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Baxter | T278

Baxter large male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Baxter was brought to the SCPA by a father and his daughter who claimed to have found him and kept him for a week before realising that a big dog like this was not suited to apartment living. Yeah, right. So when they said “found” they meant found on the internet, I guess. Still, there is no other option than to find this big boy a new home. Yes, Baxter is a big dog. Well, only 40kg or so, but as he is full of enthusiasm, it makes him quite a handful. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, sharing his kennel quite happily, and we know from his former “not-family” that he is fine with children, but he will need strong handling. Baxter is a stocky short haired cross who was born in January 2017.


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  • Fine with dogs and children
  • Needs a strong handler and basic training
  • Will make a great family pet

Jaja | T320

JajaFemale, Young, Medium

Jaja is a young fox terrier cross who was brought to the SCPA by her owner who was not able to look after her dog due to health reasons. Jaja is quite a timid and delicate looking dog, so at first she found life at the refuge a bit overwhelming. However once she started sharing her kennel she started settling in well. We suspect that she has some podenco or other similar breed in her, as she has very large erect ears, which makes her look simply adorable. Jaja would love to find a new home soon. As a small-ish female she should have no trouble, especially as despite her breed, hunting is very far from her mind. Cuddles are more her thing!


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  • Fine with dogs
  • Timid at first loves cuddles
  • Will make a great family pet

Pochontas | T319

Pocahontas female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

One of several lovely young females who arrived at around the same time in June 2017, Pocahontas is a delight. She is pale brown and white in colour, really stunning. She was born in June 2017, and so is naturally lively and full of fun. We have no idea of her history, but she shows no sign at all of having been mistreated; she loves everyone and seems to be fine with other dogs. Pocahontas is of medium size and would fit into just about any home where she can have love, exercise and cuddles.


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  • Fine with dogs loves people
  • Lively and affectionate
  • Will make a great family pet

Mimi | T318

Mimi female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Mimi is most definitely a DRC hot pick. She is an adorable black shepherd cross who was born in June 2017, so was just a year old when she arrived at the refuge. She has wonderful body language, is really wiggly and affectionate. She seems to have either very good manners or some training, as she sits well and relatively calmly for such a young, active dog. She has a very engaging face and will stay medium sized and is fine with other dogs. We can find out how she behaves with cats, of course. Mimi is vaccinated, sterilised and identified by microchip and her adoption fee is €170


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  • Fine with dogs
  • Adorable, wiggly and affectionate
  • Will make a great family pet

Andy | T323

AndyMale, Young, Large

Andy is at the ScPA due to his owner’s being in hospital. It is always sad when dogs arrive like this; they are still very much loved, but health issues have forced a separation. Andy is still a very young dog, so with any luck he can find a new home soon and have a fresh start with someone who loves him just as much. He is a magnificent lad, a big shepherd cross, probably with some husky. He really is stunning. Andy is fine with other dogs, and although he would probably act as a good burglar deterrent, that is due to his imposing size, rather than his gentle nature. Andy was born in April 2015 and is castrated, vaccinated and identified.


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  • Fine with dogs
  • Gentle nature
  • Will make a great family pet

Urgent Appeal: Bang

Our latest appeal is for Bang. He is a small to medium crossbreed who was brought to the ScPA having been found in a warehouse with occasional visits from the owners. Yes, many dogs have worse lives than this, but as far as we are concerned, they all deserve better!

Bang was born in January 2016 although he perhaps looks a bit older due to not having had the easiest of lives up to now. He is fine with most other dogs, but his relationship with cats is a bit more complicated. He seems to tolerate them indoors, but outside is a different matter, so a cat free home would probably be best. Unless your cats are quick movers, at least.

He is getting lots of love at the refuge, most notably from Ingrid, who sadly cannot adopt him due to issues with one of her other dogs (although Bang is not to blame at all). He is walked often and loves his trips to the lake, where he sploshes around happily. He is fine in the car and is good at adapting to new situations. He is quick to learn and would thrive at dog school.

Bang is full of joy and fun, and although we are sure that the refuge is the nicest place he has lived, we are certain that the best is yet to come!

His adoption fee is €170, for which he is castrated, vaccinated and identified by microchip.

Please help us find a home for Bang.



Google | T257

Google male setter crossMale, Young, Medium

Google is a wonderful setter/border collie cross who was brought to the ScPA for rehoming by his family due to illness. Theirs, not the dog’s, I should add. Google was born in September 2014 and is a stunning lad. He is a bit reactie to male dogs, but fine with female dogs and cats. He is fine on the lead and is a very attentive dog, keen to learn and keen to please. As with all dogs adopted from the ScPA, Google is vaccinated, castrated and identified and his adoption fee is €170.


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  • Fine with female dogs and cats
  • Fine on the lead, keen to learn
  • Will make a great family pet

Nemo | T250

Nemo young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Nemo is the kind of dog who, unless he is very lucky, risks spending a long time at the ScPA. Not because there is anything wrong with him; far from it. He is just black and fairly non-descript. A horrid thing to say, perhaps. But the reality is that when people tour a refuge that has about 90 dogs in residence, it is hard to appreciate the ones who have nothing particular to attract attention. But Nemo is well worth a second glance. For a start he is just a baby; he was born in November 2017. Plus he is wonderful with other dogs and fine on the lead. We have no idea as to why he is at the refuge; he arrived unidentified in mid May. Unsurprisingly he is a bit perturbed by his new surroundings, but he is settling in. However we would love him to find a home soon so that life behind bars is soon a distant memory.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Great on the lead
  • Will make a great family pet

Urgent Appeal: Bridou

Bridou arrived at the refuge when he was still a young puppy, and I fear that he will spend the rest of his puppyhood at the refuge, unless he is very lucky. Brought in by a family who claimed to have found him, this young lively lad probably just turned out to be bigger than they expected. There is little doubt that they were his owners; they probably got him for free from leboncoin or another internet site, but soon got bored. What a shame for little Bridou.

He probably has some bernese mountain dog in him; he certainly has the right colouring and the right physique. True, some of it is probably puppy-fat, but he is going to be a chunky boy. He is full of enthusiasm for everything. He shares his box fine, and loves playing and going for walks.

The family that had him previously have given him no education at all, but he is keen to learn and even keener to please whoever is at the other end of the leash. Bridou will make a wonderful family pet, but will need a training minded home, where he can learn all the things he has missed out on thus far.

Bridou was born in January 2018, so he is still a very young dog. Please let’s not let him grow up at the ScPA.



Falcor | T242

Falcor young male setterMale, Young, Medium

When Falcor was brought to the SPA for rehoming last week, staff took one look at his eyes and said “Uh-ho”. Because yes, those “goggles” do look very much as if Falcor has leishmaniasis. However not so; he is fine. Already a week later and he was looking much better. The trouble was caused by fleas, with which this lovely boy was infested. Nice owners, eh? Yes, Falcor deserves so much better. He is a fabulous setter who was born in May 2012. And he is fine with other dogs, cats and children! So if you are looking for an easy going family dog, he could be the one for you. He is fully vaccinated, castrated and identified by microchip and is waiting for his new home!
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  • Great with other dogs, cats and children
  • Easy going
  • Will make a great family pet