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Astra adopted after less than 3 weeks..

Today we have mixed news from the refuge and good news for our dogs who travel to the UK..

Astra our lovely brindle coloured labrador cross who was reserved at Sundays open day was adopted after less than 3 weeks at the refuge. Small to medium sized females are always popular especially when they are as cute and sweet natured as Astra.  Its lovely when a dog has a short wait for a new home, they move on and generally settle into home life really quickly!

Then an old border collie who was found in Cuxac Cabardes arrived hurt. He is at the vets, having the very best of care so we will see how he is doing tomorrow!

From the amount of adopters who ask us to get a pet passport for them I know that lots of you travel to and from the UK and that lots of you prefer Eurotunnel to the ferry as it’s only a 35 minute trip and you can keep you pets with you in the car.

A week ago I traveled from Carcassonne to Scotland and was really delighted to use Eurotunnel’s new pet check in area. I dreaded using the old one, there was only one door into a tiny office area. Once the dogs were in they had no personal space and had to be up close and personal with other dogs whether they liked it or not. Whoever designed it certainly was not a doggy person!

However, well done to DEFRA who have opened a new pet passport check in with dedicated in and out doors and plenty of space inside. This new area is also air-conditioned, has additional parking and a new and larger pet exercise area where your dogs can have a run around before going through the tunnel.

But the icing on the cake is a drive through pet check in area!!  It wasn’t open when I traveled but is now and sounds like a super idea for those of us who have timid / aggressive dogs who are best staying in the comfort of their own car!

Don’t forget if you do adopt from us we can have your doggy passported for you for only 30 euros!

Astra adopted!


Thank you DEFRA….




A love story and 3 adoptions!

When Suzy started volunteering at the SPA in April, little did she know how much her life was going to change in so many ways.

One of the first dogs she walked was Belle, a large Shepherd cross who arrived at the SPA last September when she was 8 years old. Belle was not a dog many volunteers chose to walk as she was strong and quite reactive to other dogs too.

One Saturday, after their walk Suzy was putting Belle back in her kennel when Belle decided that a free run around the refuge was a much better option and pushed past Suzy, who fell and badly hurt both of her wrists. Belle was captured and Suzy was taken right to casualty where it was discovered that she had broken one wrist and very badly sprained the other. As you can imagine such injuries were very debilitating but nonetheless Suzy is a determined lady and somehow managed to email us the next day saying it was her fault and not Belles!

Despite being in significant pain and discomfort, Belle was always on Suzy’s mind and as soon as she could drive again Suzy was back at the refuge asking to sponsor Belle, buying her a scalibor collar, an easy walker harness and giving her cuddles in her kennel.

Eventually Suzy was given the all clear to walk Belle again and after the first walk decided to reserve her. Only one more obstacle to overcome was the fact that her landlord did not want Belle on the property!

Hey ho…this was nothing to such a determined lady, who simply moved house to somewhere who accepted dogs and whilst this was being organised came and took Belle on days out so that she and Belle could really get to know one another.

Last week Suzy moved house and also adopted Belle yesterday.  I have lots of respect for this brave and strong lady who despite everything, has changed her life for a dog that she loved!

Be happy Suzy and Belle..you two really were meant to be together!

Today we had three adoptions. One pup, one senior and Zara. First to leave was Chapati our 6 month old terrier cross followed by the adoption of Xenon.  Its always heart-warming when an older doggy leaves and Xenon was 9!

Zara arrived at the refuge with her 3 siblings. All were timid and needed time to build up their confidence. Today Zara was the first to leave and one of the others is reserved and will be leaving for the UK soon!

Belle…you are a lucky girl!








A successful Sunday…

Today lots of volunteers have been very busy in lots of ways and everyone’s goal was to help the animals of the SPA.

The ‘car booter’ team were up very early to drive their wares over to Quillan for the Sunday vide grenier organised by Julie. Books, bric a brac, clothes and cakes were sold are the ladies raised 425 euros for the animals of the SPA. A board with pictures of the dogs available and information on adoption was also on display so who knows, maybe today will also lead to some adoptions!

This was also a memorable day for our stalwart car booter Fred. This was his last car boot sale for us and what a magnificent day he had for it. The sun shone, everyone was happy and he raised 145 euros for us. Thank you to Fred and his wife Margaret for supporting the SPA over many years and for fostering and adopting from us too!

How will we spend this money? Well, every cent that is raised goes towards helping the animals of the SPA. Watch this space, I anticipate some very lucky doggies will be travelling soon towards a very bright future!

The next volunteer to be on the go was Shirley. She has been fostering puppy Lilou for us and today was the day Lilou (now Connie)  met her new family.  Many thanks to Shirley for fostering tiny Connie who is off to live with the Ellis family in Toulouse. We know this family well as they adopted Derek, a wonderful spaniel cross from us and we often have updates of his adventures.

Other volunteers were busy online, sharing dog and cat profiles and replying to queries about our animals. 70% of our adoptions come from our website or facebook page so its important for us to keep that updated also.

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, the SPA was open and again lots of volunteers turned up to welcome visitors, show them around and introduce them to the dogs and cats. Lots of dogs were also walked or played in the parks. As well as Lilou we also had the adoption of Belle but this adoption is such a love story that I shall blog about it tomorrow! We also had 3 dogs and 3 cats reserved!

Thank you so much to all of these volunteers who helped in so many ways. It not until you start to consider the amount of work done in one day that you realise how strong a team we have and how we need volunteers with a broad spectrum of skills.

Today we saw fundraisers, fosterers, adopters, walkers, cat cuddlers, IT helpers, administrators, both French and English speakers, all pull together for our animals.  This is what volunteering is all about, making life better for our dogs and cats!

If you are interested in volunteering with the dogs or cats, helping online, fundraising, grooming….no matter what your skills or preferences are, we would love to hear from you. Just email us at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

Lilou ( now Connie) adopted!






The Quillan car boot sale today!




A super Saturday!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how lucky we have been lately! A couple of months ago Blackie was adopted after 3 years, last week we saw the departure of Chico who had been with us neatly four years and today saw the departure of Tanguy who had also been with us for 3 years!

Why Tanguy had been overlooked I have no idea. A lovely natured spaniel cross labrador who had the very best of both breed traits should not have had 3 years to wait. He was an easy dog to walk, shared his kennel nicely with many female doggies and matured into a really lovely gent. Tanguy was sponsored by Dominique who must be feeling really happy tonight!

Darwin was the next to be adopted, again a dog who seemed to go unnoticed in kennels and had been with us for 13 months. He was a  two year old border collie cross who was a delight to walk and who was great with other dogs.  Sometimes there is just no telling why some dogs have a long stay with us.

Maybe it’s just down to fate and they are patiently waiting for the perfect family to come along!

A puppy was also adopted. Little Badiane was spotted on our website by Jovanne who came along and met her on Wednesday, reserved her and today she left. This is super news as we hate seeing puppies grown up in kennels.

We still have puppies who are waiting for their forever home. Why not come along and meet them at our open day tomorrow. Volunteers will be on site to say hello and show you around so please pop along, walk a few dogs and join in the fun.






Badiane adopted!


Dont forget..we are open tomorrow


Speedy leaves and a special play date!

Tonight, I am sure that Dominique, the sponsor of Speedy will shed a few tears as she learns that today after 13 months Speedy was at last adopted! That’s 13 months and it was his second stint at the SPA!

Sometimes dogs are overlooked through no fault of their own and this was certainly the case with Speedy. He was a smallish, tan dog who was easy to handle and got on well with others so in theory he should have moved fairly quickly. It’s true that he was a dog who would need an active minded family but most young dogs do. As we say ‘every dog has its day’ and today he left. Be happy Speedy and enjoy your new life!

Those of you who follow the facebook page will have seen the photo of our two lovely Griffon Bleu de Gasgcognes together. What a stunning pair they make and both families are great ambassadors for our hunting breeds that arrive at the SPA.

Lilly Blue was adopted by Yvonne and Henny and lives in near Roujan. Maddie was adopted 18 months ago by Elinor and Dave and lives in Scotland, so how on earth did they get together? Well you have all heard me say many many times that we offer post adoption advice and as Elinor is very experienced with hound type dogs and their ways we often ask her to chat to adopters of these breeds who have problems. Lilly Blue, like lots of hunting type breeds was having a little problems with recall, which is not uncommon in scent hounds so we put her ’mum’ in touch with Elinor. A friendship developed and as Elinor spends a few months here each summer they arranged a play date for the girls. By all accounts they had a great day as did the families as they have watched the dogs playing and racing around the garden.

It was heart-warming to see how far these dogs had come. Both arrived at the SPA skinny, scared and only used to kennel life. Now both are family dogs, are loved and are very settled confident dogs.

Well done to each of these families for giving our dogs a chance, for having the time,the patience and the love which really can conquer all!

It just goes to show you what super family dogs the hunting breeds can make!

Speedy adopted!!!!


Lilly Blue and Maddie,the stunning griffon blues


Grey and Funky adopted!

Today one of my favourite boys was adopted. Grey or Mr Grey as I called him was adopted after 6 months at the refuge. When he arrived we all remarked how handsome he was and that he certainly had a bit of ‘bully’ in him but not enough to cause any concern at all. I am amazed that he wasn’t snapped up a lot quicker than he was as he had the most wonderful wiggly waggley body language. He was always delighted to get out of his kennel for a walk or a cuddle and he was a favourite with lots of the volunteers!

Next to leave was the very handsome Funky. Funky was a very large and impressive Beauceron who took his guarding duties seriously. Luckliy this young boy was definitely all bark and no bite and he proved to be a happy friendly boy who was fine with other dogs too.

Two more of our puppies were reserved so two more little girls will be leaving soon. A few weeks ago we blogged about the adoption of tiny Louizou, now Bambi. Her very clever young owner Maisie has decided to write a blog which will chart her puppyhood and keep us all updated on her progress. This is a great idea and we would love some more of our puppy parents to do the same. (http://bambigrowingup.blogspot.co.uk/)

Often people have no idea what to expect who they take home their new puppies. We all have had our ‘first’ pup and I know that when I look back on mine I cringe at some of the things that I allowed him to do and I thought was quite acceptable. We all learn as we go and I am sure that new puppy parents would love to read other puppy blogs.

So what are the first issues that most people encounter? Well the first one is of course housetraining. On the DRC facebook page we have help sheet and one of them is all about how to housetrain your pup. It is available on both English and French.  Just like toddlers some pups learn quicker than others and the main thing is to be consistent, supervise the pup, take it out often and be prepared for accidents!

Maisie is very lucky that Bambi sleeps during the night. Lots of young pups bladders are just not big enough so you need to make the choice of taking them out during the night or cleaning up in the morning. I usually put a young ups cage beside my bed and take then out when I hear them wake during the night. I don’t make a game of it, just out of the cage, onto the grass, back in the cage and lights out. This only lasts a few weeks until their bladder is big enough to hold on until morning.

We do of course offer advice to our puppy parents and all receive information on crate training, housetraining and preparing for puppies arrival.

We did have one arrival… Salambo. More information on him tomorrow!



Funky was adopted too..



Salambo arrived..



Lincoln and Soho leave…

I mentioned in last nights blog that we had had quite a few arrivals since Saturday and only one of them has been reclaimed.  What is really frustrating is that bar one, none of them were identified.

So why are these lovely dogs arriving at the refuge and why are nobody looking for them?

All of these dogs were found straying and were brought by either a member of the public or the police municipal.

Anyone can lose a dog, it can happen in the blink of an eye and as dogs are living beings, just like humans they make mistakes and can run off after a scent, a rabbit, a cat, no matter how well trained they are.  This is why we advise people to have their dog identified and to have a collar with a disk on their dog.  If your dog does goes missing and turns up somewhere, whoever finds it can simply call you up. Even if you don’t like collars, if the dog is identified it can be reunited with you really quickly. If however it isn’t identified several things may happen, the finder may just decide to keep the dog (its wrong but it happens) , the dog will end up in a refuge and if not claimed could adopted or even worse put to sleep after 10 days! Of course we don’t euthanize but lots of refuges do!

It is however unlikely that all of the dogs that have arrived have run off and got themselves lost. Lots of dogs have been allowed to stray. When a dog is allows to stray he is a nuisance to the general public. He poops where he likes, follows other dogs or people and can cause accidents.  That is why people bring stray dogs to us, because they are scared for both the dog and the public’s safety.

If your dog is picked up whilst straying and brought into us then you can easily get it back. If it is identified and the database details are up to date we will call you up and you can collect the dog without charge. If its not identified you can still have your dog back but it will cost you the price of a microchip. This is paid direct to the vet, not us and will ensure if the dog strays again and is brought in we can contact you quickly.

I should mention that it’s the law that states that all dogs must be identified.

Two dogs did leave today. Lincoln our 5 year old Griffon cross was adopted and Soho the Labrador who arrived a couple of days ago was reclaimed. Lets hope that the tide has turned and that there will be many more departures and than arrivals!

Lincoln adopted



Bulle..a new arrival



Tippex..another arrival




Tag…another arrival





Lexy, Rain and Ido leave…

When Lexy arrived in August little did she know how her luck was going to change. Quite a few pups arrived at the same time and we only had one foster home available! Isa had not long returned from holiday and was available to foster….et voila..what a lucky girl!

Isa and family have fostered many pups so have lots of experience and it was no surprise to hear that Lexi settled well.  The following Sunday Isa was helping at the vide grenier in Caunes so took Lexy along to show her off. Lesely, one of our supporters had come along to visit and was thinking about another dog after losing Rocky her handsome beauceron. Lesely had visited the refuge a few weeks beforehand but was too emotional after her recent loss to make any decision, for her it was just too soon. Added to that it was going to have to be a very special dog that replaced Rocky and one who could live with 18 cats!

When you have other household animals it can be tricky choosing a dog who will fit in. As a general rule of thumb pups will adapt quickly to living with cats so long as introductions are done slowly and carefully. As Lesely had lots of cats her hubby very sensibly suggested a pup and when they say Lexy, that was it…they were in love. They reserved Lexy that day and after being sterilised on Saturday, off she went this evening with a very excited Lesely.

I am so pleased for Lesely, Lexy will help her move on and from tonight a new chapter of their lives begin. We will have lots of updates and news of how Lexy is coping with all of these cats!

Thanks of course to Isa and family. They have 3 dogs themselves so I am sure will be enjoying some quiet time with them which is just as well as our foster places are never empty long!

Next to leave was four year old Rain, a really lovely Shepherd cross. Rain was a lovely natured girl who certainly needed to lose a few pounds. This is extremely difficult in kennels but now she is in a family where she will have lots of exercise and portion control too I hope!

We did have one of our recent arrivals find his owner. Lucky Ido has gone home so 3 out but even more in. We will catch up with the arrivals tomorrow!

Lexy..look at these ears!



Rain is adopted



Ido goes home..




Popular pups and an upcoming event!

As predicted we have had a great response to our facebook postings about the black Labrador pups. Two are already reserved and we have people coming to see the third.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to explain how the process works from seeing a pup or dog that you like online to adopting it.

Once you have seen a photo of a pup that you like you should email the website or send us a message with as much information about your personal circumstances as you can.

Where do you live, how old are you, who are your family members and do you have other animals is a good start and if you include a number that we can call you on we will get right back to you. We like to have a chat with you about your expectations, whether this is your first dog, whether you have a garden…..there is a lot to chat about.

You are then welcome to pop along and meet the pup and should you want to reserve it you can do so.  Some people can’t visit the refuge and if we are sure that the pup is the right dog for you, you can reserve the pup online. To reserve we ask for half of the adoption fee as a deposit, take your name, address and number…then all that is to be done is to pick up the pup when its ready to go home.

Before picking up the pup you will receive our help sheets on cage training, housetraining and preparing for a puupy!

As well as the reservation of the two pups we also another lovely boy reserved. This was great news as the older dogs do tend to get overlooked when cute pups appear!

We also have news of an upcoming event and as far as fundraisers go this one will be a good one! Why not spend a Sunday evening ( 13th September) tasting wine in the gardens of the Petite Pepiniere in Caunes Minervois.  The evening starts off at 5pm with a tour of the gardens followed by a wine talk and tastings at 6pm. The tickets are only 10 euros per person and places can be booked by emailing website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk

So cute and very popular..


Tickets are available..

Wine Tasting in the Garden


Puppies partout…

Anybody who follows either the Dog Rescue Carcassonne page or the SPA Carcassonne Chiens page can’t not have noticed how many puppies have arrived over the last few days! This is devastating as all of our foster homes are full so we have no option but to keep these pups on the refuge.

We hate having pups on the refuge for many reasons. Physically they are at risk as they are not vaccinated and mentally they are at risk as pups need to be socialised. All animals, including dogs, have a special sensitive period at the start of their lives. During this time, they learn to accept things around them so that they are not afraid of them later in life. In puppies, this window of opportunity closes at about 12-16 weeks of age. Anything that is encountered during this time will be tolerated, even enjoyed. After the window closes, unfamiliar people, objects and experiences are approached with caution.

Puppy socialisation involves meeting and having pleasant encounters with many adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults) and other animals, particularly during this sensitive period of their lives and then continuing until adulthood. During this process, they will also need to get used to a wide range of events, environments and situations so that they are not scared of them as they grow older.

Luckily cute puppies are always popular so in general the pups don’t spend lots of time with us but to ensure that they move to their forever families quickly we need your help!

You can help by clicking like and sharing their profiles and of course word of mouth!

Social media is a god send for refuges as its quick and easy to get information about a specific pup  to a lot of people quickly. This was demonstrated on Friday when Lilou the tiny pup in foster with Shirley was put online and within two hours was reserved.  This may have shocked some people but we know the family who reserved her well and they have been patiently waiting for a female pup to join their family. The already have one of our ‘home to home’ dogs and wanted a playmate for him.

No sooner had Lilou been reserved when another pup was brought in. Badiane is also a female small breed pup and also very cute. Looks like a bit of beagle / basset in there but only time will tell! I wonder how long before she is scooped up? If you are interested in Badiane then email us at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

On Saturday 4 more pups arrived. The three beautiful little Labrador crosses were found at a motorway station in a box! They are so lucky to have come to no harm and to have been brought into us.

All in all we have 13 pups looking for homes…please think about a rescue pup when when you are considering a pup, you will be saving a life and making room for another pup at the refuge!

Badiane…tiny, female and ever so cute!


Black lab puppies..they will go quick!


How about our magnificent Lilly..a 4 month old border cross?