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Campaign against prong collars continues

The refuge was very quiet today, which is not a bad thing, and makes a nice change. That’s not to say that the staff were not rushed off their feet, the phone rings continuously, with people telling us about lost pets, or asking questions regarding our animals. In addition there are always administrative tasks to be done. When a dog is adopted from us, we take care of changing the ownership details on the central database in Paris, and of course this is quite time consuming.

And that is just the office. The other employees will have been busy round the refuge, as ever, cleaning out the cages and the cathouse, and giving medications. Plus of course spring has sprung and so the parks are being mown and trees pruned. It may seem like a waste of time, to do gardening type work, but of course we want the SPA to look as nice as possible for our visitors and also there is a practical reason, the longer the grass, the easier it is for ticks to hide!

I am sure that many of you will be aware of prong collars; we occasionally have dogs brought to the refuge wearing these and we are all too aware of the injuries that they can cause. Well I am pleased to see that the movement to ban them is gaining support, with both eBay and Amazon refusing to sell what are effectively instruments of torture. Here is an article for the Anglophones explaining a bit more about the collars and why so many people are against them. Who can forget poor Prosper and the state of his neck when he arrived? Not me, for sure.

Please boycott any dog training school that tells you to buy such a collar (and yes, this does happen, several people have contacted us to tell us about their experiences). Basically there is always a better way!


On a lighter note, I thought you might like to see before and after pictures of some recently adopted dogs. Amazing what is under all that fur, sometimes!

What a prong collar did to Prosper

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Tim and Ginger (now Poppy) – BEFORE

2014-03-25 08.50.17







Tim now – his excess fur weighed over half a kilogramme!

Tim clipped 1












Poppy (ex Ginger) now

Pretty Poppy!












Neige – Before

975391_666623810040421_1242200329_n (1)








And after



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