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Halloween – Black dogs and cats!

With Halloween nearly upon us, what better emblem to discuss than the black cat and dog?

Since the Middle Ages, the black cat has been seen as an animal of mysticism, the dark arts and witchcraft, with many interpretations depicting a black cat on the end of a witch’s broomstick or gazing out through the misted window of a haunted house.

And this age-old view of the black cat as a bringer of bad fortune doesn’t stop there. For many people who refuse to adopt black cats and dogs from shelters, it is easy to see that this unfounded superstition continues.

In a similar way, black dogs are often overlooked in refuges in favour of dogs with more colourful or uniquely patterned coats. When questioned about their decision to adopt a non-black dog, many people said that the black dogs were too imposing, too ‘ordinary’ or that they considered them to be bad luck.

We see this every day for ourselves. The lighter coloured dogs and cats move far faster than the black ones.

So, to give our black animals a chance we have a special reduction on our black cats and dogs from 28th October until the 5th November.

At the SPA we will be celebrating Halloween on Sunday 5th November. There will be spooky surprises and fun for everyone…come along and join us!


Come and meet our black dogs and cats!

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