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Autumn hazards..

Today was a dull day at the SPA but there were plenty of volunteers and lots of dogs were walked. We had no adoptions and two arrivals who were then reclaimed so no change in numbers either way. We are lucky here as most autumn days are bright and sunny during the day so a  fantastic time to get out there with you dog and enjoy some super walks.

Like all seasons Autumn has its own dangers and one that is very hard to avoid especially where I live is conkers!  If ingested they can cause serious gastro intestinal problems so contact your vet if your dogs eats them.

The toxic substance that is contained within grapes and raisins is unknown; however these fruits can cause kidney failure. Pets that already have certain health problems may have an even more serious reaction so this is certainly one to avoid.

The worst of all the cold weather hazards are chemical spills of antifreeze, which can leak from a car’s radiator. Ethylene glycol ingestion is very dangerous. It is sweet tasting and very palatable and even a relatively small quantity can cause serious kidney damage and be fatal. The first signs of intoxication can be that your dog appears ‘drunk’.  If you know your dog has ingested ethylene glycol or you have any concerns, contact your vet without delay.  The prognosis becomes less good the longer the delay between ingestion of the anti freeze and initiation of treatment.

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s one simple rule for sweets: No! This is especially true of chocolate, which contains ingredients, like theobromine, that are toxic to dogs. Hide the treats well out if reach and male sure that the children don’t leave theirs lying around,

So get out and about with your dog this Autumn,enjoy the cooler weather but do be careful and avoid known hazards.



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