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Black | A021

Black male labrador crossMale, Young, Large

Black was brought to the ScPA for rehoming due to the death of his owner. He is a big lad, and no one in the family was able or willing to take him in. This is incredibly sad for the dog, of course, as he has lost his master and with it his home. He is having to do his grieving from behind bars. Black is officially a labrador cross, but he looks like a big all black rottweiler. Extremely gentle, luckily, as he looks quite imposing at first. Black was born in May 2015, so is in the prime of life. We would love to find him a new home, he has been a loyal companion thus far and his arrival at the ScPA is just bad luck.


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  • A gentle giant
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a loyal companion

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