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Hermione | R322

Hermoine female spainel crossFemale, Young, Medium

This is Hermione’s third time at the SPA; her two previous adoptions did not work out for very different reasons, and essentially there is nothing wrong with Hermione at all. The first time her adopter had a health issue, but she informed us that Hermione never strayed from her side on walks. She lived in an apartment, and so was always with her dog on walks. Hermione’s next home had a garden, and so we now know that if left alone for too long, Hermione gets bored and goes wandering! So we are looking for someone who either lives in an apartment with lots of time for walks, or someone with a well-enclosed garden! Hermione is a spaniel cross who has a black speckled body but a brown head! A stunning and sociable girl, she was born in April 2015.

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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • would suit apartment life
  • Needs an enclosed garden

Tilly | R377

Tilly female terrier crossFemale, Young, Medium

Tilly was adopted from the SPA 10 days after arriving in July, the woman who wanted her fell in love while Tilly who was still in the pound, and absolutely couldn’t wait to take her home. It was a shock to see her back at the SPA 6 days later. Far from being at home all day, as she told us was the case, this woman was out A LOT! In fact the very day she took Tilly home, she went out with friends. No, Tilly did not destroy or mess in the house, but she did bark, and it is for this reason that she came back. Tilly was born in October 2016, she is a fox terrier cross and is absolutely adorable. She would love a family who does not leave her alone too much, at least not before she has had time to feel at home!

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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Medium size
  • Needs a kind and loving family

Urgent Appeal: Jack

This week’s urgent appeal is for Jack

Jack is a little dog who is just being overlooked at the SPA. Is it because of his age? He has just turned nine years old. Is it because of his colour? Yes, Jack is black. It cannnot be due to his personality, as Jack is a great little dog. He is wonderful on the lead and is fine with other dogs, whether on a walk or sharing his kennel with them or playing off lead in the park.

With nothing else in the photo to show his size, you would think that Jack is a labrador. But he is a very mini one, weighing about 15 kg or so. He has a docked tail which he wags almost constantly. He arrived in February this year, already identified, but the owner’s address had changed, and assuming he was the one who dropped Jack at the SPA, he doesn’t want the dog in any case. Far better for Jack to find a new home.

As a senior dog, Jack’s adoption fee is just €80, for which you will have a castrated, vaccinated and identified dog. And being on the small side, Jack’s best years are still to come. It would be a shame for him to spend them at the SPA.

Jack would make an ideal dog for just about anyone. A steadying influence on a more nervous dog, perhaps? Or just a great walking companion for someone who wants an easy dog.

Sam | R336

Sam male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Found with his friend Lilo in a local village and brought to the SPA, we know Sam’s name as he supposedly had a piece of paper with his name on it stuck to his fur. How strange! In any case, this dog is very handsome and very very handsome. He is a shepherd cross, but his colouring is just stunning. All deep russets and browns, Sam has a chunky head and a furrowed brow; perhaps he is puzzled as to what he is doing at the SPA! Let’s get him a home, people!

Contact SPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Stunning looking
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs a kind and loving family

Darby | R329

Darby male Blue de JuraMale, Young, Medium

Darby has a long road ahead of him, and although the SPA is not the best place for him, it is clearly far far better than wherever he was before. Presumably this Blue de Jura has escaped (or been dumped) by a hunter; he is terrified of his own shadow, and as he is only a year old, we can probably not even imagine the life he had before arriving. For now this lad is being left mostly in peace, fed regularly and reassured by the presence of other dogs and the soothing tones of the staff and volunteers. We will be looking for a very special home for this lad, but as he is so beautiful, we are hoping that someone lovely might wish to take him on sooner rather than later.

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  • Needs a very special home
  • Very nervous at the moment
  • Deserves a kind and loving family

Diesel R304

DieselMale, Young, Large

Diesel should not really be at the SPA. He had an owner, but when Diesel was found straying in his village, they refused to collect him. We hate it when this happens, but perhaps the only way forward is to agree that perhaps the owner does not love his dog as much as he should. And Diesel is so worthy of love! He is a fabulous looking dark and pale shepherd/border collie cross who is very gentle and affectionate. His date of birth is estimated as being in November 2016, so although this boy is more or less fully grown, he is still a very young dog who will adapt quickly to his new home. He is good with other dogs, both male and female and his adoption fee is €170.

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  • Gentle and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a kind and loving family

Taoni | R303

Tanoi female border collie crossFemale, Young, Medium

Taoni is a border collie who was found and brought to the refuge, so sadly we don’t know anything about her history. However from her behaviour so far, we guess that she has had quite a sheltered life, as although hugely affectionate, she remains fairly timid at first. Taoni was born in June 2012, and is a little bit overweight, so wherever she was before the SPA, she was well fed. She is fine with other dogs, does not pull on the lead, and in fact when two walkers accidentally let go of her lead, her only thought was to return to the refuge, where she sat down outside her kennel waiting for them to let her back in. Taoni will make a great family pet, she is absolutely adorable!

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  • Timid at first but very affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a kind and loving family

Urgent Appeal: Mina

Well, from one golden girl to another. The last urgent appeal was for golden oldie, Amy, who is now reserved and will be leaving us soon, and our new urgent appeal, although not an oldie, is pure gold!

Mina, a “not quite boxer” was found in the hills outside a local village and as she was in great condition and microchipped, we felt sure that her family would come for her. When phoned, however, they said that they were fed up with Mina’s running off and that they would not come to collect her. But first they would need to comfort the children, who would be upset. Good parenting 101!

Mina was born in January 2016, she has a docked tail and is very boxer-like, although smaller than a real boxer would be. She is extremely well behaved and very affectionate, happy to spend hours being patted, or equally happy to trot alongside you on a walk. She is fine with other dogs and we know she is fine with children. I cannot imagine her being aggressive with cats, but we have to check that.

Mina has never been mistreated, she has none of the “issues” that some rescue dogs can suffer from, she is a perfectly adjusted and beautiful family pet. An enclosed garden is required, but the same is true for most dogs. This is why Mina is our urgent appeal. You could go a long way to find a dog this wonderful.
Let’s find her a home, people!

Urgent Appeal: Amy

This time our urgent appeal is for a dog who as just arrived. Amy arrived this week due to the death of her owner. In fact this poor dog was not discovered for some three days since her owner passed away. As she is nine years old, it must be quite a shock for Amy to find herself at the SPA after spending her whole life with one person. She seems very calm and placid, and does not pull at all on the lead.

Amy was born in May 2008, and this is the reason we have chosen her as our urgent appeal. Dogs of this age find it far harder to find homes than their younger pals. However the SPA understand this, and dogs over 8 years of age leave for a special senior price of €80, for which your dog is sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped.

Amy is officially a labrador cross, however she is fine boned and has a long nose, so we think there is quite a bit of greyhound in there. She is a gorgeous chocolate brown colour, although she is quite grey around the muzzle.

We want Amy to have a wonderful home. She has been through a traumatic experience and we want her to be in a loving home where she can put this behind her. We have yet to test her with dogs and cats, but please contact us if you would like to offer Amy a home.

Billy | R288


Billy male tri-coloured retrieverMale, Young, Medium

Poor Billy. He is yet another dog who is at the SPA following the death of his owner. This time, however, Billy was left in his deceased owner’s garden for 6 months, while neighbours took it in turns to feed him. Finally they got fed up with this and one of them dumped him at the SPA gates one night. Nice, eh? They then phoned up to tell us that Billy is good with other dogs but not with cats. This has since been tested at the SPA, and lo and behold, Billy is fine with cats too! He went straight to the vet, who estimated his date of birth as being June 2012, then into a kennel to share happily with another dog. Billy is a fabulous tricoloured setter cross who is very well behaved. On a recent walk with volunteers his lead broke, but Billy stayed with his walkers and returned to the SPA. What a good boy!

Contact SPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Good with cats
  • Good with other dogs
  • Well behaved and calm