eager to return.

Please share for lovely Karadoc.