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Blubbing like a baby….

Today has been extremely emotional for me. Sometimes you cannot explain the feelings you have for a certain dog. It is a bit like love between humans; the heart goes where the heart goes. For me, Ripley, AKA Punk, is one of those special dogs. She arrived in a terrible state, skeletal and covered in ticks and fleas. Our first job was to fatten her up and get her well, but we also went to enormous lengths to track down her owner, as she had a Dutch micro-chip. Thanks to the wonders of the internet we tracked down the last place she lived officially, in a disused railway yard outside Amsterdam. Homeless people can be excellent dog owners, so this did not deter us, however after 6 weeks, with no sign of anyone looking for her, we decided that Ripley needed a new home.
At ten years old, this was not going to be easy, but thanks to our good friends at Doglinks, today Ripley left for a new home. I wanted to have my photo taken with her (in another life this would have been MY DOG!) but by the time she left I was all red and blotchy from crying. It is such a hard moment; you want a home for your favourite dogs, but you want it to be YOUR home….I was so torn.
Her new family have promised photos and news….It is not the same as having Ripley in my house, but better than her being at the refuge (I keep telling myself). Mind you, the way my dog Bella was behaving on her walk this morning I would have liked to have done a swap….

No less important  and miraculous was the departure of Hercule, the elderly Pyrenean Mountain dog who arrived recently. His new family are fabulous too, and he has a new girlfriend of the same breed to play with.

Sadly I missed the departure of Isaac, but here is a photo of him when he arrived. A truly lovely boy.

Three adoptions today and no dogs in, and loads of dogs were walked. So despite my tears, it was a good day!

Ripley when she arrived







And leaving us today, healthy and happy. Good bye Ripley. I will miss you. 











Hercule leaves  the SPA









Lovely Isaac finds a home too!


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  1. Blubbing like a baby….is good!!! You nearly got me at it to.
    Great to read some good dog news!!!

  2. Happy day. Crying is good. Lovely dogs leaving. I would have cried too.

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