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Nemo | T250

Nemo young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Nemo is the kind of dog who, unless he is very lucky, risks spending a long time at the ScPA. Not because there is anything wrong with him; far from it. He is just black and fairly non-descript. A horrid thing to say, perhaps. But the reality is that when people tour a refuge that has about 90 dogs in residence, it is hard to appreciate the ones who have nothing particular to attract attention. But Nemo is well worth a second glance. For a start he is just a baby; he was born in November 2017. Plus he is wonderful with other dogs and fine on the lead. We have no idea as to why he is at the refuge; he arrived unidentified in mid May. Unsurprisingly he is a bit perturbed by his new surroundings, but he is settling in. However we would love him to find a home soon so that life behind bars is soon a distant memory.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Great on the lead
  • Will make a great family pet

Urgent Appeal: Bridou

Bridou arrived at the refuge when he was still a young puppy, and I fear that he will spend the rest of his puppyhood at the refuge, unless he is very lucky. Brought in by a family who claimed to have found him, this young lively lad probably just turned out to be bigger than they expected. There is little doubt that they were his owners; they probably got him for free from leboncoin or another internet site, but soon got bored. What a shame for little Bridou.

He probably has some bernese mountain dog in him; he certainly has the right colouring and the right physique. True, some of it is probably puppy-fat, but he is going to be a chunky boy. He is full of enthusiasm for everything. He shares his box fine, and loves playing and going for walks.

The family that had him previously have given him no education at all, but he is keen to learn and even keener to please whoever is at the other end of the leash. Bridou will make a wonderful family pet, but will need a training minded home, where he can learn all the things he has missed out on thus far.

Bridou was born in January 2018, so he is still a very young dog. Please let’s not let him grow up at the ScPA.



Falcor | T242

Falcor young male setterMale, Young, Medium

When Falcor was brought to the SPA for rehoming last week, staff took one look at his eyes and said “Uh-ho”. Because yes, those “goggles” do look very much as if Falcor has leishmaniasis. However not so; he is fine. Already a week later and he was looking much better. The trouble was caused by fleas, with which this lovely boy was infested. Nice owners, eh? Yes, Falcor deserves so much better. He is a fabulous setter who was born in May 2012. And he is fine with other dogs, cats and children! So if you are looking for an easy going family dog, he could be the one for you. He is fully vaccinated, castrated and identified by microchip and is waiting for his new home!
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  • Great with other dogs, cats and children
  • Easy going
  • Will make a great family pet

Neiko | T223

Neiko young male crossMale, Young, Large

Neiko was found wandering on the road by a volunteer and brought to the SPA. Apparently he was often seen straying, and whereas he may well have found his way home, no one has come to reclaim, so it seems he was yet another unwanted dog who was left to lead his own life. Neiko was born in September 2017. Little more than a puppy, in actual fact. Neiko is very energetic and loves playing with other dogs. He has had no education at all, so walking him is not easy, but of course at the SPA he is learning fast. Neiko would love a family where he can have more attention and learn even more quickly.
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  • Very energetic
  • Needs basic training
  • Will make a great family pet

Tikia | T224

Tikia female crossFemale, Young, Medium

It might strike you when you see the photo of Tikia that she has a lot of staffie in her. Yes, you are right. However luckily for her she does not fall within the measurements which would make her a “dangerous dog”. So anyone can adopt this lovely girl, without any special permits or paperwork. Phew! Tikia arrived already identified, but her owner’s details were not up to date and so far no one has come to reclaim her. Tikia was born in March 2013 and although she is okay with some dogs and can mix with them on walks etc, she would probably be better off as an only dog.

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  • Fine with some dogs but would be happier alone
  • Need some TLC
  • Will make a great family pet

Youki | T204

YoukiMale, Young, Medium

Youki was brought to the SPA by the police as his owner has “gone away” for a while, as we politely say. He will not be back for at least a year, and so has reluctantly asked us to rehome his dog. This is the fairest thing; Youki is a young active dog and will not be happy to wait that long. Plus he cringes when he sees men, so perhaps his owner was not always kind to his dog. Youki is fine with other dogs. He is curly haired lad who seems to have a bit of Bernese Mountain dog about him. He was born in January 2016 and we hope he finds a home soon.
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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Timid with men
  • Will make a great family pet

Urgent Appeal: Cappucino

Our last couple of appeals have been for elderly dogs or dogs who have been at the SPA for a long time, so this time we thought we would change it up a bit. As we often remark on the blog, the SPA has many hidden gems; dogs who just get passed over because they do not always show their best side when they are in a kennel.

One such dog is Cappucino. He is a black and white brittany spaniel who is a really easy dog. He is small to medium size, and very affectionate with everyone. He is fine with other dogs, gets on fine with cats, and all in all is just about perfect. He is an active dog, so would love a family with an outdoorsey lifestyle or one who take lots of long walks. An enclosed garden is probably required, at least until Cappucino knows the ropes.

Cappucino was born in January 2014 and is castrated, identifed and fully vaccinated. Why not come and meet him at the SPA Carcassonne?

Urgent Appeal: Gloubi is RESERVED!!!

How does a dog like Gloubi end up in a refuge? It seems strange to anyone who loves golden labradors that Gloubi should be at the SPA. She was found alone and with no microchip or tattoo, but as we can tell from her (ah-hem) girth, this dog clearly had an owner before arriving at the SPA in mid-April. Her excess pounds perhaps give the impression that she is an elderly dog, but not at all; Gloubi is just eight years old. There is plenty of life in this lovely girl.

Gloubi is fine with other dogs and cats, she loves children and she loves affection. At present a quick walk is fine, but as she loses some of her excess kilos, Gloubi will be able to run and frolic in the way that labradors love.

Can anyone offer a new home to Gloubi? She is no trouble at all, and if you are looking for a calm, elderly (ish) dog who will make a loving and loyal companion, you could not find a nicer girl.


Nairobi | T202

Nairobi shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Like Chippeur Nairobi was found tied up in the middle of a field, and although neither dog was thin or showed signs of mistreatment, what is being tied up in a field if it is not mistreatment? Nairobi is a very handsome dog, his pretty tricoloured markings really give him that special something that we (and he) hope will attract an adopter very soon. Nairobi is a shepherd cross, he is fine with other dogs and is very receptive to people. His date of birth is estimated as being March 2015, so this lad really is in the prime of life.
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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Affectionate
  • Will make a great family pet

Chippeur | T200

Chippeur male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Shepherd cross Chippeur was brought in by a local rescue organisation who found him and his pal tied up in a field in the middle of nowhere. Okay, there might be a good reason for this (I am having trouble thinking of one, admittedly), but if that is the case, then surely the owner would have come to collect his dogs. Neither is underweight and both are sociable and affectionate, so maybe it was just a question of the owner not wanting to bring his dogs in for rehoming in a responsible manner. Chippeur was born in March 2015 and is a lovely dark borwn and black cross. Chippeur is vaccinated, castrated and identified and his adoption fee is €170.

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  • Beautiful colouring
  • Affectionate
  • Will make a great family pet