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Banjo leaves for long term foster

When I said in yesterday’s blog that good news was expected today, I did not expect this to be it. The news I was expecting is going to happen tomorrow, but today’s news was even better.

After almost two and a half years at the ScPA, Banjo finally has a home!

Finding him a family has not been easy. Not only is he a category one dog, requiring a permit and additional insurance, but Banjo is not good with other dogs or cats. Plus when he arrived (in December 2016, found in a terrible state, with a severe skin condition), he was already over ten years old. So the refuge was looking for someone who had no other animals, and was prepared to go through some not inconsiderable paperwork in order to take home an elderly dog.

Banjo when he arrived in December 2016

Today is proof that miracles do happen.

Banjos new foster “dad” actually came along specifically for Banjo and has been walking him regularly while jumping through the bureaucratic hoops. Huge thanks to our good friend Roger Torrent who offered the obligatory “dangerous dog” training course. And massive thanks also to everyone who has made Banjo’s life more tolerable while he has been at the refuge. All the staff, obviously, especially Estelle, who was walking him even when heavily pregnant and popped in today to say farewell today, but also all the volunteers who have been walking him and his several sponsors, who have been delivering him treats and medicines during his stay.

Today is a wonderful day for Banjo. But not just for him. A park is free during the day, as is an internal box at night, which will help other needy animals, of course. But the best thing is that at long long last Banjo has a home of his own! We expect to have news and photos and we say a huge thanks to his new “dad”.

dog with handsome man

Banjo – long term foster

Tomorrow we will have more good news!

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