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Too much of a good thing….

We all know that dehydration can be fatal to our dogs, but now we are learning that too much water intake is equally dangerous!

During summertime, it’s great to see our dogs frolic in the water. It’s so much fun watching them play in their kiddie pools, run around the water sprinkler, or jump into a lake or river to retrieve a ball or stick…

But these activities all have one potential danger – our dogs may inadvertently ingest a large volume of water.

The result?

When there is too much water in the body fluids, sodium levels outside the body cells become significantly depleted (a condition known as “hyponatremia”).

In order to rebalance itself, the body increases fluid intake inside the cells. As a result, the cells are “swollen” with fluid, making them bigger in size.

As you know, the brain is encased inside the hard skull, if the brain cells are swollen with fluid, there is no room for the brain to expand, this causes an increase in the intracranial pressure and a lot of damage to the brain.

So does that mean we shouldn’t allow our dogs to play in the water?

Of course not!

Also, we should learn different ways to prevent this from happening in the first place!

If your dog has is diving, retrieving, and playing in the water make sure that they have frequent breaks.

Watch out for these signs and symptoms:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Loss of coordination (your dog may stagger, stumble, or fall down)
  • Restlessness
  • Pale gums
  • Drooling excessively
  • Dilated pupils

If you suspect that your dog has consumed too much water take him to the vet right away.

Wokette and Bouboule are adopted!

Today we have good news.  First of all, little Wokette was adopted yesterday at the open day and today another great little dog Bouboule, was adopted.

When Wokette arrived a few weeks ago we knew that she wouldn’t have a long wait. She was a small breed female French Bulldog cross and was very cute! Its great that she has a family as the temperatures in kennels are horrific at the moment and brachycephalic dogs are really at risk.

We hope that today instead of panting and puffing in the refuge she if lying in the cool of her new home.

Wokette adopted!

Todays adoption was that of Bouboule, another smashing little dog. Bouboule was 11 years old and also at risk from the heat. He has been very lucky not to have too long a wait and we hope that he too will be enjoying the cool of his new home.

Bouboule adopted!

Social media is full of stories of dogs overheating and dying in the heat in both the UK and France. I cant stress too much how dangerous vigorous exercise is for dogs, young and old in this extreme heat.

Please do not take any chances. Exercise your dogs very early mornings or very late at night. Its better that they even miss a walk than die of heat exhaustion.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool which you don’t mind your dog in, it’s a great way to exercise them and keep them cool. Rivers, lakes and even paddling pools are just as good.

It goes without saying that dogs in hot cars are at risk. Unless you have good aircon don’t risk it unless you set off very early or late.

So please keep your doggies inside during the heat of the day to keep them safe and cool.






Jack gets another chance…

We were all devastated when Jack was returned in March, after a few months in his new home. This wasn’t his fault, just the older lady who adopted him had not accounted for a 10 year old being so lively and energetic.

Until a few weeks ago there had been no interest shown in him since his return, I guess because he is an older black dog. But that didn’t stop him catching the eye of  a couple well used to rescue dogs and their complexities!

They had been following him on our website and were attracted by his breed and size. Jack is a Jagd terrier x Labrador and as they already have a female Jagd terrier, they love the breed.  They also have a very mellow pointer who is very accepting so were quite prepared to do careful introductions and give the dogs time to adjust and find their place.

Although Jack had already been sharing his kennel and play park with another male called Bang we would normally have asked the adopters to come to the refuge with their dogs, so we could oversee the introductions and see for ourselves how the dogs were together. However, this wasn’t possible so what should we do? Should we just say no or should we transport Jack and trust the adopters to do sensible introductions?  With the former, Jack doesn’t get his chance, with the latter there is a risk that the dogs don’t get on together. As the adopters were realistic and experienced we chose the latter!

So, this morning I was at the refuge for opening time and drive him to Montauban to meet his new Mum and Dad. Human introductions went well and off he went to meet his new doggie family.

Time will tell how things are going to work out for Jack, but we all have our fingers crossed!

Jack adopted!




A home to home for Google

Due to owners illness, we are looking for a home for 3 year old Google, a Bruna de Jura x.


Google has lived in a family home with other dogs and cats. He is house and crate trained.

He has a lovely sweet nature and is good on the lead but will meed an enclosed garden.

The owner would love him to be in a family where he got lots of 1 to 1 attention and being a young boy, he will need an active home.

At only 14kg he is medium sized. He is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated.

If you think that you could offer this lovely boy a home then contact Josephine Washington on 06 76 38 05 70

Adoption of Lascar and Gribouille.

Two weeks ago, Lascar arrived at the refuge and we all thought that he was extremely lucky to leave the same day.  Unfortunately, he came back the very next day because the family cat did not like him. Abandoned twice in as many days is never good for any dog’s moral.

Lascar settled into refuge life, happily sharing his kennel and I bet he was wondering what on earth was going to happen next.

Luckliy Jessica, a young lady from Chamonix read Lascars story and thought that he was just what she was looking for. Not many adopters contact us to say that they want an active young male dog! However, the dog did need to be able to get along with cats as her mum does have both cats and a dog and when visiting the UK all the animals need to be able to live in harmony!

Lascar was reserved, and it was an early start for Jessica and friend this morning as they began their long drive to collect him.

It will be another stressful day or so for Lascar as he travels back to the Alps but then he will be in husky paradise. Jessica has a well enclosed garden for him and leads a very active life in hills…just what a young husky needs!

Lascar adopted!

How I wish that it had been so easy for four year husky old Texas.  Texas was adopted and brought back as his cat hunting hobby were causing mayhem where he lived.  Strangely enough Texas did grow up with a cat but like many dogs, he just got on with his cat!

So, we are looking for an active family with a well enclosed garden and without cats for Texas.

If you think that you could offer lovely Texas a home, then do get in touch.

Texas is desperate for a home!

The second adoption was that of Gribouille. This very cute little Yorkie was abandoned a few weeks ago but was never going to have a long wait. He was small and cute and attracted lots of attention.  Luckily for him he was adopted just before the real heat begins.  Next weeks meteo shows temperatures soaring and extreme heat is very hard for our dogs.

Gribouille adopted!

If anyone happens to have any paddling pools that are no longer needed we would really appreciate them. The dogs love to cool down in them and we would like as many dogs as possible to have access to one!

Any pools would be most appreciated!



Adoption of Danov..

Today, Danov, one of my favourite dogs was adopted! Danov arrived at the refuge at the beginning of February with his brother Bogdan.  Both were happy, sociable dogs who were a delight to walk and very affectionate. It didn’t take long for Danov to be adopted, unfortunately that was short lived, and he was returned a couple of weeks later.

The main reason for him being returned was that he could climb the garden fence and they family were not willing to heighten the fence.

When adopting an active breed such as a Brittany spaniel, we try to ensure that adopters are realistic about their exercise needs.  Young energetic spaniels need an active, training minded family who are willing to cater for their needs and if they are to be left in the garden, it must be secure.

We do have quite a lot of Brittany spaniels at the refuge so Danov is lucky not to have had too long a wait. His brother Bogdan has had little interest shown and with the arrival of lots of spaniel pups, risks spending a long time in kennels.

With the hot weather and summer holiday approaching adoptions are thin on the ground which means that we have a great choice of dogs for potential adopters.  If you are thinking about getting a dog, do give us a call and we can advise you what dog would suit your lifestyle.

We do know the background of lots of our dogs, especially the ones who have been abandoned. This means we can tell you what kind of family the dog is used to and what other humans and animals he has lived with. Some adopters take comfort in knowing the background and others really don’t care. It’s a personal choice and we are here to help either way!

You can contact us by emailing website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk or messaging us on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dogrescuecarcassonne/.

Danov adopted!

Bogdan is still waiting.

We never name drop, but……

Today little Stewart the lovely little fox terrier was adopted.  I really don’t know why it took such a long time for a small, cute, well-behaved boy to be adopted but maybe he was waiting for the perfect home!

About 3 weeks ago we had an email enquiring about Stewart, but we already had a couple who were interested in him and had already arranged a visit. I replied saying that should the couple not take Stewart I would get right back to them. The couple didn’t take Stewart, so as promised I got right back in touch.

An email later and I thought that I recognised the name. Mr Google confirmed that I was right, and it was none other than the real Peter May I was talking to!

( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_May_(writer) )

We had a nice chat and he and his wife arranged to come over to meet Stewart today.The meeting went well and after a nice walk, Peter and Janice decided they wanted to adopt him.

As this is their first ever dog we chatted about what they could expect when they got Stewart home. With a first dog, adopters really do have no idea about what to expect, especially with a rescue dog. We covered housetraining, food, sleeping arrangements, exercise needs and lots more.

Stewart was found roaming in a local village, he was hurt and bewildered when he arrived. Little did he know that with the ScPA’s tlc and our presence on social media he would soon be off to live with a celebrity!

Of course, all of our dogs are not so lucky. Some have been waiting patiently for years. One of the best ways to help them and ensure that we can help more dogs, is of course fundraising. Peter has generously donated lots of signed editions of his books which we will feature in the next fund raising event.

Stewart, adopted by Peter and Janice!


Today was also a lucky day for pups Isaac, Newton, Sugar and Spice!  None of these pups have had a long wait but we have LOTS more! If you are considering a pup then please get in touch and keep an eye on our facebook page.

Isaac, now Charlie was the first pup to leave.

Spice was next!

Sugar was next…

Last but not least was puppy Newton!

Unforeseen dangers (2)…Heat Exhaustion!

Its getting hot and many people do not realise the dangers of exercising their dogs in the heat and how quickly a dog can overheat especially if its humid as well as hot!

Of course, our dogs cant hibernate during summer and do need exercise so let’s look at how to do it safely,

Keep in mind that dogs can potentially overheat much quicker than humans. Here are a few reasons why they can overheat:

  • They have fur! Imagine running with a fleece on in the heat!
  • They lack the rapid heat loss from sweat (e.g., as they only have sweat pads in their paws).
  • They don’t know how to pace themselves  (e.g., they’re so excited they are running all over the place initially):
  • Lots have extra insulation. My Labrador certainly does and while I want you to exercise him, I am very conscious that I need to be careful.

People with pups, seniors, over weight dogs or brachycephalic dogs really need to be especially careful. We are very careful at the SPA not to exercise dogs when it above 30 degrees and even when less than that we choose who can cope with the temperature on any given day!

Lots of us will be off on holiday with our dogs so how are we going to keep them cool but still get out and about?

I am just back from a week in Spain and it was hot. My doggies are oldies and so I was very careful not to overdo it. We walked in the mornings on planned walks with lots of little coves where there was shade and of course they could swim.  We always planned to be back for about lunchtime and the dogs slept in the air-conditioned apartment in the afternoon. They were then happy to have a little stroll when the sun went down in the evening.

So, when in doubt, exercise during non-peak heat hours… very early in the morning or late in the evening. Take plenty of breaks and frequent water stops. Also limit the amount of off lead madness if necessary. If you are lucky enough to live where your dog can swim, then let them have frequent dips in and out…this really helps them stay cool.

Heat stroke can be deadly, so if your dog shows any of the symptoms below, get him to the vet asap.

·         Vomiting or diarrhea

·         Excessive panting or difficulty breathing

·         Dark red or dark pink gums

·         Elevated heart rate.

·         Reluctance to move

·         Staggering drunken gait

Don’t forget that it’s very easy to underestimate how hot the pavements can become. Have you ever tried to walk over hot sand on the beach? It can be agony so do make sure that you test the pavements with your hand…if its too hot for the palms of your hand, then it’s too hot for doggy paws! Burnt pads are very uncomfortable!!!!

So, summer exercise should be shorter early morning / late evening walks and if your dogs must be out and about when its hotter look for walks with water and shade to keep them as cool as possible!

Exercise in the morning or evening when its coolest!


Adoption of Cliona and Fynn is back home!

Lots of you will remember Cliona, the dog who arrived in a terrible state, covered in lumps and bumps and in dire need of lots of vet care. A campaign was launched to cover these fees and after several months of tlc you would not have recognised her as the same dog.

We were delighted when she was adopted by people who regularly walked her but were devastated when she came back after 5 months!

Cliona had without doubt not had an easy life before she arrived at the SPA. She was suspicious of new people, especially men but once you had gained her trust she was fine. It takes a very special person to adopt a dog who will need lots of time, patience, and careful management. But today she left and we all have our fingers crossed that all goes well!

Cliona adopted!

We are also delighted to report that Fynn, who escaped from his carers on Thursday is back home! We were all very worried as it took 7 months to catch him and get him to the SPA and although he has come on in leaps and bounds he is still a wee bit wary of people. His mum and friend went to the area where he had been seen very early this morning and on hearing her familiar call he came out of hiding and right to her!  This is fantastic news and I am betting that tonight he is being spoilt rotten!

Fynn is home!

Adoption of Flute..

After two days without any adoptions we are delighted to report that Flute has been adopted!

On Monday Darcey blogged about the adoption of Ficelle who arrived a few weeks ago with her sister Flute. These two unidentified pups certainly have lady luck looking over them as both have left with super families.

Its very lucky for two adolescents to arrive as ‘strays’ yet be really sociable with dogs and cats as well as have great lead manners. It just makes you wonder why someone would put so much effort into their dogs, yet not have them identified or reclaim them!

Without a doubt being female helped and had they had been young males their fate may have been very different, despite being great dogs.

Gender still makes such a difference even although all of our dogs, male or female always leave sterilised. The most common request from prospective adopters is ‘a nice medium sized female’.

Is it a myth or not that females are easier then males? Not in my personal experience  but I know lots of you will think otherwise.

Tell us what you think re gender. Our opinions are usually based on personal experience but what is it that makes us prefer one sex to another when choosing a dog or cat?

Flue,,adopted 3 days after her sister Ficelle!