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Bobby male young smallMale, Mature, Small

It was so sad to see Bobby back at the SPA. He was adopted just before Christmas but his new owner was not really right for him. She wanted a dog who would spend his life on her lap when she was at home and who would wait patiently for her return. Although he is fine with the lap part of this arrangement, Bobby did not like being left alone. Moreover he wanted more than a quick ten minutes walk, as despite his age (he was born in March 2009), Bobby is still very active.To him an open door is a suggestion to go for a walk alone, and his owner was not happy with this aspect of his character. So a more active home is required, one with an enclosed garden and other animals, preferably. Bobby is fine with both dogs and cats and adores children. He is a very small dog, under 10kg and should be easy to rehome.

Contact SPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • A good lap dog
  • Would prefer animal companions
  • Will need an active household

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