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Biggles| A121

Biggles male Bleu de GasgoineMale, Young, Medium

Biggles is a super dog for anyone who likes the hounds. He is a bleu de Gascogne who arrived as an unidentified stray courtesy of a local mairie, and as he is so young (born in March 2017) he can now have a normal life rather than spend it in a hunt kennel, which was probably his destiny. He would have hated that; Biggles is not the bravest dog in the world and will jump out of his skin at the sound of a car backfiring. Biggles is fine with cats and there are some videos of him off the lead in the cat house on the DRC Youtube channel. Not only that, he is wonderful on the lead, trotting along like a champion on a slack lead. Biggles is fine with other dogs and people of all ages. Hurry hurry hurry if you like this boy.

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  • Great on the lead but a bit jumpy
  • Fine with other dogs and people of all ages
  • Will be great pet for an active family

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  1. I believe that Biggles (A121) is actually a PBGV – either full or a cross. The shape of the head, face and fur quality of the dog in the picture has more similarities to the PB (also of the hound family) vs the Bleu. Would love to adopt him but we live in Canada!

    • Oh, that is interesting. Does anyone else agree? Thanks Angie, yes, what a shame you are so far away, but thank you for following us here at Dog Rescue Carcassonne.

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