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Buffy | A586

Buffy senior female labradorFemale, Mature, Medium

Buffy was found in one of the ScPA’s external boxes one morning. This is almost the worst way for a dog to arrive, as it means either that the dog has been found as a stray and the person who found him has no place to keep him overnight, or that the owner has not got the bottle to bring the dog in for rehoming. In Buffy’s case, the owner was going to hospital and “had no other solution”. Bringing her in during opening hours would have been better, but hey ho. Buffy is looking for a long term foster family. We have no illusions that anyone will adopt her. Buffy is old and has trouble walking. Moreover she is not good with dogs or cats (unusual for a labrador!). On the positive side she is very affectionate and totally house trained. All she wants is a warm home and a small yard to trot round in. She would be a loving and loyal companion, I am sure.

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  • An old companion dog
  • Not good with dogs or cats
  • Needs a long term foster home

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