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Candy’s adoption is finalised.

Today we had both good and bad news. Which is pretty much the case every day, except we don’t always have good news!

Let’s start with the bad news. Lisbon came back to the refuge, 10 days after being adopted. This was not done with a light heart, and many tears were shed. Turns out that the mild mannered boy we knew at the SPA does not know the rules of the dog world, and he has major trouble accepting any sort of discipline. Now this would be fine if the family did not have young children, but when they are at risk of gnashing teeth, there is little to be done.

We now know that we perhaps homed Lisbon a little bit too soon. He arrived very nervy, and more work needs to be done before he is ready to be adopted. But that is what we are there for. We will get him used to being manipulated and will make sure he is really ready before he leaves us next time.

On the good news front, Candy our lovely Rottweiler was adopted. Of course we have known this was on the cards, but it takes some time to get the paperwork together. Today the final pieces slotted into place and so within just a little over two weeks Candy was off once again. This time as an only dog!

I nearly got my hands on a lovely beagle, but before he got out of the police car, his owners had phoned the refuge, so he was just delivered back home. And another identified dog arrived and will be off home too. Oh, yes, identification works, don’t ever doubt it.

We managed to get photos of several other dogs who have arrived over recent days but whose owners we have been thus far unable to trace; perhaps social networking will help!

Otherwise it was just thanks to everyone who came out to walk in the lovely sunshine. No bingo wings for us!

Lisbon- Back in the dog house











Candy – ADOPTED (again)








A new arrival- we are looking for her owner.

2014-05-27 14.53.30

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