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Bit of resting on laurels today

Unlike last Sunday when the refuge had its monthly Sunday opening, today we were shut. Just as well for me, as I needed a bit of a break after all the recent excitement! Just wanted to post a photo or two of Munro, who seems to have taken to his new home like a duck to water.These arrived this morning and got my Sunday off to a great start!
As you can see, the look in his eyes has completely changed; here is a dog who is happy and settled and it is less than 2 days since he arrived in his new home. Refuge dogs are the BEST!!!!

Munro with his “sister”, Minnie, and his new mum.


Handsome chap!

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  1. The eyes so often say it all – be happy Munro, lucky boy, enjoy England 🙂

  2. That is such a lovely photo and touching story x

  3. This photo brought a lump to my throat. I don’t know Munro but I can see in his eyes he knows he is home. What beautiful pictures. Especially the look in his eyes on the second one.
    Happy life sweetheart, I know they are wonderful at Carcassone, but nothing beats having your own ‘mum’ and a ‘sister’ to snuggle with.

  4. Yes, these are pictures which I will keep somewhere safe for next time I think everything is hopeless.

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