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Balou becomes a king of the road!.

There was only one adoption today, but it was of a dog who as been at the refuge for almost eight months without anyone showing any interest in adopting him, so that makes it a great day!

Balou was brought to the refuge in July last year having been signalled to one of the cruelty inspectors. In fact he had not been treated cruelly so much as neglected. And as he was always escaping from his owner’s garden, (boredom can do that!), he was tied up. As you can imagine, for a young dog, this was not much fun. So coming to a kennel at the ScPA was a step up, as at least there he got regular walks.

Balou is a very sporty little chap, and he loves being outdoors. Bearing that in mind, it looks like today all his dreams¬† have come true. A young man came to the ScPA looking for a dog to be his companion as he travels the country on his bicycle. He wanted a dog of the right size and temperament and he and Balou hit it off immediately. The decider was when Balou’s lead broke on the walk, but he decided to stay with his new “master”! What a good boy. The young man came straight back to the ScPA and made it official…..he Balou are now kings of the road together!

Balou has to learn some new skills, he will have to learn to trot alongside a bicycle without pulling too much, for instance but he is bright and intelligent and a life spent out of doors should suit him perfectly. We hope to have news and photos from Balou on his big adventure!



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