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Beau..( ex Dumbo)

Hi, we were very privileged to be able to adopt Dumbo, renamed Beau,in January 2017. Having had two dogs at a time for many years, there was a void to be filled after my dog lost his fight to cancer at only six.

We knew about the great work refuges do in France, as our son lives in France, and has adopted a dog and currently fosters one, so for us adoption was the way to go.

After the necessary checks Beau arrived in Brisol UK very early, on 29th January after a long trip from France. He was initially very nervous as he was taken from the vehicle and into our home. Beau was greeted by our  Rottie Newfoundland  cross Abbie, with no incidents as she accepted him into her home. Nervously he approached me and I was able to fuss him hopefully reassuring all was well. Beau very quickly settled in, joining Abbie on the sofa making himself very much at home. He is much admired when were out as he is a very handsome boy. He loves attention from everyone and has a lovely temperament.

We have young grandchildren and they love him, for a big boy, he is very gentle and the little ones love to give him a treat as he takes it without snatching unlike Abbie who needs reminding of her manners, Beau laps up all the attention he is given from anyone.

Abbie and Beau are great friends,  they share the sofa at every opportunity and play well together.  Beau and Abbie sound like very good house dogs if someone knocks on the door but once inside people are greeted with waggy tails and much fuss. Beau being a hound  tends to bay with his bark causing much amusement to all who hear him.  Beau adores my husband, I believe it’s because in the first few days he was with him whilst I was at work, but more likely it’s because he has a affinity with all animals and all seem to love him. I am a poor second but still get love and greetings from Beau and cuddles on the sofa. Beau loves the beach, being off the lead is work in progress as he does tend to follow others and ignores the command to return finding the people or dog he’s following much more interesting. He is happy to be left with Abbie for short periods if we have to leave them at home, but gets very distressed if John has to take Abbie out without him even though I’m there. I don’t get this reaction from Beau so think it’s seperation from John issues which were working on.

We don’t regret our choice to adopt Beau, he has our hearts, is part of our family and brings us so much pleasure. As I said at the start we are privileged to have Beau and have no regrets. We hope this encourages others to.

Beau ( ex Dumbo)

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