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BobMale, Young, Medium

Bob was one of two border collies who were found and brought in by the police having been found in a nearby village (he other one being Meg). It is well known that there is a sort of clandestine breeder of border collies in the vicinity, and it is possible that these two dogs came from there, but as neither was identified on arrival, we will never know. One thing is for sure, though, these dogs are far better off now. Bob is still very nervous of people; a lead is a completely unknown quantity to him, and he will struggle and fight to free himself, but thanks to staff and volunteers, he is improving all the time. Pretty soon he will get over his fears, and border collie lovers know that he will then devote his life to trying to please his new owner, whoever that turns out to be. Bob was born in January 2014 and is castrated identified and vaccinated.

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  • Nervous at first
  • Needs an active family
  • Will make a great family pet

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