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Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday, today is #blackdogsunday!

This years ‘Black Friday’ hype was almost impossible to ignore as will be tomorrows Cyber Monday so we at Dog Rescue Carcassonne thought that we would join in and create a #blackdogsunday.  This has become an annual event to promote our wonderful black dogs and is the Sunday in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

It was heartening to see that some of our dogs featured last year have found homes. Blackie, Xenon, Cash, Chips, Darwin, Dali, Echo and Gordon are all in homes, let’s hope that this year’s candidates will be just as lucky! 

Black dogs are notoriously hard to rehome but have just as much love to offer as their lighter coloured counterparts. You all know that Darcey and I are great lovers of black Labradors and have 3 between us.  We are so confident that all of our black dogs could make fantastic family pets that we  will offer a discount of 15% on the adoption fee!  So for the whole month of December, any dog featured today will cost you 15% less with DRC paying the 15% to the SPA. What is more, is you fall in love with one of these lovely boys but live out with the Carcassonne area we will get the dog to you!

All of the dogs featured today have been with us far too long and really need a family of their own. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could be in a warm cosy house instead of a concrete kennel for Christmas?

So, why the hashtags? #tags indicate a “label” which makes it easy to track and search topics in social media and we want as many people to join in as possible!

It was a lucky coincidence that Kali, who had been in foster with Audrey was adopted today. She was to have been in the black dog album and it was great having to delete it! Thanks to Audrey who really helped this timid girl regain her confidence and move on towards a really bright future!






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