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Batman Returns (home)

A relatively quiet day at the refuge today, with the only event of note being the departure of yesterday’s arrival, Batman. That is not his real name of course, but when his owner collected him there was such excitement that no one thought to ask what it was. Great news for this little dog but, without wishing to point fingers, if even people in local government do not follow laws on dog identification, it is clear what an uphill struggle we have. Sigh.

In the absence of other news, I thought I would mention the fact that we have plenty of puppies right now, so if you or anyone you know has been waiting for a pup, now is the time to visit us. We have 3 litters at the refuge which making up a total of 10 pups. Three are bichon crosses (one of whom is reserved), and are going to stay tiny. Three are shepherd crosses who will be medium to large and 4 are a mix of shepherd and spaniel (the puppies of Patrol, the lovely German shepherd cross who was brought in last week).

We also have one a female malinois cross, Leia, who is in a foster family so is well on the way to being house-trained.

All are adorable, of course, and assuming our recent blogs on toilet training and education have not put you off, maybe one of them will steal your heart! And don’t forget, with at least two excellent dog training schools close to Carcassonne and free advice on offer, as well as other training schools and even private lessons available a bit further afield, there is plenty of help around should you need it.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the lovely blog written by the mum of recently adopted Flo (ex Froggy). Just read this, and if that doesn’t make you smile, you are in serious trouble!


“Holy quick escapes”











Beta, one of the small pups











One of the Peter Pan litter. Going to be big dogs!












Patrol’s pups







And lovely Leia







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  1. Pauline Etheridge

    How right you are about toilet training young pups. My friend in the UK emailed to day to say her young
    rottweiler who she’s been training her on training pads wrote,

    (“Yes weather exactly the same here thick mud out in garden puppy loves to get out there but doesn’t understand yet she’s got to wee and poo out there as well, she comes straight in and does it. lol.”)

    Felt it was too late to say you shouldn’t use pads. Hey Ho!

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