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Popular pups and an upcoming event!

As predicted we have had a great response to our facebook postings about the black Labrador pups. Two are already reserved and we have people coming to see the third.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to explain how the process works from seeing a pup or dog that you like online to adopting it.

Once you have seen a photo of a pup that you like you should email the website or send us a message with as much information about your personal circumstances as you can.

Where do you live, how old are you, who are your family members and do you have other animals is a good start and if you include a number that we can call you on we will get right back to you. We like to have a chat with you about your expectations, whether this is your first dog, whether you have a garden…..there is a lot to chat about.

You are then welcome to pop along and meet the pup and should you want to reserve it you can do so.  Some people can’t visit the refuge and if we are sure that the pup is the right dog for you, you can reserve the pup online. To reserve we ask for half of the adoption fee as a deposit, take your name, address and number…then all that is to be done is to pick up the pup when its ready to go home.

Before picking up the pup you will receive our help sheets on cage training, housetraining and preparing for a puupy!

As well as the reservation of the two pups we also another lovely boy reserved. This was great news as the older dogs do tend to get overlooked when cute pups appear!

We also have news of an upcoming event and as far as fundraisers go this one will be a good one! Why not spend a Sunday evening ( 13th September) tasting wine in the gardens of the Petite Pepiniere in Caunes Minervois.  The evening starts off at 5pm with a tour of the gardens followed by a wine talk and tastings at 6pm. The tickets are only 10 euros per person and places can be booked by emailing website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk

So cute and very popular..


Tickets are available..

Wine Tasting in the Garden


Puppies partout…

Anybody who follows either the Dog Rescue Carcassonne page or the SPA Carcassonne Chiens page can’t not have noticed how many puppies have arrived over the last few days! This is devastating as all of our foster homes are full so we have no option but to keep these pups on the refuge.

We hate having pups on the refuge for many reasons. Physically they are at risk as they are not vaccinated and mentally they are at risk as pups need to be socialised. All animals, including dogs, have a special sensitive period at the start of their lives. During this time, they learn to accept things around them so that they are not afraid of them later in life. In puppies, this window of opportunity closes at about 12-16 weeks of age. Anything that is encountered during this time will be tolerated, even enjoyed. After the window closes, unfamiliar people, objects and experiences are approached with caution.

Puppy socialisation involves meeting and having pleasant encounters with many adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults) and other animals, particularly during this sensitive period of their lives and then continuing until adulthood. During this process, they will also need to get used to a wide range of events, environments and situations so that they are not scared of them as they grow older.

Luckily cute puppies are always popular so in general the pups don’t spend lots of time with us but to ensure that they move to their forever families quickly we need your help!

You can help by clicking like and sharing their profiles and of course word of mouth!

Social media is a god send for refuges as its quick and easy to get information about a specific pup  to a lot of people quickly. This was demonstrated on Friday when Lilou the tiny pup in foster with Shirley was put online and within two hours was reserved.  This may have shocked some people but we know the family who reserved her well and they have been patiently waiting for a female pup to join their family. The already have one of our ‘home to home’ dogs and wanted a playmate for him.

No sooner had Lilou been reserved when another pup was brought in. Badiane is also a female small breed pup and also very cute. Looks like a bit of beagle / basset in there but only time will tell! I wonder how long before she is scooped up? If you are interested in Badiane then email us at website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk.

On Saturday 4 more pups arrived. The three beautiful little Labrador crosses were found at a motorway station in a box! They are so lucky to have come to no harm and to have been brought into us.

All in all we have 13 pups looking for homes…please think about a rescue pup when when you are considering a pup, you will be saving a life and making room for another pup at the refuge!

Badiane…tiny, female and ever so cute!


Black lab puppies..they will go quick!


How about our magnificent Lilly..a 4 month old border cross?



Double Gold Saturday!

Today saw the adoption of two of our golden Labrador crosses. Both of these boys are just over a year old and both have not had too long a stay with us.

Gewell was the first to leave. He is a big boy, more like a Labrador and a half! We can only guess at what he is crossed with but whatever it is, its big!  Although he was big he was a super natured boy with really lovely body language. He loved attention and gave a paw for a biscuit. I know that he was Jane, our volunteers favourite and that she will be delighted to read that tonight he will be with his forever family instead of in a kennel.

Next to leave was Caramel. He had been with us from February and had happily shared his kennel from day one. A lovely young boy who will be a super family dog!

Not wanting to spoil yesterday’s good news about Chico I didn’t mention that Basile our large Pyrenean Shepherd cross was returned only a week after adoption. This was not the families fault and we now know that we need to work a little more with him and be very careful who he is rehomed to. We will find the perfect family for him and will take our time so that we can ensure that the next adoption is his last. Its very sad when something like this happens and all we can do is learn from it.

Adopting a dog is not something to do without really thinking it through. This is a lifetime commitment to the dog so its well worth taking your time over the decision. Adopting a dog which is not compatible with your family can cause a lot of heartache.  Please think through what kind of dog will fit into your lifestyle. Think carefully what your expectations for the dog are and speak to us about it.

We really don’t mind how long we spend talking over an adoption and we do know the dogs individually so can advise you and help you select the perfect pooch. Ask us about the breed characterises of the dog you are looking at and consider carefully if these are acceptable to you.

We also had four more pups arrive..more information about these soon!

Goodbye Gewell



and goodbye Caramel!




Basile is back with us..



Farewell Friday….

Todays blog is a happy one and today there were tears of joy today instead of tears of frustration and bewilderment!

Today after 1429 days at the SPA Chico was adopted!!!!!!

Chicos long stay started in September 2011 when his owners decided not to come and collect him. He had already been at the SPA numerous times and was a renowned escape artist. Not that that was his fault. At the time he was a young uncastrated male who was full of hormones, had had no training and had been allowed to stray, so took himself off for adventures and made his own fun!

This all came to an end when his owners decided enough was enough and that it was just too much effort to keep coming to collect him thus condeming him to life in a concrete kennel. 1429 days…a harsh punishment for doing what bored, hormone fuelled boys do!

Life at the SPA is harsh. Freezing cold winters and boiling hot summers with only one walk per week. Like humans some dogs cope better than others and luckily enough Chico was a coper. He was resilient and matured into a really lovely dog. I really couldn’t understand why he was never chosen by the hundreds of potential adopters who passed by his kennel. He sat nicely, didn’t bark and shared nicely with many a female kennel mate! One after another of them were adopted and still poor Chico waited patiently….only the look in his eyes showed his despair!

But yesterday a family came along to meet him, fell in love and today off he went.

We really wish Chico well, he so deserves his happy ever after and we all hope that he has found his forever family. Adopting a dog who has been nearly 4 years in kennels will take a lot of love and patience, there will be ups and downs but like all of our adoptions we are there for support when needed.

Many, many thanks to this wonderful family who have given Chico the chance of a lifetime.  It takes very special people to do this!

So for anyone out there who lets their dog stray, this could be your dog’s future!  Young, bored dogs will stray especially if not sterilised! If they are brought in and they are not identified we have no way of knowing where the dog has come from. They may have yeas to wait before being adopted!

Please identify and sterilise your dogs and keep them safe and close….their life depends on it!

And off he goes!!!



Good luck Chico!


Lots of puppy love..

Louizou was so cute that she was never going to have a long wait and as soon as her photo went online we had lots of enquiries about her.  At only 8 weeks, female and just less than 4kg we knew that she was going to be very popular!

When a puppy is offered for adoption we are very careful who adopts it. Its an enormous responsibility ensuring our pups go to the very best of homes and Louizou’s new owners certainly ticked all of the boxes.

Maisie and her family recently moved to France straight after her graduation from a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. She has volunteered for the RSPCA for two and a half years, fostering kittens, home checking and helping out where she could.  And theres more!

The family have had two guide dog puppies that went on to be graduate guide dogs and have boarded others too! Giving a pup a home and beginning its basic training is a wonderful experience and there are many mixed emotions when the time comes to hand the pup over. This family certainly know how much hard work a pup is and have decided that Maisie now deserves her forever pup!  There will be no handing over Louizou!

It seemed almost an insult to send them our ‘housetraining’ and ‘preparing for puppy’ help sheets but nonetheless we sent them anyway.

As expected they turned up with a lead and collar and a cage for the pup…..I just know that this pup is going to have a great life!

I cant wait to follow Louizou’s progress and Maisie has promised to keep us all updated!

Meanwhile another two of our pups, Lasko and Logan  had a visit from a prospective adopter. Very sensibly the adopters are thinking it over and talking to their family this weekend. That is what we like to hear….responsible adoptions where the adopters think long and hard about the responsibilities of taking a pup into their life!

Louizou…what a cutie!





Birthday girl and arrivals too…

Last night Darcey mentioned that a Fox terrier and her pup arrived late yesterday afternoon. This story began earlier this week when we received an email from one of our supporters telling us that there was a mum and pup alone and struggling in one of the local villages. One of her friends caught the dogs and contacted the local Mairie who brought them into us. The pup needed overnight vet care but is now back with her mum.

This was without a doubt the best thing to do.  If you do find a dog please follow our guidelines in the notes on the Dog Rescue Carcassonne facebook page which are in both French and English

Todays birthday girl is Greta who lives with Jane, Steve and Verity. It was more than five years ago that she was adopted from the SPA Carcassonne and today she is 10 years old!  Greta is a young 10 years old and still very active, loving nothing better than running and playing with Rebecca’s dog Benson.

We have also had news of Camini who is now called Elvis and is already settling is well. The household cats are a bit worried about his arrival but this is only to be expected. Just like dogs, some cats are ok with resident dogs but take time to accept newcomers and the transition period needs to be handled carefully to keep all animals safe.

Many thanks to  Audrey for collecting Gypsy, an ex SPA dog who was abandoned at the refuge in Pexiora near Castelnaudry. SPA dogs are under our care for life so if they ever arrive at other refuges, for whatever reason we collect them and bring them home.

We did have one new arrival, a small female who I am sure will be very popular if she isnt claimed by her owners.

Yesterdays fox terrier..

Fox-no name



Happy 10th Birthday Greta..



and our new arrival..



A fabulous fundraiser and an adoption..

Last night was Karen and John’s annual DRC fundraising event and we were all  treated to a wonderful hog roast, mouth watering side dishes followed by a selection of very tempting desserts!  There was music, dancing, a raffle, guess the name of the dog and a whopping 1650,70 euros was raised!

Lots of organization and planning must have gone into this evening, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Karen, John and friends for all their efforts. For those who contributed to the buffet it was superb and whoever made the desserts really outdid themselves! The bar ‘staff’ and the ‘dj’ coped really well, so thank you for your time and efforts. Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the raffle and to those who bought tickets, everyone at our table won at least one prize in the raffle!

The SPA like most refuges is constrained by its finances so events like these go a long way to help make life a bit better for the 120+ dogs and 200 cats we look after. Much of the money raised will go towards either transporting the dogs towards their forever homes via other associations or castrating our males. Its fundraising like this that ensures that 90% of all of our dogs leave sterilised and that’s our way of making a dent in the future doggy population.

Yesterday at the SPA Salto was adopted! This tiny little pincher was terrified when he first arrived but luckily, like most small breed cuties he didn’t have long to wait. Yesterday he left with his forever family. Just as he left Phoebe arrived, a one year old berger cross.

So numbers wise, one out and one in!

A fabulous fundraiser!


Salto adopted!


Phoebe arrived





Our pet peeves…

This evening we have a fundraiser and as we all need to get ready and prepare food it’s an early blog tonight.

I thought that I would mention what annoys us about some animal owners, try and explain why, and then catch up with refuge news tomorrow!

I suppose what angers me the most is people who don’t pick up after their dog. Not only is it unsightly but toxocariasis from dog poo can cause partial blindness in children, and I am sure no one would want to be responsible for that! Not much better are the owners who allow their male dogs to lift their legs on your house walls. Boys will be boys and all that, but please take them to a suitable area to toilet!

Then there are owners who don’t sterilise their pets and let them wander, There are 120 dogs at the refuge and 200 cats…enough said!

Not everyone has or needs an enclosed garden. But if you want a young dog and don’t enclose you garden, supervise your pet….if it wanders it will be a nuisance to others and will be knocked down.

When your dog is microchipped the details of your name, address and contact number are held on a database. If you move please remember to have these contacts changed. We spend a lot of time trying to reunite owners and sometimes we just can’t. Don’t take the risk, keep your details up to date.

Extending leads have their place and can be great, but we have all seen people with dogs at the end of the leash on the pavement near traffic. When using the leash like this you have no directional control, so if your dog takes off into the middle of the road he is not only risking his life but risks causing an accident too!

So come on, tell us what really annoys you about other pet owners, we might all learn something from these posts!

There is no such thing as the poo fairy…








Fridays 5 arrivals…

Todays mood at the refuge is as grey as the sky as I am writing this blog.  Today we had a mum and two young pups arrive quickly followed by two more pups!  So five arrivals and no departures.

Like all arrivals the dogs will have a vet check, have any necessary treatment and will have their first vaccination provided that they are old enough. The two younger pups have gone straight into a foster home which is great as the refuge is not the ideal environment for a pup.

Puppies are usually adopted quite quickly and for anyone considering adopting one we like to point out that this is a lifetime commitment.  Once the decision is made and the pup reserved, the real work begins!

With pups, preparation is everything. First of all make sure that the breed of pup that you choose is compatible with your lifestyle .Research the breed of pup you are interested in and if it’s a cross, look at both or indeed all of the breeds. A lead, collar, bowls, bed, toys and of course food are essential items you will need before your pup comes home. Before you get the pup home you also need to prepare the house and garden.

In the house, pick up everything that you don’t want the pup to touch. Pups, like toddlers, explore the world with their mouths and will most certainly pick up whatever they can. Make sure that you do have a stock of suitable things that the pup can chew such as kongs, toys etc and encourage them to use them. If the pup does pick up something that it shouldn’t then simply swap it for one of its own toys and make sure you put that item well out of reach!

Carefully think about what areas you want the pups to have access to. If you don’t want the pup upstairs, use a stair gate. Its likely that you will have to house train your pup so please ask us for our house training guide should you require it.

If you are going to use a crate, and we really recommend that you do, then make sure it’s a safe one and  of a suitable size. Dogs very quickly learn that their crate is a safe, comfy place where they can relax and chill out.

Existing family dogs can be very stressed by the arrival of a pup. Its normal that the pup will want to play but slow introductions are recommended and its up to you to protect the family dog from the pup. If you allow the pup unrestricted access, or to bully to the existing dog and don’t supervise it then you will either end up with a bitten pup or a pup who has no doggy manners whatsoever!

Outside, make sure your fences and gates are puppy proof. If you don’t want yellow patches on all of your lawn then screen off an area where the pup can toilet. Lift anything dangerous that the pup could eat and be prepared to supervise the pup in the garden at all times!

As soon as the pup is vaccinated, get it out and about. Early socialisation is crucial and the more positive interactions that your pup can have with people and other animals the better.

We really recommend doggy classes for all of our dogs, especially pups but please ensure that the trainer uses positive reinforcement, any choke chains, alpha rolling or anything like that then run fast in the other direction ( that’s just my opinion though!) This is your opportunity to shape the behaviour of the dog who will be part of your life for the next 15 years so its well worth making the effort to get it right.

So pups are great fun and lots of work. Is it worth it? Gosh yes, the bond you develop when caring for and training a pup is unbreakable, You have the opportunity to mould the pup into the dog that you want to be part of your life. What a privilege that is…

Puppy one…


Puppy two…







Fun in the sun and two adoptions!

When Will arrived at the SPA we all know that he wouldn’t have a long wait. This very cute Labrador cross pup went right into foster with Val and family and settled in well with her dogs. When pups are in foster we share their details on social media, we tell family and friends about them and this usually sparks some interest. Its very difficult for a foster mum to think about ‘their’ pup living with another family so we do allow them to select the family that their pup is adopted into. This way they are having a big input into the pups future and rightly so after weeks of loving and caring for the pup.

Before a pup is adopted, potential adopters must visit the pup in foster and then a pre-visit is done.This is to give the foster mum confidence that the pup is going to a safe and suitable environment. Visits were made, papers were signed and today puppy Will left with his forever family and I am sure that Val will get updates on how he is doing and share them with us.

Little Roxanne who was abandoned yesterday was adopted today after going to the vet to be sterilized of course so this lucky girl one had one night in the refuge. I did mention last night that small breed females are very popular!

At the SPA it was only 28 degrees so lot of doggies had lovely walks. Day like these are a godsend during the summer.

We also had great fun with two recently donated swimming pools. Moos’  new family felt so sorry for the dogs at the SPA in this heat, that they ordered two super pools for the dogs. As you can see from the photos below, they are most appreciated by the dog and emmm some of the volunteers!

A special thank you goes to our volunteer Steve who passed by with ice cream. You will see a lovely video of Lagoon enjoying a lick of mine on the facebook page! He took it ever so gently, what a lovely mannered boy he is!

Two doggies did arrive today, a poodle and a jack russel but both left later on with their owners so two adoption, two dogs reclaimed, lots of walks and fun in the pool. A good day at the SPA!

Will adopted..thank you Val!





Biker enjoying the water..