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Bits and Bobs (and no bits!)

Today was a quiet day. Two dogs came in but both were identified and left with their relieved owners during the afternoon. Phew! As usual on a Wednesday there were several volunteers walking dogs in the beautiful sunshine. Yesterday I washed a dog who is due to leave the refuge on Friday, and I think now the weather is getting better, we will start bathing all the dogs. If this sounds like the sort of thing you might enjoy, feel free to come along and lend a hand. Or alternatively why not donate some shampoo; we get through it an an incredible rate!
Some books (for the Spring Fayre on May 5th) and dog-related items arrived from a couple of our supporters in Toulouse, so thanks to them and to our good friends who did the collection and delivery service. 
Apart from that two of our dogs went to the vet and returned a bit lighter. Both boys, Disco and Falco, have trouble sharing their space with other males, so there is one simple solution!  Mix them with girls!  Falco has already chosen his kennel mate Tina, who looks like his twin, so as of tomorrow the two of them can share a box without any undesirable consequences. 
As for Disco, he is just waiting for Murphy to leave (on Saturday) before we mix him with Olympique, a lovely girl who is a bit fussy about who she shares with. Disco is just like Murphy but in blond rather than black, so we are hopeful they will be happy together and thus 2 more kennels will be free for new arrivals.

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