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Canelle| A498

Canelle young female malinoisFemale, Young, Large

Canelle is a dog who, together with beauceron cross Mabrouka, was brought to the refuge because her owners did not like her barking. As Canelle is a malinois it is quite likely that her barking came of frustration. Many people underestimate the need these dogs have for stimulation. They love to be occupied and are highly intelligent. It is not by accident that they are the chosen breed of firemen and police throughout much of Europe. Canelle has many of the breed’s traits. She can be a bit snappy towards other dogs, and will need an experienced owner. Canelle was born in February 2016, so is a young, active dog.

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  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Highly intelligent breed
  • Will make a lovely pet for an active family

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