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Grace | T528

Female, Young, Medium

Grace female setter crossGrace is a beautiful harlequin setter who has just arrived. We are not sure of her history, but we suspect that she is going to have to have a leg amputated, and this is perhaps why she is at the ScPA. At present Grace has a “dead” paw, which just hangs limp and drags on the ground. The vet says she will be far happier with no leg at all, and as it is at the front, it should make very little difference to her mobility believe it or not. And looking at her happy, smiling face, we cannot believe that Grace will be anything other than a happy dog. She is very lively and affectionate and we are hopeful that her handicap will not affect her chances of being adopted.


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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great pet for a special family

Karadoc | T445

KaradocMale, Young, Medium

I am amazed that Karadoc had been at the refuge for over a month before I met him properly. Maybe because so many dogs have arrived recently. In any case, I am delighted that I now know him at least a little bit. What a gem. Karadoc is quite an unassuming dog. He is mid brown, of medium size, neither young nor old (DOB Aug 2014)…easy to overlook, perhaps. But he is such a great dog. He doesn’t pull on the lead at all, he is fine with other dog and cats, and he is just a steady, easygoing dog. He will be a wonderful family pet; a great walking companion and just a superb all rounder. My new favourite boy and one not to miss!


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  • An all round great dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family addition

Percival | T459

Percival Brittany spanielMale, Young, Medium

This five year old Breton spaniel was found at the refuge gates one morning and like so many of our new arrivals, he was unidentified. No one has come to collect him, so he is now up for adoption. Lovers of this breed know that these dogs make great family pets, as well as bieng lively and inquisitive on walks. They love the outdoors and are often used for flushing during hunts. Percival is a very handsome boy who seems used to human contact. He was born in September 2013 and so is in the prime of life.


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Fine with other dogs
  • Lively and inquisitive
  • Will make a great family pet

Fido | T450

Fido mature male crossMale, Mature, Medium

This is Fido’s third time at the refuge, and none of it is his fault. He was adopted as a tiny puppy, then brought back in July last year, as his owner claimed to no longer have enough money to look after him (and our offers of financial assistance were rejected). He was homed about a month later, and this time his owner has died, leaving poor Fido homeless once again. Next time we are looking for a forever home, for this dog who is now eight years old. Fido is very obedient, he doesn’t pull on the lead and he loves people, searching out human company as much as possible. He would love a new home as a single dog (he is not always good with other dogs), and preferably with someone who is at home all the time. He is exceptionally well housetrained and can be left alone, but would rather not be. He has had bad luck in life so far, let’s change all that!


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  • Loves human company
  • Better as a single dog
  • Will make a great companion for someone at home all day

Pebble | T448

Pebble female crossFemale, Young, Medium

I was not the only one to do a double take when this girl was brought to the ScPA. Apart from her age and the slight brindle pattern in her fur, this could be my dog Caillou’s younger sister. Hence the name Pebble, of course, even though very few of the French can say it! Caillou was quite spiky when he arrived at the refuge; he needed several months of work before he was ready for adoption, and only then it had to be with someone who knew him and loved him (haha, me!) This is not at all the case for Pebble. She is adorable; already calm and affectionate, and as soon as her pound time is over, she will be ready to leave. Don’t miss out if you like the look of this gorgeous girl.


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Calm and affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Goliath | T428

Goliath male douge argentinMale, Young, Large

Goliath is a big and handsome dogue argentin who arrived at the ScPA having been found in a village about an hour’s drive from the refuge. Unable to contact the owner, the police brought Goliath to the refuge with his son (we assume) Samson. Goliath was particularly thin when he arrived, and both dogs were covered in fleas. They were immediately treated, of course, and regular (and good quality) food had turned them back into very handsome dogs. New homes required, methinks! Goliath was born in November 2011, and is a very affectionate dog, covering anyone he meets in big slobbery kisses. If that is your idea of heaven (and it is pretty close to heaven, I have to say!), then please get in touch!


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Very affectionate despite the size
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Samson | T429

Samson young male Douge argentineMale, Young, Large

Samson arrived with a dog called Goliath, who we assume is his dad. That being the case, he is a dogue argentin cross and the vet estimates his date of birth as being August 2017. So not fully grown yet. Gulp! We know that lots of you like big dogs, though, and when they are as gentle as this lad, why not? To be honest stepping into the cage to take photos of these two was a bit nerve-wracking, as they are very big dogs. However it was almost death by licking; they are really affectionate and are desperate for human contact. They are getting plenty of that at the ScPA, of course, but both could do with new homes.


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Very affectionate despite the size
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Minta | T426

Minta female griffon crossFemale, Young, Large

Oh, beautiful Minta! This lovely griffon was born in August 2015, according to the vet’s estimate. Like so many of our dogs she arrived unidentified. She is a stunning girl, quite tall and rangey, but she will fill out now she is at the ScPA and gets regular meals. Minta is extremely trusting of people; although she is very slightly timid, that is probably due to the noise at the refuge. She is fine with dogs and seems nervous of cats. Minta has slightly wiry fur, which is mostly white apart from that beautiful black eye. What a stunner. We want Minta to find a fabulous home, so please get in touch if you think that might be you!


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Very trusting
  • Good with other dogs nervous of cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Urgent Appeal: Trudy

Those of you who follow us on Facebook might have seen the albums of several dogs who were left behind in a garden when the owner moved house. Six of them have been brought to the ScPA so far, but more are due to arrive. They are in various states of trauma, starting with Mattie, who was rehomed this week and who was one of the best socialised dogs I have ever met, to Billy, who is catatonic with fear still, a month after arriving to safety. Presumably the dogs who have still not been caught are in an even worse state.

Somewhere in the middle is Trudy. She has really touched my heart, as she so desperately wants to trust. She tried to follow the example of Mattie while they shared a kennel, and was just starting to come for treats when Mattie was adopted. Her new kennel mate, Nesquick, is also working his magic, and Trudy is turning into a fabulous girl.

She knows her name, she comes for cuddles, but still cringes whenever there is brisk movement or when a hand is raised, even if it is to pat her or give a treat.

Out of the refuge, though, she is a different dog. She is attentive on the lead, does not pull and although she is nervous of other dogs, that will pass when she gets more confidence. I know that if we could find her a home, Trudy would progress even faster.

Would you be able to offer a slightly nervous dog a home? I have to add that Trudy shows no sign of wanting to bite, even when she is terrified. Instead it is as if she wants to just disappear. It is heartbreaking to see. I am certain that with minimal work but lots of love, Trudy will very quickly turn into a well socialised and (even more) adorable dog.

Trudy is a shepherd cross who was born in September 2017, her adoption fee is €170, for which she is identified, microchipped and sterilised.

Urgent Appeal: Look

This is not the first time Look has been our urgent appeal. Last time it was just because we liked him, but this time it is a bit more urgent. Look is one of those dogs who is just not being noticed at the SCPA, all he needs is a chance to show people what a good dog he is.

Look arrived at the refuge in April 2017. We suspect that he had been deliberately left to wander, as when we contacted his owner, she informed us that she would not be collecting her dog, as in any case she had no time for him, and he spent his life tied up at the bottom of the garden. Despite the walks at the refuge, the life we have offered him has not been much better so far.

Look might look like an elderly dog, but in fact he was born in April 2013. He is only years old! He is very calm, good with other dogs and wonderful on the lead. He does not destroy and can be left alone, although after so long alone, he would love to have company, naturally.

Look has been at the SPA for well over a year and has seen many of his kennel mates leave for new lives. He is always left behind. And as he is so easily mixable with other dogs, he is always seeing new dogs. We would love his chance to come; he is showing all the signs of doggy depression, and we want this lovely German shepherd cross to smile again.

Please help us find a home for Look. He deserves happiness after so many years of sadness. He is really affectionate and trusting, he holds no malice towards humans, despite the fact that so far he has been let down by us very badly.