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Bumper day for adoptions

It was an extremely busy day at the SPA today, but it was a good one, as it resulted in the adoption of three puppies and two adults!

On the puppy front, we said goodbye officially to Sherlock. He has been in foster with a family who was desperate to adopt him but had to wait till the end of the pound time, just in case his owners were looking for him. Today their wait was over, and now the contact is signed, he is theirs!

We also said goodbye to Lydia, and just when we were starting to feel sad for little Nico, back came the family who had been looking at him on Saturday. Yes, it is a good idea to have a think about what is a huge decision. But we are glad they didn’t think for too long, as this way Nico didn’t spend any time alone!

Next to leave was Engy. She arrived at the SPA at the beginning of February this year and was an immediate hit with just about everyone she met. Already nearly eight years old, this lovely Brittany spaniel is very lively, good with other dogs and wonderful with cats. We had quite a bit of interest in her, but the homes on offer would have meant her spending the days alone, and as she was not used to this in her old life (before her owner fell ill), we decided that it might be better for her to wait. Especially as she was not particularly unhappy at the SPA.

Looks like it was the right decision, as volunteer Monique had her eye on Engy too! We love it when our volunteers adopt. Firstly they know the dogs well, and secondly we know that we will have plenty of news! So happy new life to Engy, and many thanks to Monique and her family. The first photos have arrived already, and we now know that Engy loves water!

Then finally just before the SPA shut, we had a last minute adoption. That of Hermione, a lively 2 year old spaniel who has only just finished her pound time. Her new owner is young and sporty, which is probably just as well!

The Easter break is over, so let’s hope this heralds the start of a new flurry of adoptions!

Sherlock – ADOPTED by his foster family
scruffy puppy










Black and white puppy












Brittany spaniel










Engy – ADOPTED (and already in the pool!)

Brittany spaniel










Hermione – ADOPTED





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